Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Another Sheer Heaven class

I dragged my sick, sorry self off to teach my regular Tuesday night atc class last night and must admit, did feel better for being there with the girls, having a laugh as usual. Something about being with others and even if you're not creating yourself, just watching others have fun and turn out some arty stuff that they are chuffed over is really good for the soul. It was the Tuesday night girl's turn to learn the wonders of Sheer Heaven transfers and think I have some more converts. I did tell them they learnt the more difficult transfers first, gel medium transfers and transparency transfers (though the transparency one is only 2nd in ease-factor to the Sheer Heaven technique!). So the Sheer Heaven transfers were a hit! Here's the raffle one that I made....congrats Megan....did your Mum mind you winning??? lol (Megan's Mum, Netta, comes to the Saturday atc classes and the last few weeks in a row has sat next to the winner though hasn't won herself for an age.)

This next one is also a Sheer Heaven transfer but I also used one of the chipboard shapes (my favourite!!!) from the cuttlebug, which I first painted with Linen coloured acrylic paint, dried, then rubbed embossing ink over the whole thing and embossed it in a colour called Antiquities. Loved how the embossing turned out! I also coloured the diamond-shaped brads in this embossing powder too.

I had a play with some of the Helmar's 2-step crackle medium the other day. Wanted to see how it compared to a couple of other crackle's I've tried (Jo Sonja 1 step crackle & the Ranger Crackle Accents). I was quite happy with how it worked, though being impatient as I am, I forced the 2nd layer to dry with the heat gun and probably over-heated it a little. Will try to have more patience next time....yeah...right!!! I know that crackle medium is dependent on several things, your paint stroke style, thickness, drying time etc so I'd be happy enough to recommend this particular one, though I will have more of a play with it in the future. can't really see the crackle well on this atc as the suits are so dark, might have to try it on a lighter image and see if it scans better. Trust me, there are cracks there!!!

I thought I'd post some pics of my previous obsession....fabric art dolls. If you call them "cloth dolls" people think of cabbage patch dolls or raggedy ann, but these are more "look at, not to play with" type dolls. I have posted a few pics previously but I have loads of them so it'll take a while before I run out.

Meet Fabio....(a pattern from the fabulously talented West Aussie designer, Rhonda McGinnity)

Next one is a Patti Culea pattern (US pattern designer). See....I CAN do cute if I put my mind to it!!! hahaha I should clarify, I made these dolls, I didn't buy them and the faces are hand-drawn with watercolour pencils, gel pens & zig pens. These dolls can take 25 hours to do, now do you see why I switched to paperarts???

No art done today, chest infection and bung leg (just a pulled muscle) so my muse is taking a break....probably holidaying somewhere warmer than it is here! lol


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon Kelsey! Those dolls are amazing, girl you are just a bit too talented!!

Jen Crossley said...

Sorry your sick kelsey I always love seeing your work,one day I hope to do a class with you .Love your doll just gorgeous !!!
PS feel better soon

Jane P said...

What a waste of time being sick!!!!Hope it passes soon! Just love the dolls- yes I can see why paper arts are so much fun!!!!

belinda said...

haha, fabio is just hip! what a cool guy, cirque du soleil would surely take him. and the cute woman, just perfect. have you stamped on fabric yet ... i'm sure we'll get you back to fabrics!! atcs are so much quicker. haven't played with sheer heaven, but love to see the results.

Judy said...

Ooh, I just bought abd experimented with the Helmar crackle too. Nice but I added ther Jo sonja's on top for some finer crackle in area's. Will have the texture up on the blog today. yes I managed to wreck 2 frames by using the heat gun - not exactly patient myself.

Mel Connell said...

You have been tagged by Mel.

Mim Stella said...

The dolls are amazing! Can you tell more about "sheer heaven?