Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sheer Heaven transfer class & more of the TRIP!

Back in November was when I posted the last instalment about the mega-trip we did in April/May last year. I have all my photo's as my screensaver (about 1000 of them!) and my computer runs fairly constantly so as I come in periodically to check my emails etc, I am constantly reminded of the wonderful times we had. So I'll bore the pants off you for a little longer with a few more stops before I go onto the Sheer Heaven transfer atc's which is the next class I'll be teaching.

After Skagway (previous posting in November) we went to Sitka. I've checked the photo's and they are pretty boring, we went to a wonderful museum there and I took lots of photo's of masks and wonderful eskimo type stuff but it probably doesn't translate well so I won't put any of those up. Next up was Glacier Bay and viewing of the Hubbard Glacier.....what can one say about a 6 mile long piece of ice than constantly breaks off into the ocean....utterly amazing!!! Nothing that photo's can do justice to so I won't put those up either.

THEN we went to Vancouver and this city is absolutely beautiful! We spent a little time at the Capilano Suspension Bridge and the park where it lives. Kinda scarey walking across, for others though, not me, I'm not a 'fraidy cat about heights or wobbly things.

Capilano Suspension bridge in the background, myself, Grant and Joan.

We took the skyride up to Grouse Mountain where we saw fantastic wood sculptures, lots of snow and generally had a great time fooling around on this picture perfect, sunny day. Here's a shot taken out of the window of the skyride, oh for views like this every day!!!

Here's Mike, one of our ship companions doing his "Snow Angel" for us! I'd never seen that before, coming from Western Australia where there is no snow!

Yes, there was a bit of snow up there!!!

One of the large wood sculptures at Grouse Mountain, these things are huge!

This will give you an idea of the size of them, Joan and Mike inside one.

Joan and I also did a foot wander around of Vancouver as well. I was on a mission to try and find a "Nixon" item of clothing for my son, ended up buying a belt and a key-ring. I did run across a shop that had some really pretty glass vases in it that I thought he might appreciate so I took a photo of them for him. Funny thing was, as Joan and I were about to enter the store, we could smell this strange, familiar odour wafting from inside??? We'd only just passed 2 policemen too! Being good tourists, we just ignored it as if it was a common occurrence here in sleepy ol' Perth too! We were careful not to stay too long though, just in case we "forgot" our sense of time and missed the boat! lol

Here are 3 atc's from the next class, Sheer Heaven Transfers.
"Smile"... (flourish stamp from Michelle Ward's Green Pepper Press "Juliet" plate)

"Reactive Scattering" ... I've had this filmstrip punch for years and thought it lent itself rather nicely to this odd atc! The circular lined stamp in brown is from a Non Sequitur plate, Burning Hearts.

More to come...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Resin Fresco Technique

At the end of four blissful days at home over the Easter break, I am pleased to present the next atc class samples - Resin Fresco Technique. This technique was first gleaned from the fantastic book by Bernie Berlin - Artist Trading Card Workshop. If you don't have this book, get it! It's a definite must-have for anyone who loves techniques.
"Life"... (Stampers Anonymous Tree stamp in background)

"Specimen"... (Tim Holtz Staples stamp and Michelle Ward's butterfly stamps from "In Vogue" stamp plate)

"Rest in Peat"... (Zetti Graveyard stamp)

"Focus"... (Cherry Pie La Sibilla Delfica stamp, we have a new lot of Cherry Pie stamps arriving soon at Scraptivate!!! Can't wait!)

"Live in the moment"... (Michelle Ward's Curvature stamp plate used in the background with White Stazon - kinda hard to see but if you enlarge it you should be able to catch it)

"Breaths"... The scan makes this background below look like a dirty grey colour, in actual fact it's a beautiful duck-egg blue background with a Golden paint dry-brushed on called Interference Gold - stunning irl! Come into the shop and check it out! YES!!! White texture paste used around the image too! (Also a stamp from Michelle Ward in the background, but this time from the Juliet plate...if you love flourishes, THIS is the plate for you!!!)

Now for a late-comer... this atc was made using Mica Sheet for the last class. I just needed to finish it off before posting so in the vein of "better late than never", here it is.

"Lady Windemere"... (Darkroom Door stamp - Doors Plate).

Quick question for you like having the stamps that I use listed on each one? Is it necessary or helpful do you think or could you not give a toss? Just wondering!

While at the retreat I met some wonderful people! Yes, I have also booked already for the 2010 Creative Soul Retreat! A real treat for me was getting some quality time with the lovely Eva! I instantly warmed to her and as we had exchanged a few emails doing secret squirrel business about the badges for the retreat, I knew I'd find a friend in her. Eva emailed me to let me know she's bestowed a Friends award on me. I've noticed a trend towards non-tagging in the blogging world so I'll just direct you firstly to Eva's blog, then to all the other wonderful women who appear in my favourite blog list! Watch your postie Eva!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mica atc class

I've just finished the first of the 3 Mica atc classes, what a full-on day! We used 3 different types of Mica - the normal flat sheet Mica, Mica Glitter (available in lots of assorted colours) and the Mica Flake (also available in several colours). To adhere the Mica we used either Dimensional Magic, Glossy Accents or Diamond Glaze as they all dry crystal clear and have excellent glue properties.
Here is the raffle atc that was won by Rosemary.

"Stone Angel"... (this one has the Onyx Mica Glitter on the German Scrap Swan Wings)

"Temptation"... (also using the Onyx Mica Glitter on the wings....tempted??? lol)

"Mel-an-choly"... (I used the crystal coloured Mica Flake on this one...very ethereal looking!)

"Solitude"... (Mica Sheet used on this one AND there's that black texture paste again!)

"Home"... (also Mica Sheet on this one as well as a bit of shrink plastic with "home" on it and a verdigris coloured embossing powder around the edge)

I'm not as gabby today, think I'm all talked out from the class. I tend to do lots of explaining in the class as I want the girls to have plenty of information so they don't make mistakes as there working along. It's a lot to get through in 2 hours! Learn a brand new technique, often with new products that they haven't been exposed to before and make 3 atc's - 2 for the book they are making and 1 just as an atc to keep. I had 4 new girls in my class today which was nice, some newbies to get all excited and enthused about atc'!!!