Saturday, December 16, 2006

Another example

This is another example I made this morning for the class today - using the little tiles from the Collections the versatility of these little tiles....I have a box full of them that I've made just as inspiration means I can just whip one out and stick it on to a background that works well with the colours in the tile. Great way to use up little images and try out various techniques! Love the colours (or lack there-of!) in this one. The class went really well today again, we even had cake AND champagne.....what more could you want!!! The girls just blow me away with their enthusiasm and versatility, give a bunch of girls the same stuff and it's really surprising what they come up with!


littledawnieno1 said...

Love your work K, and dont we all look super spunky in the pic.
Bet you wanted to bop me on the nose as I muscled in on the pic with you and timbo, LOL.
there are just some things your gal pals insist on sharing. HA

DT xxx

kelsey said...

Hey Dawnie, there's no-one else I'd want in a pic with me & Timbo than you!!! grovel...grovel...grovel lol Can't wait 'til he comes back - learnt heaps that day and such a great atmosphere with all the girls!