Sunday, June 14, 2009

New News!!!! CSR2010

Now I can let the cat out of the bag about my "news" I had hinted at in the last couple of posts. Bevlea has posted to the Creative Soul Retreat website and blog that I'll be teaching an all day class at CSR 2010!!! What a surprise that first email was from Bevlea asking if I'd be interested! Colour me shocked, but very pleased as well! I'll be teaching a Technique Twinchie which will incorporate 5 of my favourite techniques.....Sheer Heaven Transfers, Faux Metal, Tissue Paper Background, Faux Tin Type and Foil Tape. There are 2 styles, either Gothic - black, silver and crimson or Vintage - cream, brown and gold. Twinchies, for the uninitiated are two inch squares - basically double inchies. It gives you a little more room to work on as inchies would be too small to handle Sheer Heaven (and give it the respect it deserves) or Faux Metal as well!

Here's some pics of the samples...and the link to my class



To say I'm excited and quietly chuffed would be an understatement....of course, this is assuming anyone wants to actually DO this class.....hahahaha. I'm really looking forward to attending CSR2010 to not only do the classes I've booked in for as a student, but to catch up with the great girls once again who I'd only previously met on the "box" prior to March this year at CSR2009!

I'm personally slightly laid up at the moment...having had a minor laparoscopic procedure to sever some adhesions that had been making a nuisance of themselves in my gut region for oh, say, 10+ years!!! I was thrilled the Dr even gave me colour pictures of my insides with the adhesions still in tact! Cool!!! (I feel an atc coming on....) They wanted to keep me in hospital for an extra day or so as they were worried about my low blood pressure. I tried explaining it's always low, but no, they had to keep checking (and commenting!) about it. I was talking to one of my students on Saturday (hi Lisa) about it and I laughed because I was explaining to her that my breathing is even much slower than my husband's when we're going to sleep at night......all of a sudden I put 2 and 2 death-pose that I adopt for my sleeping position, my low blood pressure, why I'm drawn to the spooky/gothicy/weird, my ~relatively~ youthful look for my (old) age......hmmmm.....could this mean I could get a spot in the next Twilight movie??? Is there something about my past I don't know about??? hahahahahahaaa.......


Eva said...

I'm excited too Kelsey - *yay*
And so looking forward to meeting up with you again!

As for you being 'laid up' - take it easy and look after you!

Eva :-)

Jenxo said...

lol!! hope you are feeling better soon. off to check out your class, its very tempting...jenxo

Natalie B said...

How excitement for you Kelsey!!! and of cours well deserved :-) you are an awesome teacher.

Glenda said...

Hey Kelsey, fantastic new eh........ Will look forward to catching up at retreat or even just a little ahead of time in my RangeRover LO.... Offer to pick you up again is on offer

Anonymous said...

Fabulous news K! Although I really don't know why you're surprised you've been asked to teach over in the East - after all, your reputation for fantastic classes does precede you!
Hope you're on the mend too!

Mar said...

first of all..glad the surgery went smooth...hope you get to feeling 100% quick!
congratulations on the teaching gig
and what a great idea!
teaching on a twinchies scale several techniques at one time!!

Anonymous said... was inevitable, since your blogs are always so chock ful of art you are so willing to share the techniques of.

And sign me up for gothic..ooh yes!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your recovering and your op went well Kelsey !
A well deserved honour the girls in the east have heard your an awesome teacher ..
Looking forward to Thursdays class !


Anonymous said...

HI Kels whishing you a speedy recovery and glad all is well.
Caryl K

Sue Thiel said...

Well Kelsey, I jumped at the chance to have an all day class with you. I will be there - and am so excited!!!! Cheers, Sue Thiel

Belinda said...

yummy artwork as always! and congrats on teaching at csr10. well deserved and i'm sure it will be a hit. wish i could come :)

Dot said...

Congrats Kelsey! You are a brilliant teacher and I know your students will love your classes. I am not going to the retreat next year but still hope to catch up.
Hope you heal soon from your surgery.
Dot xx

Tracey Forward said...

Well done on the Creative Soul Retreat classes and happy birthday for the 16th

Julie H said...

I meant to email you when I saw the announcement on the site - woohoo! So pleased for you, and of course a West Aussie flying the flag.
You are an awesome teacher so the attendees are in for a treat.
Take good care of yourself.