Tuesday, June 5, 2007

This one time.......at stamp camp......

And a fabulous time was had by all!!!! I've just returned from 3 days at the INKrediblyRT stamp camp down at Busselton (3 hrs drive south of Perth). Loads of fantastic arty stuff was created...we did a wonderful painted apron with the very talented - but VERY sick - Jane Pisan.....I mean "sick" as in ill with a cold....not "sick" in a modern sort of really "fantastic" way....though you could say Jane is totally SICK but she was also just sick....understand???? Here's a group pic of all the girls wearing their aprons.

Another project we did was to make an atc box with Kylie Mell giving us her guidance. This is one I don't have a picture of yet as it's not quite finished....will save that for a later update. I spent some time making atc's as trades, some of the girls were organised enough to do this BEFORE camp. I did at least remember to take pics of them though.

Last year's wild antics at camp were toned down this year for our resident karaoke-er (Carmel) was slightly off her game with the same bug that had afflicted poor Jane. Nic thought she had found the bargain of the century when she stumbled across bottles of Black Sambucca on special at a liquor store for only $8 (down from $10).....really, the price should've given it away....I told her the main ingredient was probably petrol as it gave her pretty bad headaches each morning....consequently, it wasn't all drunk! Sometimes cheap isn't best! lol Though Nic certainly took out the top award for "NEATEST DESK", probably because not much stuff was unpacked but at least she did produce some things ;-)

Michelle takes the award for most novel way of coffee-dyeing....take a mouthful of coffee....have a coughing fit....spray said coffee all over everything on your desk, the person's desk next to you, and the desk across from you! I wondered what the little brown spots were on my embossing tray, and I'm sure Nic LOVED the effect of the coffee spray on her stack of papers...hahahaha .....awwwww, come back Michelle.....all is forgiven....lol

I think Sulea takes the "ooooohhhhh.....aaaaahhhhh" award for her gorgeous work that she produced this weekend, as well as the beautiful gifts she gave out to several people (me included!!!). This will be another post though later as I have to photograph these wonderful pieces...wait 'til you see what I got!

Let's see, what else happened, Kylie learnt how to use a cigarette lighter for the first time...no, not smoking, lighting a candle for the soot technique (an oldie but a goodie!). I taught transparent atc's using the Collections big window frames, acetate, alcohol ink & a Xyron 250. Quick description....

Use alcohol ink to colour acetate the size of an atc. Cut out two window frames that are just like borders - atc sized - leaving about a 1cm border on all 4 edges. Colour these two window frames, paint, ink, emboss or whatever you want to do with them. Then stamp on a piece of plain atc sized acetate or attach a picture to it. Run the alchol inked piece of acetate through the 250 Xyron and attach to the other stamped (or picture added piece) atc sized bit of plain acetate. Then sandwich these between the 2 frames using double-stick tape. You can add words to the atc or embellish the frames further with brads etc. I generally use my clear word stickers as you can see the words but it doesn't detract from the clear aspect of this atc. Here's my samples that I made at camp...

Finally, a project with the super-talent - Dawn the Prawn. Using an idea from Sally Jean's book where you write down all these different things ~ draw, paint, stamp, scratch, colour, image, text...etc.etc, put them into a container and draw one out at a time, have a time limit set (ours was 10 minutes) where you had to do that particular technique on your chosen work surface. We worked on canvas boards 5" x 7" in size as they were small enough to get your ideas down but stable enough to take paints, stamping etc very easily. I had a theme in mind for mine before I started....I'm doing a dare on Aussie Dares and the theme is "It's all about the title", where you have to choose a book title, a movie title or a song title for your piece. I chose a song from my favourite band - HIM - the song is Gone with the Sin....like it Michelle????? (not "M" Michelle...the other Michelle ;-}....)


michelle ward said...

Sounds like a great getaway! You KNOW I'm loving your HIM art...and the others are stunning too, but can I say that Sanctuary below really rocks. And THE ONES YOU SENT ME BLEW ME AWAY!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Kelsey!

can't resist:

kelsey said...

What makes Sanctuary rock??? Your stamps of course Michelle!!! lol Thanks for the compliment and I KNEW you'd appreciate my canvas...might have to use HIM on my gothic pages...hmmmmm or should I say... hiiiimmmmmmmm ;-)

Natalie B said...

Hey Kelsey

thanks for sharing the piccies with us. :-)


Jane P said...

thanks for the compliment ( I think ) Kelsey- I really enjoyed teaching the aprons.....love those photos!!

Judy said...

Sounds like a blast.
Loved the coffee story, thought it was going in the GPP street, cheap tricks section - she would have one - lol.
Glad it was such a riot.
Those ATC's of yours - yum as usual.

Jen Crossley said...

Sounds Like you had a great weekend Kelsey Love the aprons,and Dawnies class sounds like fun