Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wonderful gifts & play-day with the girls

How lucky we are to have wonderful friends who bestow gifts upon are a few that I have received lately.

This is one from France, a polymer queen from SAJ's (a local stamp group)....I was going to say something about her being the "moldy queen" but figured that was taking it a bit too far....'sides, she might not give me any more RAK's!!! lol

This is an atc that is just so beautiful and textural irl ( real life). Just lovely France, thankyou ;-) Check out France's blog for a great little tutorial on post-it books!

What an absolute feast for the eyes this atc from Dawn is!!! The background is actual tin with a torso mold on top that has been painted in the most fabulous metallic colours and gorgeous gold metal wings and the brads look just like little rivets holding it all together...this whole atc just screams "metal". Love it, love it, love it!

The very talented Jane Pisan gave me this atc that is ingeniously suspended from some old jewellery so it's actually a miniature piece of wall art! I really love the imagery on this atc, Jane told me when she made it she thought "hmmm, looks like Kelsey"....what Jane???...."old & relicy (not a real word) with a slight green tinge about the gills"? lol

A truly beautiful piece which I am thrilled to own ;-)

On Friday I had a catch-up with girls from our Art Tarts Club. Every month we try to take turns teaching each other a new technique, or at least an old one that's been re-vamped! Friday was Michelle's turn, we used black tissue paper, dress-making tissue, jac paper, embossing powders and paint to make fabulous crinkly backgrounds. We also did some stamping into fun-foam then attached this to an atc, coated the whole shebang with gesso and then painted over the top....this is a la Bernie Berlin's wonderful Artist Trading Card Workshop book that I'm sure most of the people in the atc world know all about and own their own copy!!! If you're in Perth and you don't have a copy, the store where I work has it!

So here are a couple of atc's that I finished this weekend from the backgrounds that I made on Friday. The blue one on the left is crinkled tissue paper attached to jac paper on an atc background, then painted all over with Titan Buff, then dry-brushed with Payne's that Payne's Gray colour! The 2nd one is dress-making tissue crinkled, attached to jac paper, painted with Golden's Quinacridone Burnt Orange and then dry-brushed in a few areas with Golden's Interference Oxide Green (blue shade).

Another couple.....first one on left is another gel medium transfer using the Jet Print Photo Paper, love this stuff! The one on the right is a technique I learnt from Jen Jones, another very talented girl from Perth, made using some of that thick acetate that's on office reports, comes up much better irl - trust me! lol


Judy said...

Love paynes gray too - try this mix but light washes only...
quin gold, small bit of carbon black, small bit of dioxine purple and a touch of paynes gray - gorgeous - its a demeng combo -hehehe!
I like the atc of "Harry" best - he looks so cute. Nice pressies you recieved. love the metal one too -lucky girl. I gotta get some of that transfer paper now - lol.

Julie H said...

WOW! What amazing ATC's you have both made and received. All so different. You must have a huge collection now!

Jen Crossley said...

Kelsey what wonderful ATC you have received Frances is one very talented lady,and our "Dawnie" you go girl your work is amazing as always.Jane's work is just beautiful.
Love your work as always you are indeed the queen of tech.You Perth Girls are so talented and always inspire me so much

carmel said...

wow Kels what amazing pieces from amazing girls! also love the ATC's, all those techniques, what would life be without art? hugs, Carmel xx

Sulea said...

wow... how amazing is this post.. so full of sublime art... :o) yumm love the metal atcs.

Genevieve said...

Great stuff here Kelsey, you do some fabbo atcs. Nice to have seen you at work the other day - and yes I do know how to spend money....the stuff has always burned a hole in my pocket lol. Genevieve