Sunday, September 16, 2018


Is there nothing that Distress Oxides can't do?  These are backgrounds that are made by pressing Distress Oxides onto one side of an embossing folder, placing gloss card inside and running through your die-cut machine.  The reason you use gloss card is it will spread the colour really well though you do need to buff it after to get the excess pigment off.  You need to clean your embossing folders as well straight after you've used them so you don't forget and transfer the ink to another project.  No water was used in this technique as the ink is wet enough to transfer around the card by itself.  I put the ink on the side where the design is recessed, that way the design stays white as no ink goes into the recesses.  


"Go with the flow"...

"Creep it real"...

"Too glam"...

"Without dreams"...

Friday, September 7, 2018


Soot technique has always been a favourite of mine, such a simple thing as gloss card stock, a candle and a clean stamp, some fixing spray and you have the makings of a wonderful atc or card.  To change things up a bit, we'll be embossing an image with clear embossing powder first, then maybe add a little colour (sponge on Distress Oxides), then add the soot.  At this point, you can't touch any of it as you'll just leave fingerprints so you carefully wipe away some of the soot where you want to reveal either the white (now light grey) card underneath or some of your colour you sponged on.  When you're happy with how it looks, spray with fixative and let it dry, then it's all done.  Simple but very effective.  Add your chosen embellishments to go along with your stamps and it's a quick and easy technique.


"Find your wings"...


"Brightest Star"...


Finally, this is one from the last class where we used foil on top of mostly dry alcohol ink.  For that class, we used Yupo with the alcohol and foil but below is a sample that I made using black gloss card, then the alcohol inks, then the foil.  It has an amazing depth that the computer just can't capture.  I used a fine Zig pen to lightly outline the die-cut shapes, then when tacky (about 1 minute), pressed some silver foil on to them.  It really makes the shapes stand out from the background!


Saturday, August 18, 2018


As if alcohol ink on Yupo paper isn't amazing enough, when you add foil, it takes it to another whole dimension!  You may have discovered yourself that sometimes the alcohol ink is still tacky on your Yupo for a while after spreading the inks around, this means it's perfect for transferring foil onto the tacky spots.  There is a "sweet spot" where the ink is tacky but not too wet and before it totally dries so no foil will stick.  I find it's about 1-1/2 minutes.  But this will depend on what colours of inks you use (weird I know but reds seem to stay tackier for longer) and also how much Blending Solution you use in the ratio to inks.  Blending Solution I found works better for this technique than just isopropyl alcohol but if you don't have Blending Solution or even if your inks have dried and no foil is sticking, you can always resort to the Zig fine tip two-way glue pen.  This is how I've added the gold foil lines in the very first example below as it had dried beyond where the foil would stick.  

"Fat crying"...


"Dead leaves"...

"Life update"...

"Classy AF"...
(sorry, not sorry if it offends 😏)

Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Baby Wipe Stamping is a technique that has been around forever and it's a great way to utilize those re-inkers that tend to just sit in their box gathering dust.  It's simply a matter of adding a few drops of 3 or so different coloured re-inker onto a folded baby wipe and then stamping onto it.  A nice effect without the cost of having those multi-coloured inked pads and the added bonus of you can choose whatever colours you want to put together!  With the addition of some other focal stamps that you can colour, or by adding some die-cut shapes, it makes for a nice change to plain old boring black stamping.  To keep continuity between all of your elements, I try to repeat the colours that have already been used in your multi-coloured stamping to help tie it all together.  This is most evident in the colours I've used to colour in the girl and her clothes on "Reality".

(Die-cut bird shapes have been slightly raised with
black foam tape but the branch has been stapled
on with black staples so you can't see them.  Both birds
and rocks down the bottom have been coloured with
Wink of Stella glitter brush pens, very subtle touch of shimmer.)

(I stamped the bugs with the baby-wipe stamping method
and then drew around the shapes with an extra-fine sharpie.) 

"Depth of Life"...
(The steampunk dragonfly has been cut from black card
stock, then embossed with 2 different colours of black
UTEE mixed with Perfect Pearl Powders that makes
a gorgeous extra-thick embossing powder with shine.
The German Scrap down the bottom was also coated with
the gold UTEE mixture.)

(I love how gorgeous this stamp looks using this technique!
The seam binding tape was coloured using co-ordinating
colours from the Distress Ink range and then stapled on.
See the little dotty specks on the card?  If you put your stamp
back down over your stamped image when it's dry, you can
then flick some watered down ink in the same colours as your
stamped image and the stamp will protect your image.)

(Spiderweb stamped with Barn Door/Hickory Smoke/Spiced Marmalade.
Die-cut spider cut from black cardstock then coated with a mix of Black 
Utee and Pewter Perfect Pearl.  I stopped heating it before it was all totally
melted to get that gritty texture that's happening on the spider's back).

