Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Backgrounds & more Sheer Heaven atc's

Tonight I'm teaching another atc technique class at Scraptivate, credit card technique....and no, it's not how to magically make it into one that has unlimited credit that someone else pays for....I WISH! Good ol' basic techniques are something that you can always fall back on when you're in a slump or you just can't be bothered thinking! Do a few pages of backgrounds on A4 paper and each sheet has enough for 9 atc backgrounds....try colours that you wouldn't normally use together....for a fantastic copper look try Aqua (Jo Sonja) first, followed by FolkArt Antique Metallic Copper....this is what it looks like...

..........gorgeous huh!

Another nice one is Hooker's Green (Jo Sonja) and then FolkArt Metallic Copper (not the antique one) and lastly Celadon (Jo Sonja) - all credit card technique. I used this colour combo for the cover of my altered book some time ago. This is a little sample of it...

Anyway, as I'm working tonight I don't start until 1pm this afternoon so I've had a little time to play this morning. Finished off a couple of atc's from the Sheer Heaven transfer episode last Friday night as well as worked on a new atc that's not my colour at all....pink! I still decided to complete it though as I really liked the ghostly image that was a mistake, sorry, not a mistake... a serendipitious moment!!! No such thing as mistakes...you just make them differently than you thought is all! I had pressed a little hard on the acrylic block with the stamp on it and it slipped, leaving me with a slight double-image, as it was Stazon I grabbed a baby-wipe with some cleaner on it and wiped it over....of course, being Stazon, it didn't all come off but it left a much paler version on the paler pink background...very nice effect! Here she is...

These other 2 are Sheer Heaven transfers again...still have a couple more to do but they're a little stuck on what they need at this point, they'll get over it!!! lol

One more.....love my new stamp!!! Go Lina!!!


Jen Crossley said...

WOW kelsey
Dont you ever sleep!!!
Your work is outstanding as always you are such a great talent you never fail to inspire me

littledawnieno1 said...

yummy stuff K.Love the credit card technique.Its fun, quick and great to do lots of colour combo's in a sitting.
Inspiring ATC's as usual clever girlie.Wonderful altered book cover.Love that lina stamp.

Not long to the Art Retreat.Bet your soooo excited.Be great to meet up for tea one evening(if your not to exhausted from all that creativity)

Thanks for sharing

tania said...

Awesome as usual Kelsey .. thanks for the inspiration tonight .. i like this technique :)

Joan said...

Love the credit card technique and so simple easy to achieve. As usual your art is wonderful and very inspiring.

kelsey said...

Have you girls got a conspiracy happening here??? Found the word "inspire" or variations thereof in each of these posts....luckily I don't wear hats!!! lol....in the Flying Nun's immortal words...."they like me, they really like me"!!! hahahahahaha

Natalie B said...

Hey Kelsey

I thought I'd left a message here, but not sure whether blogger ate it, or I'm going crackers!! Sheesh you "inspire" me..LOL

As always gorgeous work. Love the lina stamp. How did you do the portrait word!


Sulea said...

Kelsey you are a genius with backgrounds.. the hooker green and copper is so yummy....... love visiting your blog for inspiration!!! :o)

kelsey said...

Thanks Sulea....though I'd love to be able to paint like you do!!!