Monday, July 28, 2008

A Mixed Bag...including art!

This post is going to be a bit of a mixed bag, some more pics of our mega-holiday in Alaska, some arty pics, a TY for an award as well as plugging my most favourite blog of the moment. We'll start with the blog that I just can't live without...The Creative Junkie. The wonderful thing about Andrea and her lovely posts is she does it every couple of you don't have to go too long without your eyes watering, pee running down your leg and your mouth hurting from being stretched in a grin from ear to ear! When I first stumbled across this particular blog I was laughing so much I just HAD to read everything she had previously posted and I'm so glad I did! The CHIA Pet incident is just classic....go it.

Okay, onto the rest of our day in Juneau. You might remember this was Mother's Day and we'd had a fantastic helicopter flight over glaciers (including a walk on a glacier!) in the morning. Next we went up to Mount Roberts via the Mount Roberts Tramway. The take-off point is actually on the dock and in the following photo's you can see how steeply it rises before landing at the top at the visitors centre and snow everywhere! The square shed structure you see on the dock next to our ship is where the tram takes off from....onward & upward...

The ship's getting smaller...

At the top taken from the visitor centre - what a view!!!

Here's Grant trying not to fall over in his oh-so-slippery leather soled shoes. Drat, I was hoping to make some money on funniest home video as I took about 3 video's of him doing these little walks in the snow. He didn't oblige.

After Mount Roberts we did a quick walk-around inside the Juneau Douglas Museum then started to head back towards the ship for a bite to eat but first, "let's have a quick drink"! We popped into a nice little Irish bar with the locals but unbeknown to Joan and myself, each drink was a double and we'd not eaten lunch and we WERE heading back to the ship for some food. So we had a couple of drinks, left the bar to get that food and we ran into Mike, one half of our dinner companion couple who sits with us each night at our table.

Joan & Kelsey...."Where ya goin Mike?"

Mike..."Off to get a drink"

Joan & Kelsey..."We know a GREAT place, we'll SHOW you!"

So it was that we ended up back in the bar for more double bourbons, still no food on board but the bar pretzels will soak up the booze....right??? WRONG!!!! No idea how much later it was that we staggered/giggled/guffawed our way up the street to the ship, Joan nearly taking home a souvenir Juneau fire hydrant that was almost embedded in her leg as she walked into it full tilt. The bruise lasted for days and turned all lovely shades of purple/green/yellow.

Here's a nice little doggie we saw while staggering up the street, poor bloke must've thought all Aussies are nit-wits the way we acted.

and here's Mike and Grant being best buds in full swing in the bar,

But first, WAIT, there's the Red Dog Saloon (which was full of tourists and was why we didn't go there for a drink), but it does have a shop attached where you can buy real Juneau souvenirs so we bought a couple of t-shirts, one a size XXL for God knows who, a couple of Red Dog Saloon condoms for our 2 son's as well as hubby's brother, and for hubby's brother's girlfriend - just what she always wanted - a Red Dog Saloon garter!!! Told you we were pissed, there would be no way we'd buy that crap if we weren't! lol

Finally made it back to the ship where we (Joan, Grant and I) visited my Mum in her cabin to say a boozy hello, which is also where Joan was staying (there is a reason I'm saying this). Grant had invited Mike back to our cabin for some more drinks (silly, silly, man) so off we go back to our cabin. Joan gets inside and sits on the bed while Grant is preparing more drinks. 10 minutes pass, she's still sitting there with her head in her hands...

Kelsey..."what's wrong Joan"....

Joan..."nuffin...I'm concentrating".

Kelsey..."Oh, okay.

Several attempts at conversation with Joan proceeded over the next couple of hours as she still hadn't left the side of the bed and her head was still in her hands.

Kelsey..."are you okay Joan?"

Joan...."I'm CONCENTRATING!!!!!!!!"

sigh.... The upshot was that after a few "visits" to our bathroom I had to phone Mum in her cabin and say "Sorry Mum, Joan can't come home tonight, the ship is spinning in a vortex and she won't get there". Joan stayed the night in our conjugal bed - I was in the middle in case you were wondering though I did wake several times in the night and as she was still in the same sleeping position I was a little concerned that lest I touch her, she may be stone cold!

