Tuesday, January 26, 2016


When I was a little girl I used to absolutely LOVE playing with those paper-doll books that had the press-out clothes that you would dress your paper-doll up in.  This is an ATC version of that and the possibilities are only limited to your imagination!  This is basically a flat background card with stamping on it that you can "dress-up" by adding a hinged acetate window (I used Washi Tape to add the hinge on the left hand side), then the acetate has extra bits & pieces added to it to create the finished ATC.  What a great idea for a card though too!  What you will see below is the ATC with the acetate window closed and then the next picture has the acetate window open so you can see just the plain card underneath.  The accessories and sticker words are added to the acetate but you can see in "October", the wording is on his t-shirt on the base card.   It's important that you don't add dimension to your card otherwise the window won't close flat.  A little Stickles glitter or wording stuck down is fine though.
Hope you have a play with this technique and have fun with it.

"What dogs hear"...  (my favourite!!!)

"Incognito"... (the hat, glasses and bow-tie stickers 
came from a $2 shop)

"Nerdette"... (glasses & googly eyes suit
 this style really well)



Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I'm beginning this year on a really positive note!  I've finally finished putting together my second ATC Technique Book and in about a week it will be ready for sale and shipping!  My first ATC Technique Book was released back in 2011 and had 40 techniques in it from my previous classes.  This new one (ATC Techniques Volume II) has 50 techniques in it and they are from the past 4 years of classes so if you have my first book, these are all brand new techniques, nothing repeated!  It will sell for $40 (Australian $) and my first book is still available for $35 (Australian $).   An image of the cover is over to the right.  If you're interested, send me an email here and I'll let you know what postage would be to your address.

The first class back for this year is Brusho's Stencil.  There are multiple ways of using Brusho's powders and this is my second class using these little pots of coloured pigment.  I have used gloss card as the base for this one and have created a resist using stencils and clear embossing powder before using the Brusho's over the top.  Such wonderful colour combinations you can create with the Brusho's and you can either let them just sit and burst into their little starburst patterns or blend them with an aqua brush or paint brush to blend the colours.  Below are my samples.







Sunday, November 29, 2015


This will be the last set of classes for 2015 and with Christmas fast approaching, I thought we'd do a background that was a little "festive" where we could use some Christmas images and tinsel that is small enough for these atc's (would also be good for cards too!).   The tinsel is generally available at places like Spotlight in Australia or even Riot Art (also in Australia) has some too!  It's easy enough to attach it using the Ranger Tiny Attacher, especially if you colour your staples with a coloured permanent marker beforehand (like a Sharpie) to make them blend in.  

Be warned, the first 3 are PG but the last couple are definitely MA (15+), especially the last one.  Sorry, couldn't help myself... actually I'm not sorry, I think it's funny, but smutty.  :-)

"Dear Santa"...

"Merry as I get"...

"Tinsel in a tangle"...


"Jingle my bells"...

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


The girls in my classes have just been exposed to the wonderful product that is Brushos.  These are a highly pigmented powder that is sprinkled sparingly on watercolour card (or glossy!) and then spritzed with water to see the gorgeous colour bursts.  You can of course spritz with water first and then sprinkle them on, this gives a different effect.  Over the next book which starts in January 2016, we'll be visiting this product several times as there are multiple ways of playing with them.  This technique of just making Brusho Backgrounds is our first foray into the Brusho world.  

The most amazing thing about them is you can get multiple colours come to life from just one single colour as they are made up of multiple pigments to create the single colour.  If you sprinkle then spritz just one colour, you'll see other colours (some that you least expect) randomly appearing.  However, if you sprinkle some on a non-porous surface (like a piece of laminate or similar), then mix that with a wet paint brush, you'll get the single colour that is described on the bottle.  

A hint... don't open these bottles, simply push a skewer into the top so you can sprinkle like a salt shaker and then plug that one hole with a Pop Rivet.  Down the bottom is a picture of mine also showing how I've done a colour swatch and stuck it to the pot so you can see what you're working with.

"Simply a line"...


"Mystical Qualities"...



This is my box of Brushos and you can see the pop rivets in the top 
and the colour swatches on the lids.

Finally, the last atc from the previous class, Embossed Stencils.  Love my branch die!!!