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Brusho Stencil Take 2

We have used Brusho's and stencils before in a class a few years ago but I wanted to revisit the technique as I recently bought some of the Tonic Shimmer Powders and the Cosmic Pixie Powders.  They all work so beautifully with the Brusho's with the added bonus of some gorgeous shimmer that the Brusho's don't have.  When you use Brusho's on top of stencils, then spritz with water, you also have the stencil coated with Brusho's (or other powders if you're using them) that you can flip over onto a clean piece of card and get a negative image using the reverse side.  You can do these onto plain white cardstock or, as I have in the "Transform" sample below, colour your cardstock first.  I used Tea Dye Distress Ink spritzed with a little Perfect Pearl mixed with water for some shimmer.  Then placed the stencil over the top, dropped on some Storm Cloud Tonic Shimmer, spritzed with water then immediately lifted the stencil off.  The stencil can then be flipped over onto another piece of cardstock to get a negative image that has only the Brusho colours on it.  Easy!

(I have coloured some of the white blank spaces in with my 
Wink of  Stella pens in blue and light green)


"Bags & Shoes"...



Finally, this is another sample from the last class where we used Alcohol Inks on Silver Mirror Card.
"Fresh Life"...

Friday, July 13, 2018


I can't seem to get enough of alcohol inks at the moment.  This fortnight's technique is once again an alcohol ink one but using silver mirror card as the substrate.  This is definitely something you need to try at home to fully appreciate how awesome the alcohol inks look on the mirror card as the shine comes through the ink colours and gives it a totally amazing look.  Also, you can leave sections of the card with no ink on them so you can see the silver mirror effect of the card, as shown in the final atc below, "Throw Glitter".  The little spots you can see on the first one below (love the caramel and sepia colours in this one) is from the fixative that I've sprayed on.  Fixative can cause the inks to reactivate again so you need to be careful how you use it.  Certain colours of alcohol ink are also prone to staying wet longer so in this instance, less alcohol ink is better and if you find it doesn't move around much, use a little pure alcohol (91% or 99%) and you'll find
 it moves and dilutes more.

(the black detail in the top half is actually part
of a spider web die that I cut in black card, then
rubbed a little metallic gold paint over it, then attached
it with black staples)

"Comfort Zone"...

"What you allow"...

"Wicked Intention"...
(this background went crazy when I added the
fixative so I just dropped on some more pure alcohol,
then moved it around a little and it worked
just fine.  You can see the little dotty sections where
the fixative reacted with the inks in the top right corner)

"Throw Glitter"...
(this one has more of the mirror card showing
through,  I only used pool and sepia for this

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


The Baked Texture Embossing Powders by Seth Apter (made by Emerald Creek) are one of those products we've all been hanging out for, ever since we saw they were being released.  There are 7 colours in Seth's range but I also had to have 3 extra's by Emerald Creek (Fractured Ice, Hammered Metal and Charred Gold) as I knew they would fit right in with Seth's range.  The Baked Texture embossing powders have unique properties in that they are chunky, various colours, little fluffy bits too so they create a varied look compared to a normal smooth embossing powder.  You can apply them in all the normal ways you would use embossing powder but I also like to use them on die-cut shapes that have been coated with clear embossing ink, also emboss with them straight onto a die-cut shape that has been cut out of JAC paper (double-sided adhesive paper).  Stamping of course, pressing an embossing ink pad over a stencil, swiping an embossing pad around the edges or on parts of your background... all these ways create unique backgrounds and really change how a simple background can look.  I have 6 samples today as I wanted to show various ways to use them.

(Die-cut shapes, coloured with Distress oxides then 
the embossing powders used over the top.  Also swiped
some onto the background.)

(Swiped the rusty embossing powder around the edges,
coated the little die-cut JAC paper clouds with
Fractured Ice, stamped the waves down the bottom
and embossed with Deep Sea embossing powder.)

"Find your wings"...
(Barbed Wire & Bird are both JAC paper die-cuts stuck
down to the background then embossed with various colours
of the powders.  Also coated the strip of German Scrap down
the right-hand side with the rust embossing powder too!  I painted
on a little vegetable glycerine and embossed them to create the
splotchy looks on the background.)

(Ok, this one has a bubble wrap stamp with Charred Gold, then
I painted the whole background with a thin layer of vegetable 
glycerine, then embossed the whole thing with clear UTEE - Ultra Thick
Embossing Powder.  Then when that was set, I re-heated sections
of the UTEE and using a small spoon, I dropped small bits of a
few colours onto the hot UTEE and heated again so the new colours
would blend in with the clear UTEE.  Then did a coating of Rocky Road
embossing powder around the edge to darken.... whew!)

"Salty but sweet"...
(Stamped the droplets onto the background, then embossed
the piece of fishing net die with a combo of Deep Sea embossing
powder and Patina Oxide embossing powder.  
Deep Sea is also around the edge.)

"Still here"...
(Stamped and embossed the face using ordinary black
embossing powder then swiped Picked Raspberry Distress
Oxide over a few places on the background and coated 
with Rocky Road embossing powder.)