Thursday, February 8, 2007

birthday treat & Melbourne Cup Treat

I never got around to my arty time yesterday (Wednesday) nor my usual grocery shopping....and I REALLY missed that!!!! (yeah right!)

What I DID do though was spend a couple of blissful hours being pampered at a day spa! One of my brother's gave me a $500 gift voucher for a day spa on my last birthday. I think he felt sorry for was our 25th wedding anniversary, hubby's 50th, oldest son's 21st and youngest son's birthday??? just a boring ol'......ha! thought I was going to TELL you didn't you!!!...suffice to say it wasn't a significant number.

What fun is there in being pampered by yourself and have no-one to share it with? No fun in that. So I rang the day spa and gave them a sob story about my closest girlfriend who had a battle with breast cancer recently and I'd really like to share this gift with her...blah, blah, blah....laid it on sufficiently thick and they were quite happy to split the voucher between the two of us. Don't worry, she knows I do this and it's all for a good cause.

We had our feet exfoliated & cuticles on our toes tortured, skin sloughed away & moisturised the heck out of. Then it was onto a fantastic hand and nail treatment - more cuticle torture, hand massage, more moisturising & a little polish. Lastly a H2O facial with more cream than you can drown in, a weird steam machine that puffed out warm/hot steam onto your face, a little painful neck and shoulder massage - not her fault - our fault for having knots in our neck & shoulders.

All in all, a fantastically relaxing few hours.....oh, and it took us quite a while to get used to walking in our sandals with our extremely moisturised feet, toes gripping on for dear life lest we kick a sandal off 10 feet in front of where we were walking! lol Glad you could join me my best buddy. Plus I have $100 left over from my voucher for another little quick visit!!! Bonus!!!

So consequently no art (and no food for another couple of days) but I will show you what before-mentioned friend and I did last year on Melbourne Cup Day (big horse race here in Australia).......a little body-painting.....she got to moisturise and hold the brushes for me.......I have had numerous requests from friends to hold the brushes again this coming Melbourne Cup! This was true and did happen - some girls don't believe brother got me the gig (he has his own entertainment company that provides people for events). The boys were used to announce the designer's name by parading on the catwalk with a sign before the models came out at a fashion parade at a restaurant in the Burswood Casino here in Perth. Needless to say the 99% women crowd went a little berserk, hot bods & champagne - what a combination!!! ANYWAY..... on to the pics.....

Meet Ben.......

and this is Mark.... wonder if these boys read blogs??? Probably not, they'd be horrified if they knew...hehehe Though I did tell them I was going to send the pics to all of my friends! lol


Natalie Wolfe said...

Well this was a mixed feelings post for me!! First the disappointment at reading that there would be no art to share today ...then the envy at reading you had gone to a day spa .... but it all ended in a smile with the inclusion of those delicious pics at the end!!

chilli said...

awesome paint jobs LOL nice subjects to paint LOL
So pleased you treated you and your friend to a day at the spa .. next time can I be your friend LOL

Casstastrophy said...

Wow, This sounds like soooo much fun!!! and ummm how do you think you can get a job painting those pieces of

kelsey said...

I'm afraid you might have to join the "lottery" Tania (Chilli)....the body-painting lottery that is...hahaha. I've had SO many offers of help that I think I'll have to run a raffle to see who gets to "help". And no, the paint's not waterproof so no dribbling allowed! lol

littledawnieno1 said...

A day at the SPA. How spoilt are you miss Kelsey ( whats that saying? umm yes! What goes around...) How fantastic to share it with such a wonderful gal.A truly delightful day Im sure.
Had visual's of you both all queen like being spoilt( really felt the over moisturising )Then had the visual of you not so lady like slipping around in your sandals.
Thanks for the Eye candy. Ever the helpful gal to keeping the night dreams alive. OH YEAH !

Catch ya soon
PF xxx

belinda said...

hahahahaha reading all these comments is just too funny! i wanna come too and be your assistant next time round ;) a day at the spa is marvelous. thanks for the reminder!!

Jen Crossley said...

Nice canvas to work on Kelsey!!!!
Why do you get all the hard Gigs!!!

Joan said...

Thanks for the day at the spa, I dont think my hands, feet & face have seen that much moisture before but it was wonderful. I'm also looking forward to Melbourne Cup again this year, who knows I may even hear or see the race this time .... then again who cares!!!