Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Faux Brick

The technique for this fortnight is called Faux Brick.  I've had a scrap of scrapbook paper floating around in my off-cuts box for a while that is like a stone brick wall which is where the inspiration for this technique came from.   On some of my samples I've stamped the Faux Brick over the top of one of my previous classes where we did Wax Resist.  This gave a little more texture to the bricks.  But it can be done just on plain white card stock.  The Faux Brick is stamped with Distress Inks and another darker colour is added to the edges to give depth and definition to the bricks.  Of course, it's sort of hard to see the bricks with some of the eye-candy I have on my atc's!  Always a problem, but one that I'm happy to put up with.  :-)

"Sticks & Stones"... (the metal piece is one of Tim's
 little tassel embellishments!  You can also see
the wax resist showing through.)
"Never regret"... (this one is on plain card stock)
"Arrow of Truth"...
These next two are from my previous class, Micro Beads.  I also have a couple more of
these samples to post but haven't finished them yet.
"Emotional baggage"...
"Depth of Life"... (See the little microbeads in the background?)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


 Micro Beads are those little tiny glass or plastic hole-less beads that have been around for a long time and are making a come-back as nail decoration!!!   Check out Pinterest and put in Micro Beads and see all the nail designs.  I've never had nails that are long enough for nail polish, let alone micro beads so alas, all my micro beading is done on paper.  There's a few different ways to use these as an embellishment on atc's and cards.  Below are some of my samples from my upcoming Technique Class using micro beads.  I use Glossy Accents (Dimensional Magic) to adhere my micro beads.
"The Invader"... (for this one I've used corrugated card
as my base - love how the beads go in the
little funnels)
"What we see"... (Yes, it's pink!!!)
"What we see" - close-up so you can see the dimension.  I've actually
covered a chipboard square frame with the micro beads for this one.
"Observe"... (another one with corrugated card - an old atc from
my corrugated card class)

"Fly"... (same Dragonfly stamp but on fabric this time - also
 from a previous class)
"Let's pretend"... (micro beads over a stamped image to
create a design) 
More samples to follow...

Friday, August 2, 2013

Wax Paper Resist Technique

The technique for this fortnight's ATC class is Wax Paper Resist.  It's another background technique using wax paper (which has only JUST been available here again within the last couple of weeks here in Australia - Coles have it).  The wax paper is run through a Cuttlebug/Big Shot and then that is ironed onto card stock  -  glossy or plain  -  and the design of the embossing folder will act as a resist when you then add colour to the card.  I have used my favourite inks - Distress Ink Pads for this technique as I love the colours and the effect is just gorgeous!  Firstly though, here's the remaining ATC's from the previous Texture Paste & Stencils class.
"Vamp"... (I used Silver Viva Décor Modelling Crème (Modellier Crème) for the swirls)
"Vixen"... (the torn bits up the top and under the image is plain ol' black crepe paper!)

 Below are the samples for the Wax Paper Resist class.  As you can see, you can either stamp onto the background or you can use an image on it.  It's a very subtle technique and doesn't overwhelm whatever you put on top.  You'll see that I've used the same embossing folder for all these four samples.  I'll use others during my class so my next post will have different designs on the background.
"A flower"...
"Eye Candy"...

"Timeless"... (this one is on gloss paper with a photo stamp)