Thursday, June 28, 2007

7 Random Things

Nat B has tagged me and I'm supposed to tell 7 random facts about myself. Being such a "wordy" person (read.....blabberbeak!), think it's going to be hard to do this, but I'll try and surprise a couple of you ;-) But first I'd better stick a picture in so I don't seem to just "talk" at prove comment #6 this is one of my cloth dolls I made a few years back, she stands around 2 feet tall.

1. I spent some time in my youth hitchhiking around up the North-west of Western Australia and did a variety of jobs - including brickies labourer, car wash attendant and also spent some time living in the single men's quarters at a mine-site.....THAT was a secret....a big no-no! Did I care??? nope!

2. When I was 15 I owned a snake, I was heavily into Alice Cooper and I even have a tattoo of a snake "where the sun don't shine". My parent's didn't find out 'til I was about 18 because of it's location, another highly illegal thing to do - have a tattoo done when you are 15!

3. I met my husband through a local bike group (no, not a bikie gang!!!). Still love the sound of a Ducati roaring off....mmmm......Italian bikes do it for me! Ducati's & Laverda's!

4. Unusual fact.....hubby & I didn't live together until after we got married AND we waited 3 years to have our first baby...who is now 22. (Thought I'd better throw something in that reeks of conservatism & normalcy, considering my 3 previous enlightening

5. I started work at 15 as I did my Achievement Certificate & a secretarial course all in the same year. The Achievement Certificate was like a mini-high school certificate for 3rd year high school kids.

6. I'm a long-term sewer, started by making a complete baby girl's wardrobe when I found out I was pregnant...of course, I had a boy so I gave it all away. Falling pregnant 3 years later, sew the girls stuff again....another boy....give it all away. But it started me on the sewing buzz. My Mum who is a wonderful dressmaker/costume designer/maker still, always told me - "When you start out sewing, try to learn something new each time you use a new pattern, you'll build your skills quickly that way". It works.

7. I love watching gory stuff on Fox, like Autopsy and the Crime & Investigation channel. Grant reckons I should've been a detective. So we fight over the remote, he's a History Channel sort of guy and I'm into crime. Favourite author: Lee Child. If you like great action filled books with a REAL man as a hero and fantastic writing, Lee Child is your author du jour. Try him, you just might like him and you'll have heaps of books to catch up on. He only writes one book a year, I buy them as soon as they come out, read them in 2 days and then wait (impatiently) for another year!
Okay, one more pic....another of my doll pics, these are called "The Ancestors" and are about 3 feet tall. Funny that I'd put these pics in as I usually preferred making much smaller dolls, between 3" to 12"!

That's all folks! (I'm really a nice person, not a tattooed, bikie loving, immoral, uneducated person like I sound....hehehehe).


Natalie B said...

Uhuh this explains lots~~ :-) Thanks for joining in Kelsey. Natxx

The Colourguru said...

I'm a Harley girl myself Kels.........I totally understand a need for speed!@ VERY enlightening little blurb! xK

Genevieve said...

Well, well, cool are you?! Nice little naughty past we've been hiding hey!


Jen Crossley said...

Hm Naughty and Nice past Kelsey explains alot LOL

Julie H said...

Love it Kelsey - not naughty or nice, just personality. I can see how you let the 'on the edge' side out through your art.

Anonymous said...

Always learning something new from you Kelsey, literally. Everyone I know lately turns out to have a tattoo, feeling a bit left out of the whole tattoo loop!! Love that its a snake, I love reptiles myself, and the CI channel is my fav!!