The next day we visited Glacier Bay, the Hubberd Glacier to be exact, 6 miles wide and oh so beautiful. Worst weather of the trip, 35 foot seas and 50 knot winds and a MEGA HANGOVER added to a wonderfully listing ship. Certainly was a Mother's day to remember!

Onto some arty pics, kudo's to you if you've lasted this long!

I posted a pic of one of my mica atc's on another blog that was having a comp for "flourishes". I love flourishes so had no trouble adding them to an atc, here was my entry.

The image is a transparency trapped between 2 pieces of mica with flourish stamping, some embossed and a piece of cuttlebug scroll that was embossed also. Here is the link to the blog if you want to take a look at some other entries with flourishes.

I have a couple of pieces of artwork coming up in Cardmaking, Stamping & Papercraft using Rachel Greig's Darkroom Door stamps, the "Doors" set. Can't show the full pieces but here's a couple of glimpses of one of the cards, the other piece is a canvas.

That's it for now!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mica atc's, Published canvas, student's canvases

I have had a few items published in the Australian magazine Cardmaking, Stamping & Papercraft but now I have ventured into the realm of a scrapbooking magazine, Scrapbook Creations. I know, not my normal area and this particular issue (#56) was the first (& probably the last) scrapbooking magazine I've ever bought. I was invited to take part in the project by Viv as she was doing an article on canvases, and so I did. She said...."no death or darkness please Kelsey"!!! I mean, would I do that? lol So I managed a little bit of death anyway, the image is of my Grandparent's wedding day in 1936 and they have both since passed away. I kept the colours nice and vibrant so they would photograph well but still with a vintage touch. When I showed my Mum she told me I now have make another 8 of them as she is one of 9 siblings and they'll all want one....guess I know what I'm doing for Christmas presents this year! This is a 5" x 7" canvas and yes Netta, you're Grandad was a bit of a looker!!! lol

I taught another canvas class at Scraptivate not long ago and remembered to take my camera here you go girls, here are your canvases for all to see! I loved how they all turned out and once again it surprised them to see how quickly they came together.

Bibi and Ingrid...

Jackie and Margaret...

Marie and Megan...

Netta and Tracey...


and Jane...

Saturday's class is on using mica on atc's. I've done several before and they are notoriously difficult to photograph as the mica is transparent, so doesn't show well in photo's. This first one is using Mica D'Lights, a product that has mica and glitter suspended together in a dust-like form, you use it the same as you would use glitter, no heating required!

"Remember" is using a thicker piece of mica that is attached over the imagery using eyelets. A good tip I learnt from Nina Bagley is to put a little piece of masking tape over the mica where you intend to punch a hole as this prevents the mica from splintering or cracking. Just remember to peel it off before you attach your mica!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Arte y Pico Award, Emboss Resist atc's & Technique Book #1

I was given this award from an artist from the US, Elizabeth (love her blog header!), so in the spirit of pay it forward, my 5 recipients of this award are below. I knew this was going to be another one of those "this is going to be difficult" moments as so many blogs I read are inspirational and just downright beautiful, how do you narrow it down to just 5! I'm going to step out of my normal little world and choose blogs that I don't get to see very much, either because they don't post very often or I haven't got them on my rss feed and all of a sudden I "remember" them and check them out.....then am in awe of what I find. So here's the rules.....

1. Choose 5 blogs that you consider deserving of this award based on creativity, design, interesting material, and overall contribution to the blogger community, regardless of language.
2. Post the name of the author and a link to his or her blog so everyone can view it.
3. Each award-winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award.
4. The award-winner and the presenter should post the link of the Arte y Pico blog so everyone will know the origin of this award.
5. Please post these rules!

