Friday, November 22, 2013

Bleach & Faux Bleach Technique

The last time I taught the Bleach Technique was nearly four years ago and some of my newer students have asked to have a replay of it.  I like to also add a little extra for my girls who've been doing classes with me for several years so have introduced Faux Bleach to this class as well.   Not all card stock is created equal!  Meaning, not all brands will bleach with household bleach.  I like to work with a black background and I've found the Black Bazzill works the best for this technique with bleach.  I do have other black that just doesn't change colour at all, so to get around this, after stamping and embossing your image with clear embossing ink & clear powder, paint over the areas you wish to re-colour using a watered down acrylic paint, or even Picket Fence Distress Stain. 
I then add colour (after the paint or bleach is dry), using Twinkling H2O's.  These little pots of watercolour paint add lots of dimension and shimmer and even work over the solid black areas that you don't add bleach to. 
An open style stamp with areas to colour works better than a stamp with lots of solid areas.  If you want to see my earlier bleach atc's, click here.
"Damaged"... (using real bleach)

"Romantic"... (Faux bleach - acrylic paint)
"Simple moment"... (real bleach)
"Ill-fated Voyage"... (Faux bleach - acrylic paint)
"Ill-fated passage"... (Faux bleach - Distress Stain Picket Fence)
"Finding yourself"... (real bleach)

Finally, here's the last couple of Marble Emboss atc's from the previous class.
"End of the Ocean"...

"Dig two graves"...

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Marble Emboss

Just over three years ago I did a marbling technique using shaving foam and distress inks.  Because I have new students I'll be repeating this class but I like to add something different so the students who have stuck with me all this time can have a play with an old technique, but with a twist.  I'll be using embossing as a way of highlighting the wonderful swirls and patterns you can create with the marbling technique on the card stock.  Love how different all these backgrounds turn out and how the little addition of embossing applied with the special Eraser Max pen can alter how it looks.  The Eraser Max pen does such fine lines that it doesn't overpower whatever you use it on but if you want to do a heavier application, you just scribble with it to colour in an area and it will emboss a larger area if you wish.
"Two languages"...
"A chair to sit in"...
These next two are the remaining samples from my previous class, Flooded Alcohol.
"Work to become"...

More Marble Emboss to follow.... if you want to check out my previous
Marbling atc's, go here.