Sunday, February 25, 2007

Retro chunky page & #@**$! soldering

The chunky theme for our Altered Book Club this month is Retro. Here's my contribution to our little book. Both the front is pictured (with the girl on it) and the back as well (with the boys on it....hehehe).

I went to Jen's (Jones) place last night to have a go at soldering....Julie (van Oosten) was there as well as a neighbour of Jen's, Jackie (or Jacqui??). Both Jules & Jen are experts at soldering and Jackie has done it once before....well, that's once more than me! Hmmmm, it certainly seems that it's going to be a "practice makes perfect", or at least "practice makes presentable"! So amidst a few glasses of wine, some take-away Thai food and discussions on the pros & cons of Brazilians (not the people!). I only did one but got a few valuable tips from the Masters and will definitely be having another go at it.
Another friend of mine, who's also a Jen, does pretty darn good soldering too and I really like the style that she does, sort of chunky & blobby but really well balanced and beautifully done....think that's the style that I like....I'm not really a smooth, perfect sort of gal....blobby & chunky....that's me! lol So here's my little attempt, both front and back......take note of the beautiful pictures and ignore the sh*tty soldering ;-)


littledawnieno1 said...

So where would the sh*tty soldering be then?.I just cant see it.These are great Kelsey.LUVVVV the pics too.Do you ever do a bad arty piece!
Now I can show you sh*tty soldering.My first attempts were pitiful.Chunky, but OH so sad.
I myself like chunky,
(least that is what my mirror tells me)HA-geez I crack myself up.

Still what great gals to get the lowdown with though.

catch ya

kelsey said...

Bring your piece to dinner on Thursday night Dawnie and we can compare sh*tty soldering! lol

Natalie B said...

Hi Kelsey!! These look better than my first attempt, second attempt, third attempt etc etc. It's not my thing either, that's why I like the faux soldering, as mine just end up in a mess. But I have to say, that's why I admire, Jen's work (smith and Jones) so much, cause I know how bloody hard it is to do and how great they make the end result look!! Have fun girlies. Big hugs

Jen Crossley said...

Kelsey I agree with Dawnie wheres the shit soldering ??
LOVE LOVE the retro for your chunky book theme
Ps not long till Michael Boo hoo

Gisele said...

They're great Kelsey & I can't see any shit soldering either! I love all of Julie's collections stuff & wish it was easier to get hold of & I'm sooo jealous that you have all these great get togethers & classes to go to.....we have absolute zilch over here! I need to move countries for sure!

Ev said...

Love your first attempts...and it looks pretty neat to soldering is still pretty "blobby" but it adds character. Not long to go now...and I still need to get my stuff together..too hot tonight though.

Audrey said...

Wow these look fantastic for a first go.