Saturday, December 9, 2006

New ATC & sshhhhh, a secret

Each fortnight I make up an atc that is used as a raffle in the classes I teach at's todays one....were doing good ol' Credit Card Technique (cct) for backgrounds and also using Julie's (Collections) chipboard pieces for embellishing. Love that stuff!!! This atc is entitled "Heartbroken 4 U".

Now to the secret part......I have to rush home from class this afternoon as I'm throwing a surprise b/day party for my hubby who turned 50 on Thursday. He knows that 10 people are coming at 5.30pm - the usual suspects - but he has no idea that another 50 are going to turn up at 6.30pm!!!

Another little thing I did was spend 6-1/2 hours scanning 150 pictures and making a slideshow with music that will run on our tv during the night - it's looped so it will just keep playing over and over - takes about 1/2 hour to run right through once. Lots of great photo's from when he was a baby through to all the usual kids stuff - holidays on Rottnest as a kid, playing with the family dog (Smithy), dirt-bikes and then road-bikes (this is when I came on the scene!), all the years working for Telecom in the bush, setting up the mobile phone operations (he's a sparky). All the way through to the birth of our boys and the obligatory pictures of them, including the youngest dressed in a suit for the Year 12 ball and the oldest dressed in his Uniform for his graduation from the Air-Force.
I'd love to show you the very extensive safety gear for the early years working for Telecom up north in the bush.....Work-safe would have a heart-attack if they knew how they dressed.....jocks (undies) and steel-cap workboots and that was it!!!!!! oh, plus a great tan!!!!! hahahaha.......hmmmmm......might just have to post one of these anyway....he never reads my blog


Natalie B said...

Hey Kelsey, Great ATC. Can you share what colours you used on the background?? Also which face stamp is taht??

Cheers and love the pic of your hubby!

kelsey said...

Hi Nat, the colours on the background are all Jo Sonja - Sapphire, Storm Blue, Vintage White & Burgundy for the edges & heart (with a little silver wiped on). The face stamp is similar to the larger faces by Beeswax ( but I think I got this image from elsewhere as it's not a stamp....pity - great size for atc's!!!

Hmmm, wonder if I'll tell hubby about his pic...maybe not! lol

PJ said...

Hi Kelsey

LOVE the pic of hubby... made me giggle (esp the work safe comments!). Your work as always is gorgeous...

kelsey said...

Thanks PJ for the lovely comments on both my atc & my hubby....hehehehe

carmel said...

woodee - check out them undies! he looks like Mark Spits the swimmer! oh the ATC is pretty good too lol have a great party.
Hugs, Carmel xx

kelsey said...

Hey Carmel, yep, you're right....never thought of Mark Spitz! The party went GREAT!!!