Tuesday, November 3, 2015


The technique for this fortnight is a background technique that is once again using either JAC paper (double-sided sticky paper) or a Zyron machine (one that will cover either 2-1/2" or 5") to add sticky to our card stock to create a beautiful background using stencils and embossing powders.   It is best to use contrasting colours of embossing powders so the design of the stencil will stand out from the background embossing.  Place your chosen stencil down over a sticky background taking care not to touch the exposed sticky with your fingers,  Sprinkle your first colour of embossing powder over the whole card, (this is your background colour), carefully tap off the excess and remove the stencil.  Then sprinkle the second contrasting colour of embossing powder over and it should stick to the exposed sticky bits left that your stencil protected.  Tap off excess and heat!  A wonderful metallic background that once again, the computer does no justice to.

"Organic correspondence"... 

"Fright Night"... (this one has an
extra layer of clear utee over it)

"Aim for the moon"...

"Wicked intention"...

Friday, October 23, 2015


This fortnight's technique is called Tiled ATC's because they look like tiled pictures with grout in between.  The grout is actually embossing powder and though this technique is a little fiddly, the effect is wonderful!  The tiles are labels that have been coloured with Distress Spray Stains or Distress Ink pads and then stamped onto with Black Stazon or black Ranger Archival Ink.  They are then attached to a sticky sheet of card stock (either JAC Paper or run through a Zyron machine to get the sticky card) and the labels are then attached.  Embossing powder is poured over the top and it will stick to the exposed sticky between the labels.  Heat and you have tiled atc's!  

"Good Chance"... (Twisted Citron and
Smoked Hickory ink pads)

"Editing"... (Chipped Sapphire, Broken China,
Tumbled Glass and Victorian Velvet ink pads)

"A fine art"... (Brusho's on this one!)

"Ranuncula"... (Peeled Paint, Picked Rasberry
and Barn Door ink pads)

"Haunting"... (Stormy Sky and Rusty
Hinge Distress Spray Stains)

"Intellectual"... (Crushed Olive and Rusty Hinge
Distress Spray Stains)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


The technique for this fortnight is one that utilises chipboard pieces, coloured embossing powder, clear utee powder (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel is what UTEE stands for) and Perfect Pearls.  Seeing how I got the girls on a bit of a Perfect Pearls kick, figured we could continue with those little pots of coloured powder and use them to make Marbled Embossing on chipboard.  I mucked around in my studio trying to work out the best way to do this without the perfect pearls blowing all over the place.  For this technique you're going to need a low blow heat gun.  The normal Wagner or Milwaukee black heat gun I prefer for embossing isn't going to cut it this time!  So it's the Ranger Heat Embossing Tool that's the best one for this particular technique.  The layers consist of blackening your chipboard with either permanent marker or black soot Distress Stain, dry, press into clear embossing ink pad, emboss with chosen colour of embossing powder, heat, cool, clear embossing ink pad again, clear utee, a little perfect pearl of chosen colour sprinkled on, then heated.  The perfect pearls melts along with the clear utee to make gorgeous marble like effects.

Lots of steps I know but the results are just gorgeous in the flesh.  Once again the computer screen lets the side down with the average images, but some idea of how it looks is better than no idea!  :-)

"Flighty".,. (Background is the Plastic 
Parchment Background and the 
embossing is done on the rectangular 
chipboard frame.)

"King"... (Firstly let me say this in no way
reflects my thoughts on my husband, 
he's more like the King of Good Husbands!  
Background on this one is the 
Canvas Resist Technique and the embossed
pieces are the 3 crowns at the top.)

"Sister"... (Background is the 
watercolour drip from
the last book, the heart is
the embossed piece.)

"Nature concentrated"... (This background
is from the Foil Class and the bird
is the embossed piece.  You can
clearly see the perfect pearls in
Gold & Mint in this piece.)

"Obsessed"... (Background is just a distressed
background using green & copper paints and the
square with the word on it is the embossed piece.  
Sort of hard to see here as I also used some Copper Liquid 
Pearls to blend the word in a bit, but this one is 
a green background with copper Perfect Pearls.)

This one is from the previous technique that we did, 
Wax Paper Fresco
(Solemnly swear)...