Friday, June 29, 2007

Peeled Paper Technique & gift

This is the raffle atc that I've made for tomorrow's class on the peeled paper technique (learnt from the very talented Claudine Hellmuth).

The next two are a couple of just plain backgrounds using the same technique, the first using a page from a dictionary and the 2nd one is using plain copy paper. I wanted to take undecorated atc backgrounds to show the girls as once you start adding pics or stamps, you don't see as much of the background.

Quick description of this technique. Using gel medium, apply a layer to a piece of cardstock (atc size) then adhere a piece of book page, dictionary page, plain paper or any other thin type paper to the gel medium. Let dry for only about 30 seconds and then place a piece masking tape on the paper, say in a diagonal direction from one corner to the other. Burnish the masking tape, then pull up and you'll remove some of the top layer of paper. Repeat this a couple more times in different areas - of course depending on the size of what you're working on as to how many pieces of tape you do. This works on canvas as well as smaller atc sized cardstock (& lots of sizes in between).

If you are using book pages, you'll find as some of the top layer peels away it reveals some of the text back to front, as it's the other side that you'll be revealing. Then you can do a wash of paint, nothing too dark at this stage as you don't want to totally obscure your print. Because the paper is in different layers, sometimes even showing the underneath cardstock, it will absorb the paint in varying degrees which will result in a varied background. You can then add more glazes if you want, or different colours even, just remember to dry between the layers with a heat gun (carefully!) or a hair dryer (not so carefully). I make sure any other layers I add to this, ie pictures, I use gel medium to make sure they adhere well.

I received a wonderful gift through the post from a girl I've met a couple of times now through stamp camp, a very thoughtful and generous person who has a delightful blog. Thank you so very much Julie for the beautiful door hanger that arrived very carefully wrapped in fabric that has tape measures printed all over it! Will definitely be using THAT wrapping paper!!! lol

Also in the post came a parcel from Michelle Ward that contained some rubber plates that I'd ordered for some friends, none of these for me at the moment, I'm still waiting for her new ones to come out!!! But Michelle sent me some absolutely awesome plastic zip-lock bags I hear you say......but these aren't any ol' normal clear plastic zip-lock bags.......nooooooooo.....take a look here! She sent me some small ones & some large ones....these are just too cool to use....think I'll just "look" at them! Thanks Michelle, you're a gem!


Judy said...

You never cease to amaze me with your explanations of tecniques kelsey - you share so nicely -thanks. By the way have you ever tried the vaseline technique with paint etc??? The ATC is lovely and as for those plastic bags - I want some NOW!!! - They would go with my studio much better than those GLAD things. Better text Michael right away - can you imagine him going to by me that design in plastic bags - no way!!!

Natalie B said...

Wow those bags are cool! Who would have ever thought the humble zip lock bag could be so cool. Great work as always Kelsey. I havne't done that tech in so long. SHould have another play with it.

Sharon said...

Goodness!!! Your work is amazing. Thank you for sharing technique ideas ... I'm inspired! :)

Sulea said...

WOW.. i just have to comment on your amazing dolls .. didn't know you made large ones as well as little ones!!! gorgeous beadwork around the neck.. and your 7 random things was very interesting LOL!!! Thank you for always making your blog so informative and such a pleasure to read.