Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Peeled Paper & Spotlight Technique

Firstly, thank you to Nat B for nominating me for the Nice Matters Award...

One is supposed to nominate more people for this award but good ol' Nat has nominated the very people that I I'm just going to say that all the people's blogs that I visit would easily qualify for this award....otherwise I wouldn't visit their blogs would I??? lol

Last night's atc class was the Peeled Paper technique (from the wonderful books of Claudine Hellmuth - one talented girl!!!). This first one is the raffle atc that Ana took her a few seconds to understand the quote...I love these "sassy" quotes!

Next one is also a peeled paper background but this time done with plain copier paper...great texture! I also love "deep" There's a bit of mica attached to the top right hand corner, giving it a little darker appearance on the scanner and the image and words are outlined in a silver crayon...nice grungy effect.

The next upcoming atc class is a technique called "Spotlighting". Most stampers have heard of it and would recognise it when they saw it but the name is something that is not that well known. It basically means to stamp an image, stamp it again and cut out bits of the 2nd stamped image to colour and add over the top of the previous stamped image. Hence, Spotlighting! You can also do it the other way, add the colour to the main image and keep the Spotlighted bit in plain black and white....equally effective.

This next image is not an atc as this stamp is about 3" x 5", but it's perfect for spotlighting so I thought I'd do it up as a sample to show the girls (the stamp is called Paris Moments, just gorgeous!).

The next one has an alcohol ink background, stamped with the Leonardo da Vinci stamp, same image stamped onto a domino that has been coloured with the same colours of alcohol inks. Gold thread was wrapped around the card before being attached to the black mat board background, then some gold german scrap added down both sides (my gloss card was a little on the "slim" side so I needed to cover the edges for such thing as a mistake! lol). Please notice the pink colour.....see, I can do pink!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Canvas

This is another canvas that I made, previous to the one in the post below. Basically following exactly the same technique....obviously in different colours though. I didn't really take much notice of which colours I used for this, something I will remedy in the future!

I must say that I learnt a lot about washes from Michael de Meng when I attended a workshop of his earlier this year. I had been using Golden paints previous to this as I had been a member of Claudine Hellmuth's yahoo group for quite some time and she loves her Golden's!!! I had the heavy body acrylics as well as the fluids, and mixed the Satin Glaze with them to get the wonderful washed-out look that I like..... but because of the very rich pigment of the Golden paints, they retain their strength of colour! It was Michael's suggestion of particular paint combinations though that really added a depth to my work that I liked.....thank you Michael ;-)

This weekend, more work on another couple of canvases, as I'm soon to teach a class in this technique at Scraptivate! Just need to wait for some product to arrive in store....speaking of product.....the white German Scrap has been really popular, both for scrapbookers as well as others that do more altered art/atc's etc. LOVE my German Scrap!!!

Busy weekend ahead... Friday night is our monthly catch-up with the ABC (Altered Book Club) girls, then my atc class on Saturday is on Transparent ATC's. All you need is acetate, alcohol inks, Collections Window Frames, Xyron 250, images & stamps...simple! I need to make the raffle atc so I'll post that on Saturday. Saturday night is a "girls-night-in" at Scraptivate, just a bunch of us who work and teach at the shop as well as a couple of other arty friends, playing 'til the cows come home! lol

Here's one of my previous transparent atc's...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Step-by-step canvas instructions

I've been asked a few times how I put together a canvas so I thought I'd take some pictures of one that I created for a pal of mine.....Barb....stop reading this right now!!! You'll ruin the surprise!!! lol The pictures follow the instructions in each step.

I started with a 5" x 7" canvas, then I did some texture paste through the waste piece of that lovely scroll die from the cuttlebug. Let it dry overnight. Paint on a wash of Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold (I used Golden paints for all of this so I'll just say the colour).
I used this same colour to do a light wash of paint (paint mixed with water) over an image of Louise Brooks (actress - when they used to be called "actresses"!)

I then stamped onto the canvas using a decorative stamp (Green Pepper Press - Juliet sheet) and Timber Brown Stazon ink.

Next step was to glue down (with Golden soft gel medium matte) the image as well as a piece of Basic Grey scrapbook paper over the bottom for balance. I also gave the image & paper a coat of the gel medium as well for protection.
One thing I should mention at this point, at each step along the way I use my heat gun to dry the canvas. So dry after the Nickel Azo Gold, dry the image after painting, dry after stamping, dry after gluing images down, dry after coating images with gel medium. If you don't do this, the paints will mix together and that's not what you want.

Next was a light wash of Dioxazine Purple over the whole canvas which turns it this beautiful rusty sort of colour. I used a baby wipe to blot some of the purple off her face, rather her be looking a little orange/yellow than purple!

Using the gel medium again, I stuck down a little piece of white gauze (bandaging), just painted the gel medium onto the canvas and using the paint brush, smooshed the gauze into it and painted over the top of it as well.

The gauze was then painted with a wash of Quin Nickel Azo Gold, dried, Dioxazine purple, dried and then a light wash of Paynes Grey and dried again.

This is a piece of lovely white German Scrap that is sold at the store where I work (Scraptivate). We also have the white wings and another beautiful border that looks like a scallop (plus the standard gold, silver and black colours in borders & wings!).

