Tuesday, July 29, 2014


The technique for this fortnight uses gesso, a deeply corrugated card and Ranger Distress Stains.  When you use gesso first on a background, the colours that you apply after will be affected because of the different absorption properties of gesso compared to a plain card background.  For this reason, I prefer to use gesso on only parts of a background so you can get a great contrast effect with the colours that you use on top as some will be on gesso and some will be on untreated card.  Love how easy the Distress Stains are to use for this technique.  A water spritz bottle will help to spread the Distress Stain on the card too, especially as this particular card that I'm using for the background is so heavily corrugated with very deep channels.  Also received my Dina Wakley "All the girls" stamps and love how they stamp onto coloured scrapbook paper.
"Contemplation"... (Rusty Hinge and Picked Rasberry)
"Strong"... (Peacock Feathers and Gathered Twigs.  Also used some of the
Ice Resin Enamels on both the card on the right hand side as well
as coating the brad with it - looks great!)
"Beauty is not caused"... (Faded Jeans and Walnut Stain - notice how the
Faded Jeans has turned a lavender colour when it goes over the gesso.)
"Nest Builder"... (Evergreen bough & small amount of Walnut Stain)
These ones below are from the previous class "Glue Scribble Distress". 
This one's my favourite!!!
"Chop Chop"...
"If you wait"...
"Educated Weed"...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Glue Scribble Background

The technique for this fortnight and possible cover for book #12 is called Glue Scribble Background where we'll be using the Ranger Distress Paints, including the 3 metallic colours for that extra shimmer.  The girls have a choice of using either this background or the Credit Card Re-visited one from last fortnight to cover their Book Number 12 with.... depending on which background they are happier with.  I have done a couple of sample atc's using this background as well as having done one front cover which I haven't decorated further as I wanted to show the full effect of the paints without cluttering it up yet.  Will show the cover when it gets finished though..... samples first....
"Night Flight"... (no glue used on this background,
only the paints - barn door, white, black and

"Second Language"... (you can see the swirly scribble background
in this one, that's the glue.  The other colours I used
in the Distress Paints are Rusty Hinge, Dusty Concord and Bronze)
This is the cover with Weathered Wood, Peacock Feathers, Broken China, Stormy Sky,
Tumbled Glass, Bronze, Antique Brass and Silver.  No glue used on this one either.  This might
be the back page and I will probably use glue on the front cover with these same colours.
Below are the remaining Credit Card Re-visited atc samples from the class last fortnight.
"Portrait"... (this was a scrap of paper that I used to
"wipe-off" the credit card while changing
colours, even the rubbish is good!)
"Emotional Baggage"... (this one incorporates some Angelina Film
from the previous class to Credit Card, her glasses are covered
in Angelina Film, including the lens bit!)

Friday, July 4, 2014


Credit Card Technique is the class we're doing for this fortnight's ATC Technique lessons.  The last time I did this class was 3 years ago and some of the newer girls haven't done this amazingly easy, but beautiful background technique.  Because I have girls who have been with me from the very beginning (about 7 years now!!!), they will have done this technique before, so I like to play around with the technique so they will learn something new.  I am using both water and rubbing alcohol spritz this time and also doing the technique over printed book pages!  Amazing what a little difference a shake-up can make.  Hope the girls enjoy the changes.  At the bottom are the full size backgrounds so you can see what they look like before they are cut up into atc sized pieces.
"Fly Away"... (pale blue & silver from above)
 "Snow White"...

"Own Wings"...

All these sample pieces below are A5 in size so you can get about 3 or 4 atc's from each sheet.
Rubbing Alcohol & Water Spritz with a gold shimmer that you can't see.
Water spritz only on book paper background.  You need to click on this one to see the words that peek through the water spots.  Love how this turned out!
A very pale blue paint with silver metallic paint over the top and rubbing alcohol droplets.  Unfortunately metallic just doesn't show up well on the computer screen.  You'll just have to try it for yourself to see how wonderful it looks in real life.  Two of the atc's above have this as their background.

More samples to follow.