Sunday, February 4, 2007

Fruitful weekend!

For the first time I actually did something constructive at SAJ's on Friday night....not that chatting and buying goodies in the shop and doing demo's is not constructive, but I mean I actually worked on something. I spent some time doing some Sheer Heaven transfers onto watercolour paper, did a little bit of colouring around them with watercolour crayons and finished them off at home over the weekend. I also made up my 8 atc's for our ATC (Art Tarts Club) "ABC" swap....I sent an email to the girls in the group about this particular swap and in the subject line was "atc abc atc's"...wondered if they'd figure it out! lol
This first atc is the letter "A" that I had to do... (ATC girls....... don't look!)

These are Sheer Heaven transfer atc's...

and another one using an image that I just LOVE (you can tell this because I have used it a lot! lol) Surrounding the image is one of the fantastic silver artchix german scrap windows, it's very shiny silver but I darkened it with black paint - it actually shows up a lot more silver in real looks really dark here! We are getting these in at the shop where I work and teach (Scraptivate), they come in both gold & silver and they have sections across them to make them look like a window, I cut those out to make it look more like a door or shrine. Yes, there is the lightning stamp....AGAIN!!!

I really like the effect of the watercolour crayons on these atc's. There's something so freeing about scribbling with crayons, then using your transdermal applicator (nudge, nudge) to blend the colours and make it all harmonious ~ okay, so I TRY to make it

So the last two....El Corazon means "The Heart", this particular stamp is from a Mexican game of chance called La Loteria...sort of like Bingo but using images, love the heart! The other one is just a weird little guy that I really like, he reminds me of a junior Edward Scissorhands.

I've opened another email address just for this blog (actually, I just typed "blot" and fixed it...though maybe blogs are a blot on society...some people think so! I digress...). Some people have said they've had trouble posting a comment, if you want to contact me you can use the address at the top of the page.


Natalie B said...

Wow you have been busy Kelsey!! All fabulous, but my fav is the last one with the weird little crazy looking guy!! Appeals to my sense of CRAZINESS maybe...LOL

See you

littledawnieno1 said...

Well what a productive day miss K. Good for you ! and great for all who come to look at your cool stuff.
These are great.Excellent out come from a night at SAJ's cause we usually get naught done.

I quite like 'I have heard' but like natty the little freak hits the funny bone.

Thanks for sharing K.Love them all

PF xx

Gisele said...

Hi Kelsey,all your latest creations are fab! Love keeping up with your antics through your blog, so informative....must get round to trying some of your techniques & I have to add, you've just got one of the best jobs ever!

Princess Lu the Scatterbrained said...

Hi Kelsey I found your blog through the Dares girls and I'm slowly getting around to getting to know everyone as I only found Dares myself at the end of last year!!! Yes I think I was hiding under a rock!!! lol I love love love your ATCs. I have never ventured there myself. I've only ever done 12x12 layouts and wonder if I could transfer that to something so small but the fact that so many talented girls are doing it is giving me some inspiration to have a go at least. The heart card is just beautiful as are the others, very ethereal! Nice to "meet" you anyway and I'll stop in again on my rounds!

Cya, Lu