Thursday, April 23, 2015


This fortnight's class is using a technique that has been around for years on cards - Shaker boxes.  It basically means you build up a layer of foam tape around a "box" shape that has acetate over it and you trap little bits of whatever in the boxes before attaching it to a base, so the little bits inside float around.  I have also used a piece of tulle instead of acetate on one of the samples below (Reflection) as I used seed beads and small sequins and the tulle holes are small enough that the bits don't escape!   I used a few different things inside the boxes and found that static is just something you have to accept when plastic is involved.  Sure, you can brush on some anti-static powder (or baby powder) but it doesn't last forever and can give a dusty look to the clear acetate so you just accept it and move on.  :-)    
I also experimented with what shapes would work for the openings... for the first one it's a piece of cardstock left over from a previous class where we used peeled back sections to reveal an image underneath and the little cogs worked perfectly for this one.
"Certified Damaged"...
For this sample I used silver micro-beads and a piece of Canvas Resist from a previous technique over some metallic swipe background with a stamp on it.
"Finding yourself"...

This one is made using a window die-cut that has been embossed and the tulle is in place of the acetate as the seed beads and small sequins won't fit through the holes.
This shaker box is made using an old slide that has been embossed and Judikins Roxs in copper placed inside.
"Princess Sparkle"...

Finally, these two are the remaining samples from the Watercolour Drip class from last fortnight.
"What's the worst"...
This one is made using the gorgeous new Gelatos that I bought for this class and I'll definitely be incorporating more of these into future classes!  The grey drippy lines are glossy accents.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


The drip technique has been around for quite a while now and is seen everywhere from nail finishes to soft furnishings as well as art pieces and everywhere in between.   It's a fairly simple technique if you're working on a reasonable size canvas or whatever your substrate is.... the issue comes in when you are working on tiny little pieces of card (watercolour card works best) that are only three and a half inches in height!  You have to be very careful about the amount of water you use with your chosen colouring agent and lots of different products work, Distress Paints, Distress Re-inkers, normal acrylic paints as well as gelato's.  These are the products I've used to create the samples below.  One thing I noticed is a difference between using a gessoed piece of watercolour paper will make the dripping react differently than with no gesso and you also get different results on different watercolour paper.  Have a play, it's very hard to stop at just a few!
"Something wicked"... (gelato's on gesso)
"Emotional baggage"... (gelatos on gesso)
"Rapture"... (gelatos on plain w/colour card with glossy
accents dribbled over the top)
"Awesome"... (Distress Re-inkers on w/colour card)
"Freed by imagination"... (Distress Re-inkers on textured w/colour card)
Just a couple of more samples...
... and more samples (copper acrylic paint on the one on the right)

Finally the last of the Black Magic Resist samples from the
class from last fortnight.