The white German Scrap was painted with Quin Nickel Azo Gold and dried.

Next was a coat of the Dioxazine purple, then dried.

I attached the painted German Scrap to the canvas using Golden Extra Heavy gel matte and then coated it with the Golden soft gel medium.

I printed out a quote that I wanted to use from my computer and Epson printer (with Durabrite inks) and attached it to chipboard using double-sided adhesive.

This quote was then coloured using Ranger Distress inks on a little sponge, firstly Spiced Marmalade, then Dusty Concord (a purple colour). I edged the sides of the chipboard with a mustard coloured sharpie pen....have I mentioned I LOVE my sharpies??? lol

The next step was to use some Paynes Grey on my transdermal applicator (you know....the finger) to add some depth around the image and a little around the edges of the canvas so it's not just one colour right to the edges.

The top corners needed a little dressing up so I found two little metal embellishments (think they were meant for earrings?), added a little extra heavy gel medium to the back of them and for double insurance to make sure they stay put, I attached them with brads through the holes as well.
A close-up of these...

The final paint step is to dry-brush some Golden Interference Gold over sections of the canvas...this can't really be seen on the computer but when you tilt it to the light, that's when it shows up! I also rubbed some "White Diamond" Treasure Gold (a wax medium) over the texture paste scroll and the German Scrap and some of the edges.
The quote is added with a strong double-sided tape........and it's finished!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

....and the winner peeled paint atc's

I used a random number picker from google to find the winner of the canvas below......

..............and the winner is...............

Juanita Lanaux!!!!! Congratulations Juanita!!!!!!

Now you just need to email me via the email address on my blog and send me your snail mail address so I can post your canvas to you!

I've really enjoyed reading all the wonderful comments from you girls and have decided to give away some other little goodies to 5 other people as won't know what you are getting until they arrive. So here they are:

Sarah Drayton

Arlene (

Michelle from Lexington, Kentucky

Lorna (Bad Baby)

Sandi (sugarbushfarm)

So girls, please send me your snail mail addy's and I'll get your goodies off to you in the post ;-)

The class last weekend that I taught at Scraptivate was peeled paint technique....(a Claudine Hellmuth technique). Firstly the images are added to a background (I used some book pages for a couple of them), then an image is added over this, then the whole lot is coated with gel medium. I like Golden Soft gel in matte. Then you add some streaks of Vaseline (petroleum jelly) to the atc in areas that you want to show. The layer of gel medium protects the paper from soaking up the Vaseline. After the Vaseline step, I painted on some acrylic paint. You need the paint to be kind of runny, a fluid paint works fine for this step. If you have a hard body paint (in tubes) then you can add a little water to thin it down a bit. The main reason for this is you don't want to drag the Vaseline all over the card.

After painting on the acrylic paint, let it dry or if you can't wait that long, do what I do....use a heat gun - but not too close as you don't want to "cook" the paint and cause bubbles! When the paint is dry, use a paper towel to wipe over the whole card, this will remove the paint from where the Vaseline was placed revealing the imagery and background underneath. I then wipe the whole thing over with a baby wipe to get rid of any excess Vaseline so you can continue to either stamp (using Stazon) or add more German Scrap works great! Here are three samples.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Blog Candy!

Draw on Wednesday 15th August.....

A freebie.......

I've always loved how generous a lot of arty people are, with their advice, inspiration, and just general good-heartedness! In this vein, as a thankyou for all the people who've visited my blog and inspired me........ I've decided to give away some "Blog Candy". Thanks Michelle for telling me what this was actually called....something ELSE I didn't know!!! lol

If you'd like to have this piece of artwork, just leave a comment and please make sure that you leave your email address for me in the comments section....(or you can email your email address to me via the link on this page - just make sure you leave a comment too so I can keep track!).

I'll leave this page up for a week or so as I know not everyone is as blog-addicted as me and simply MUST check out everyones blog at least every couple of days!

The canvas is a 4" x 4" size.

Monday, August 6, 2007're it! (plus some art)

Wow! Tagged twice in one day! I've been nominated for an Inspirational Blogger Award as well as Rockin' Girl Blogger Award, first one by Nat B, second one by Belinda Schneider. Two absolutely wonderfully talented bloggers/artists, thanks you've given me a job! Have to narrow it down to just 10 people to receive these two back from me...5 for each.

Inspirational Blogger Award Nominations:

Keron, Julie van Oosten, Judy, Michael de Meng & Michelle Ward.

Rockin' Girl Blogger Award Nominations:

Carmel, Jenny C, Natalie W, Debbi B & Audrey . (Even though Audrey has only just started her blog, and I mean VERY new, she's a Rockin' Girl and deserves this!)

I know some of these girls (& boy....okay, have been tagged before but just thought they deserved it again!

So no new art from me, we had family stuff on the weekend so the only arty thing I did was make 15 atc's for a transfer swap that I'm I only have another 27 to go!

Just so there's some pic's included in this post, below are a few 4" x 4" canvases I made this year for people.

The quote on the bottom of this next one says "Colours speak all languages"......(this is about as "pretty" as I can get....don't know what came over me??? lol)