Saturday, June 20, 2009

Faux Tin Type ATC & Final Credit Card Technique ATC

I belong to several Yahoo groups online and my favourite one would have to be the Paperarts Group! The girls come up with an amazing array of swaps each month, both atc's and mixed media though because of my work commitments I don't get much of a chance to participate. But I'm always interested in what the other girls are doing and like to support this group when I can. June's ATC swap is the Poe inspired "The Raven" and I couldn't pass this one up! So here is my Faux Tin Type technique ATC based on The Raven poem by Edgar Allen Poe.

"Nevermore"... This is a shocking scan but Faux Tin Type does not photograph or scan well, it's a must-see-in-the-flesh type of technique. I'm hoping the girls that receive these will be impressed by how much better it can look irl!

My next set of ATC classes is based on the Faux Leather technique using masking tape. I have yet to work up the samples for this class so they'll be in my next post, but here is the final Credit Card Technique atc from the last class on Thursday. This was won by a new lady attending my classes....I want to say "Deb" is her name and I'm hoping I have it right?
"Extremes"... (Non Sequitur circular stamp, CCT colours used were Burnt Umber, Fawn & Opal - all Jo Sonja paints)

I've added a link up the top right of my blog to the Creative Soul Retreat 2010 that I'm teaching a class at. So if you're interested in checking out what should be an awesome 4 days of classes, just click on the Vintage Technique Twinchie picture that will be part of my class and it'll take you to the CSR2010 website.

Tonight is the big party for my equally as big birthday! Turning 50 is no biggie, just another number and I'm really looking forward to my 80+ guests having a great time tonight.....even though we are forecast to have increasing rain and the possibility of a thunderstorm by this evening! The only thing I don't want to happen is to have a power failure....have I jinxed it by mentioning this??? lol I've even made name tags for everyone as I have such a large family that I'd like my friends and workmates to know WHO they are talking "Kellie - Kelsey's Cousin", "Brady - Kelsey's Brother", or "Michael - Kelsey's Boss's Fiance"...thought it might help to break the ice a bit. ;-) Photo's to follow.....


drmarty62 said...

Have a great party Kelesy. Surround yourself with people you love and who love you. I will be thinking of you. Love the Raven ATC.

Barb said...

Happy BIG Birthday Kelsey.... what a gig that will be!

Love the dark art and can't wait to hold it in my hot little hands!

Svetlana said...

You have been bussy with all preps for the party. I can't wait to see the tags and possibly more of the deco you made.
The ATC's are great and I'll give you a tip how to adjust the colours as I alredy started doing it with mine.

Anonymous said...

Sound like you going to have an awesome night with lots of fun, so never mind the weather as long as you all have fun together.
Will be there in spirit.
PA R T Y!!!!!!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡☂
Caryl K

lisa_crofts said...

happy birthday kelsey. Have a good time tonite.

Sam Marshall said...

Have a wonderful birthday party!!! Just LOVE `Nevermore.'

smarcoux said...

Have a wonderful birthday .. ohh just thought this is probably past your birthday now ... so hope you had a great evening .

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kelsey...
Hope you had a wonderful day and your party a great memory to treasure !


Jen Crossley said...

Congrats Ms Kelsey hope you had a wonderful party.I would love to play with the faux tin Myself