My five picks are:

1. Sandra Evertson - just pure whimsy and beautiful photography - think I would've loved the clothing in the era that Sandra loves too!
2. Julian Buttenshaw - this girl has what I call "uber-talent"!!! I love her grungy (in a good way) style and her colour choices are right up my alley.
3. Hermine Koster - Hermine produces lovely artwork and her blog is always a joy to visit. The imagery she uses and the way she puts things together, combining stamping, imagery and paint is wonderful!
4. Dot Christian - Dot has such a way with fabric and colour and quirkiness. A visit to her blog is a visual feast for the eyes......and the heart!
5. Debbi Baker - this is another girl who has been bitten seriously by the fabric bug! Her wonderful use of colours and the way she combines imagery/stamping/fabric/stitching is just beautiful.

Onto some pics.....I am teaching the Emboss Resist technique in my atc class on Saturday at Scraptivate and coincidentally, when I checked out Tim's blog I found that he had listed this technique as his July technique but he's called it Faux Bleaching. Whatever you want to call it, it's one cool technique as it's another good use for all those distress pads we just had to have EVERY colour of. Okay, so I have 21 colours, the last 3 I just can't get my head around so don't think I need them (but never say never, right!).
Here's my take on Emboss Resist as a background and also as a focal point. There's actually 2 different techniques here, Home and Streets of Paris are both the same as Tim's way, Certified is white embossed on gloss paper, then distress pads rubbed over the whole thing and wiped off the white embossing as the embossing resists taking up the ink colours.

Streets of Paris...

This last atc was one of my samples that I made for the Fun Foam class, just had to finish it off so it's making an appearance now...

Okay.....girls in my Technique Book Class #1, have you got your book pages all in pieces in front of you? Here's the pictures of the book put together so you can see what order they go in.

Front cover...Sheer Heaven Transfer...

Credit Card Background...

Alcohol Inks...

Peeled Paper Background...

Faux Leather Technique...

Contents page...

Copyright page...

Back cover...

So now I start work on Technique Book #2....stay tuned!

Monday, July 7, 2008

.....and the winner is!!!!!!......and crackle atc's

I used a random number generator to pick a winner for my free art give-away in the previous post......


hi new to your blog-what a beautiful trip to alaska you had!!i love both your pieces of work i am just learning tips and techniques and having a great time :)and would love to have my name dropped into your hat!!enjoy your daymany thanks tammy(tabby)

Congrats Tammy! If you send me an email with your snail mail addy, I'll get your canvas posted off to you. You have to pick first which one you want, the green one or the orange/gold one.

Then, just because I can.....the following person can have the other remaining canvas, sorry if it's not your first colour choice but remember, these things always look much better in real life than on the flat computer screen and I hope you will still like it! So the 2nd person's number drawn is.........


well here I am comment number 43 .... maybe no one will want them WHAT women your work is gorgeous ... would love to be a winner of your piece of work. Sandy dangling by a thread

I'll be in contact with both of you to get your snail mail addy's and after Tammy has chosen first, I'll send the other one over to you Sandy.

Stay tuned, in a couple of days I'll have more atc's to post from my next atc class - "Embossing Resist" as well as some other ones using different techniques that I've finished.
Okay, so here's a couple of atc's already, just doesn't seem right to just type without putting in a picture...or two...... These were all half-made in the crackle class I taught recently, then I finished them off at a "girls-night-in" recently at Scraptivate. Can't have half-finished atc's floating around, can we!!! Do you like the little play on words with the bottom one? I stumbled across the word in the dictionary and thought it was very apt! I even had some little ants to add to it.

My Technique Book #1 class went really well yesterday at Scraptivate too! This was a marathon effort of teaching five different techniques in 4 hours and binding them into a book as well, including instructions! The girls were really pushed to get the book put together but I was happy enough for them to get the techniques done and will modify some of the mega painting effort in the Technique Book #2! So yes, there will be a #2...... The techniques included in the first book were Sheer Heaven Transfers, Credit Card Technique, Using Alcohol Inks, Peeled Paper and lastly, Faux Leather. I'll take my camera to work with me tomorrow so I can post the pics on my blog shortly. This way, you girls who didn't manage to get your book put together can do so in the comfort of your own home, in front of the computer! See how I look after you!!! lol