Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Changes, Soldering & Texture Paste

Time marches on, things change, it's inevitable and also un-stoppable. My husband's uncle, who had a huge impact on Grant's earlier life, died last week so it has been a sobering and reflective time for him. Then on the other end of the scale, our oldest son's girlfriend has moved from Perth to Newcastle to go and live with Jarred as they can't bear to be apart from either other. Jarred has another 3 years in the air-force before he is finished and Ellice is wanting to start Uni to do a teaching degree, which she can do over there. Our other son, Cort is only 4 weeks away from completing a Financial Administration traineeship so he'll be moving on to another job as well......times are a-changing! Not for me though! Same ol'...same ol'....just the way I like it for the moment ;-)

This is a pic of Jarred when he was home last at Christmas time - just how I like to picture him ;-)

....must take more photo's of Cort!!!

Didn't get much of a chance to play on the weekend as it was a major housework day on Sunday but I did get my soldering gun out and had a go with it, all by myself this time!!!! It took me just as much time to get the blasted little jump ring attached as it did to solder the rest of the whole thing......stupid jump rings! This first one I liked the lumpy bumpy effect of the soldering and thought for the 2nd one I'd do it smooth.....think I was right the first time, I'm a lumpy kinda gal so will be going with that look in future!

Yep.....definitely like the lumpy look much more than this smooth effect. Love both of these pictures!

At the last Tuesday night atc class I taught we did texture paste which the girls did really well with. When I did the Saturday class on texture paste a while ago we didn't have in the store the wonderful metallic Folkart paints, so we were using the normal Jo Sonja paints, which are fine, but I'm used to using my Lumiere's for Texture paste as their shimmer and shine works perfectly with the texture. So luckily the Tuesday night girls had a play with these metallic paints as e stock them now and they were suitably impressed by how they looked. This is my atc that I made up on the night as a sample.

Looking forward to a weekend away in a couple of weeks time down at Margaret River with my hubby and then in 8 weeks time........STAMP CAMP!!!! Woo-hoo!!!!! Can hardly wait.....last year we played until the wee hours of the mornings and were surprised one morning when we came in and the girls who'd stayed up until nearly dawn, had passed the time by applying alcohol inks to their EMPTY shooter glasses!!! They looked fantastic and I promised myself to take more pictures of these ordinary little things this year...though they didn't look ordinary....extra-ordinary! ! ! lol .....as were the headaches....hahahaha


Jen Crossley said...

Your soldering is amazing must admit Im a lumpy girl,and those jump rings hmm its all in the way you hold your tongue while soldering LOL they are a right pain to put on!!!!
LOve your ATC as always.
Good luck at stamp camp it sounds like a blast

Natalie B said...

They all look great Kelsey. I'm so not a solderer, so I admire anyone that can! Looks like you are having so much fun in your classes too. See ya Natxx

Lorri Lennox said...

Hi Kelsey,
I love the lumpy bumpy look too - probably because I can never get the 'smooth' to be quite smooth enough!!
Great work! I have done a few soldered pieces now, and love doing them. It is a little messy though, but the solder amazes me. Those little balls rolling around all over my table.. lol

carmel said...

great soldering (balls of fire) yes those jump rings ahhhh - paint a bit of flux on the ring and coat it with solder then attach, helps quite a bit, also a bit of flux onto the piece helps (a bit) but still a bugger! solder mania at the moment lol love your work girl. Hugs, Carmel xx

kelsey said...

Carmel, I think we need to have a play with our soldering stuff...maybe we could take it to stampcamp???