Friday, June 15, 2007

perfect pearls atc's & ABBA?????

Tomorrow's atc class that I'm teaching is on the wonderful little pots of dust known as Perfect Pearls. Quite a few ways to use this stuff, with the Perfect Medium (it's own sticky clear ink pad), or with embossing powder, or maybe use your water pen (Aquash - a paintbrush with a water reservoir in the handle), or you could dust it on transparency that has been stamped.... then xyroned... then xyroned again after you've brushed the PP onto it. I'm sure there are loads of other ways to use it, you just have to check out the Ranger site to see some more that I haven't got around to yet. I have a few atc's that I made up today below, including the first one which is the Scraptivate raffle atc.

The next one is the acetate/transparency with the stamped image on it, then the acetate was run through the 250 xyron to make it sticky, perfect pearls were dusted on to this then it was run through the xyron again, then attached to a book page. Handmade gold paper was added down the bottom and a little at the top with some words and an arrow spinner.

Perfect Pearls also work great on German Scrap, the atc below has one of the wonderful black swan wings dusted with the PP on top of embossing ink as well as the bottom piece of mat board that also has the PP treatment, along with a little water and some hammering using the non-working end of the paintbrush to get the "hammered metal" look. We learnt this particular technique in Tim Holtz's great classes that he did last year in Perth. The background of this one is alcohol ink on gloss card with a couple of embossed flourishes.

Last one.....I must give the kudos to Nick, a particularly talented artist on a US-based yahoo group that I'm a member of. He made an atc and asked if we could guess how he did the ethereal looking lady descending the stairs...all sorts of guesses were made....I guessed correctly so "won" the atc. He'd used the interference green Perfect Pearls to brush over the woman....looks fabulous in real life! No Nick, I didn't alter yours, I made one myself after finding the same picture that you had used....hope this is okay ;-) I'm sure the girls are going to love it tomorrow!

Okay.....ABBA....yes, I'm old enough to remember them from their hey-day and wasn't particularly into the bubble-gum pop that was their music. Another yahoo group girl, Kathy, has put me onto another Finnish band called The Rasmus. Matter of fact, I have a cd of theirs waiting for me tomorrow....a birthday present from me to me....I here's an ABBA song that I can actually listen band.....(the intro takes a bit of time, worth waiting for though...well, I think it is anyway!) lol

The Rasmus - SOS


Colourguru said...

Fabulous ATC's Kels.......gorgeous boys, great location, but give me the original anyday! xK

Natalie B said...

Love your ATC's Kelsey!! Love the ending of the video clip. You know it's the same song, but Ohhhhhhhhhh so different. Really grungy. I like it :-)

michelle ward said...

and next will be 69 eyes, and apocalyptica, and negative....and...

watch this, ville and lauri:

and this:


HIM is still the best.
wanna meet in finland sometime?

oh, and lovely ATCs!!!!

Jen Crossley said...

Kelsey Love the ATC the perfect pearls look amazing
Love the film clip

Jacky said...

Kelsey love your ATC's .... especially the one with the german scrap and wings. Love the effect with the perfect pearls. Will have to look out for them locally. Shame I didnt know about them when visiting scraptivate!!!
Thanks for all the tips.
p.s havent been able to get the watercolour pastels as yet. Do you have the 36 packs in yet as I may have to get you to send some over for me if thats OK.

Genevieve said...

Are you sure you weren't a goth in a previous life! Enjoyed the new take on the old ABBA song. Love the images you find, Kelsey, great ATCs as always.


Marie C said...

Hi Kelsey -thanks so much for your tips - I know nothing about PPs but might have to check it out! Loved the take on ABBA too - had a look on UTube and they seem to have consistently good visuals in their clips too ... very interesting!

sharon said...

I love your ATCs, absolutely stunning.