Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Poppet canvas & raffle atc's

Okay, so it's been a while.....been what else is new!

I was talking with a girl I work with the other day (Melissa - no, no blog....yet!), she does scrapbooking (very well I might add!)...anyway, she was saying she was going to do a Poppet layout and I asked was it a la Claudine Hellmuth Poppet style. Melissa hadn't heard of Claudine Hellmuth so I told her I'd take my 2 books in to show her.....great stuff in them! Claudine's Poppet style is very whimsical and fun. I relayed to Melissa a story about a little girl who I knew quite well who's father had died a few years ago when she was only 3 or 4. She was the daughter of a close friend of my Auntie, so my Mum and I, both being sewers, used to enjoy making costumes & clothes for her at Christmas time as gifts.....tutu's and little summer outfits and the like. So when her Dad died (he was in his early 30's), I made Aisha a Poppet style canvas called "The Angel and the Princess" which hangs in her room and I'm really happy that it's such a positive reminder of happier times with her Dad. This is an 8" x 10" canvas.

I've been asked why they only have one arm reply? only need one hand to hold another's hand, but if you can keep a's because hands are darn hard to draw and I was happy to do one, didn't want to do another! lol No, really, it's the first reason, honest!

My atc class that I'm teaching on Saturday is the foil tape technique and this is the atc that I've made to give away as the raffle prize. Sorry it's so blurry but the heart is a 3-dimensional wooden heart that is covered in the tape and it just throws the whole scanner into conniptions! Can't handle the depth!

This next one is the raffle atc for Tuesday night's "smoosh" technique class. It's using the fabulous Distress Inks for the background as well as Julie van Oosten's wonderful little Collection tiles. (which we sell at the shop in case you were wondering! hehehe)

Only another week plus a bit 'til we have Michael de Meng, Lesley Riley & Nina Bagley down to Perth for a fantastic Art Retreat!!! Can't wait!!!


tania said...

Best i win the raffle on tuesday night then Hey :) gorgeous .. and I adore your poppet canvas .. and like your first version of why they have only one hand each .. beautiful!

kelsey said...

Thanks Tania, actually...both of the comments are true! lol

Natalie Wolfe said...

Hi Kelsey
LOVE these ATC's and the poppet canvas. Still haven't tried the foil tape myself but I absolutely will be now!
And as for the Art Retreat, I really am jealous I will admit ...

Natalie B said...

JEALOUS!! REally really Jealous!! *sigh* my fault for not booking in earlier... but wouldnt' have been able to go anyway. I would love some details (via blog would be good), lots and lots of details....Love teh Collections raffle ATC. Different from your normal work. I also love your poppet canvas so much and it is just such a thoughtful gift. But then again, your a thoughtful kind of gal....LOL see ya Nat

Julie H said...

Your poppet Canvas is wonderful - a gift to be tresured for a long time.

See you Thursday!