Friday, June 1, 2007

quick post before camp (& a question)

Now that I know the person who was chosen for my mystery muse will be "on the road" on her way to camp, I can post this picture of my little gift for her. We were allocated a partner who we had to make a small gift for (atc, name badge, etc.), this is what I made for mine. Hope she likes it! Who knows how tired I'm going to be when I come back from this 3-day blissfully art-filled weekend, so thought I'd better put something up as I'm sure getting sick of seeing the same pictures of Yallingup!

So here is the bookmark that I made using 2 of the large shipping tags. They both have a window cut out from the centre and I've put a transparency in the window. Obviously you have to imagine how this looks when you hold it up to the light....ethereal comes to mind, particularly with the image that I used! Stamping is mainly from Michelle's gpp plates and a small flourish from All Night Media.

I hope to have a selection of things to post about when I return from Busselton and who knows what I'll be able to capture on my trusty little camera's "movie mode"! We're having a pyjama party Saturday night so should be a fun time for all.

A quick question, does anyone know why some of my photo's, when clicked on, will show the larger version and others don't??? They are all saved in exactly the same way to the same place so don't know why this is happening...annoying!


Jenny said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful time away Kelsey, cant wait to see the art when you get back. Sorry I cant answer your question. The tag is georgeous, she will be sooooo happy with it. Jenny xxx

Cathy Wegner said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip and I'm sure she will love the tag. I wish I was going on an art trip but I'm only going to Rhode Island for my niece's graduation from design school. She's very talented!

Arty Lady's blog said...

I can't help you with your question, but have a wonderful holiday!

Gisele said...

Love the tag Kelsey! & I'm sure you've had a fantastic time at Art camp....looking forward to hearing all about it.
Sorry...can't help with the pic problem either....I get the same & can't figure it out :(

Julie H said...

She loved it! And already has it tucked into a current favourite book by the bed! Lucky me.

Artmom said...

What a wonderful 'entry'(NOVEL?) for your blog, feel like I was there - what a great time! Thanks for sharing!! Deb