Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fabulous Mail Day!!!

Yesterday would have to be one of my best mail days ever!!! I received an absolutely fantastic canvas art piece from a friend who's shifted up North of Western Australia to Tom Price (yeah, I know, sounds like a bloke's name, but it's actually a town!)....the wonderful Natalie Briney's piece of artwork just for me .......da daaaaaaaaaa........

There was another package for me to open, this one from Luxembourg.....another super-talented girl - Belinda Schneider. I had sent her some atc's to swap and her return atc's arrived to much anticipation.....absolutely worth the wait! They are so textural and layered even though you can't tell this much from the flat scan, there are numerous layers of painted paper in the backgrounds. LOVE her images too and those white wings on the gothic art piece are just to die for!!! So these first 3 are the atc's that she sent to me....

and this is the absolutely gorgeous gothic arch piece that Belinda sent to me.....DEFINITELY going to make a gothic arch book to hold this piece!

Must try and find some time today to make some atc's for trading at the Art Retreat this weekend. I have my good pal Barb Thomas arriving tomorrow from Wagga (over East). We are all pretty excited about spending some quality time soaking up all the techniques and absorbing inspiration from Lesley Riley, Michael de Meng, Nina Bagley & our very own Dale Rollerson (The Thread Studio), should be a blast! Taking my camera so you girls had better be on your best behaviour or you MIGHT find yourself on "youtube"!!! hahahaha Speaking of youtube, Michelle Ward has got me well & truly hooked on the very delectable Ville Valo from HIM....take a look at this clip


Natalie B said...

Yummy stuff from Belinda!! Loving the arch gothic page and will have to try something like that myself. Glad you liked the collage K.

Big hugs Natxx

littledawnieno1 said...

Well who is a lucky girlie then!
Yummo treats for the KOOK

Doncha love a great mail day and this bag of loot is SPECIAL.

Do share a closup with your pals miss K.
Pretty please


Dotee said...

What a beutiful stash of art Kelsey! Love the canvas from Nat and the art from Belinda is amazing!!!

Am sure you will have a great time at the art retreat this weekend. Be sure to give Julie H a hug from me. And take plenty of pics!

kelsey said...

Thanks girls, it was a really SPECIAL mail day that one!

Looking forward to the retreat....leaving in about 1-1/2 hours.....woo-hoo!!!

Jen Crossley said...

Wow what a terrific mail day all I get are bills.
Beautiful work to get in the mail.
Have fun at the retreat

Sulea said...

WOW what a great mail day.. that's a gorgeous collage from Nat!!! Gorgeous colours and concept! Love BElinda's work too.. so inspiring.

Thanks for sharing! :o)