Wednesday, June 6, 2007

more goodies from camp

(woo-hoo!!! some pics are clickable again!!!)

Onto some more pics from camp...

We had a fantastic time painting our aprons with the "totally sick" Jane...who informed us we weren't real fabric paint artists until we got the paint on our undies!!! Okay, so I think none of us made the grade as far as that was concerned, but more than a couple of us got it on our clothes! Of course, I was wearing my new Michael de Menge apron so there was NO WAY I was going to get paint on it (and I didn't!!!).

The very lovely Sulea wowed us all with her beautiful creations, both made before camp and given as gifts, and what she made while she was there. I was the lucky recipient of these two gorgeous pieces....first is a Collections arch kit that is just so textural you have to feel it to believe it.

This is the front of it, closed up, yes..... that is a stick with some little nuts still attached at the left side acting as the hinge!

Next pic below is the little book open and then below that one is the back of it, it has so much texture and the colours are just wonderful! Sulea always has such wonderful words on her pieces...very thoughtful and reflective.

I was also lucky enough to have Sulea as my Mystery Muse partner. It was relatively easy to guess who it was as there's not that many of the girls who do soldering and Sulea had soldered the edges of 3 atc's that were enclosed in an alcohol ink decorated little metal suitcase. It also had a fantastic necklace with "k" on it...also soldered and with alcohol inks on it too. Too beautiful for words these pieces, just love them Sulea, thankyou.

Here's the suitcase which was painted with gesso, alcohol inked, then dimensional magic on top.

here it is open...
Inside it contained this necklace...and these three beautiful atc's.... about this absolutely stunning bracelet that has 3 little houses soldered around the edges and joined by jump rings that was also with my mystery gift. I asked Sulea if they were her drawings...yep, they were....amazing!!!

Another of the uber-talented girls, Dot, hand-stitched this little fabric atc for me while at camp, her attention to detail is remarkable and having come from a fabric and beading background myself, I know what sort of work goes into her fabric pieces! I also got to choose one her atc's as well (to the right of the fabric one) the man's face and the colours in this.

On Saturday night at camp we had a pyjama party....okay, so not all of us got into this...some of the girls said "we don't wear pyjamas and we don't want to frighten anyone, so we choose to stay in our clothes!". Some of us made a special effort to buy new pj's for the included.....saw these ones and just LOVED the colours but it was the pattern that really grabbed me! Perfect for me!!!!! Here's a close-up of the print...

(Note for Michelle W.....bought these at Target!!!!)

Speaking of PJ....I also received another awesome atc from a girl called PJ at camp ;-) She saw the quote and thought of kind.....I think???? lol

Have I worn your eyes out yet???? I only have one more pic to go.....I had some badges made up at Cafepress before camp as a little commemorative token for all the girls who attended. I used a picture of an atc of mine as a background and then carrying on the oft-quoted comment from last year's camp taken from the movie "American Pie",........"this one stamp camp", (though it was band camp in the movie - we thought it was relevant!). I hope that when all the girls look at this on their fridge, they'll be reminded of what a great time we all had and what wonderful new friendships were formed, and also old ones were strengthened.

One more comment.......some girls complained to me that I hadn't supplied the bloke from the atc as well!!!! Well girls.....we have to leave SOMETHING special for next year's camp!!!!! :-)


Jen Crossley said...

wow I love the badge "this one time at stamp camp " Very funny girl you have a wicked sence of humour!!
Love your apron so glad you didnt get Michaels apron dirty though !! I love mine you gave me .
That suelea is one very talented girl I love the house bracelet too die for.
So glad you girls had a wonderful time
wish I was there!!!

mw said...

******runs off to target*******

Gypsy Purple said...

Wow...this is lovely!!!!

Mary lin said...

Wow!! What a bunch of beautiful work! I absolutely love the apron and I wouldn't want to get it messed up either.

Genevieve said...

Roll on next year.....a very special group of people indeed. Thanks for sharing the eye candy.


Judy said...

OMG so much to take in - all so wonderful - that texture on the arches looks awesome - would have been great for the elephant album - me thinks!
Crack up about the pj's - even more crack up about Michelle's comment.
Thanks for sharing everything!

Dotee said...

What a fantastic post Kelsey! Full of color and art. I love your apron - you have done such a good job. And Sulea's art is superb isn't it? She is one talented (and lovely) lady.

Glad you like the fabric ATC I made for you and the swap. I am always so inspired by your art.

Loved the PJ's too. And PJ's ATC!
I had such a lovely time seeing all of you girls again. Am sure it won't be long until I am flying over west again.

cookievf said...

Thank you Kelsey!

Great stuff! Loved your ATCs "torn and vulnerable" and "DREAM" (interference green). Dot's fabric work is so stunning!! Gorgeous creations, really, one and ALL.

Funny I never thought of stamping on acetate! (have done mostly paper art & stamping, so I'm still fairly new to mixed media). So much inspiration here :D

- vicki xo