Monday, April 9, 2007

Gel Medium Transfer atc's

At my atc class this Tuesday night I'm teaching the girls gel medium transfers. This is probably the most difficult thing to do for atc's as it's usually a very hit & miss affair but the results, when they work, can be spectacular! The most consistent type of transfer for me is the Sheer Heaven/alcohol transfer, closely followed by a transparency transfer using gel medium.
A very kind girl from the US sent me some sheets of the Great White matte photo paper (now known as Jet Print) to have a go with as it's what is used for the most consistent type of gel medium transfers using paper. It has something to do with the clay coating formulation on the paper that makes the transfer so predictable. I must admit after trying one of these today, I'm convinced! It was extremely easy to rub off the white bloom and I didn't have to use any of my Dorland's wax medium to make the bloom invisible, which I usually have to do using normal copy paper. Here's the atc that I made using this fantastic paper.....thank you to Cathy Wegner for the paper ;-)

For the raffle atc for Tuesday night I made this one using the Matisse gel medium that's available in Australia, as it's what the girls will be using on the night. It's made using the Jonathan Talbot method of transfer where you coat the receiving surface, also coat the picture, let them both dry, then coat the receiving surface again and while still wet, stick the image face down, burnish well and let it all dry. When it's dry, wet the white surface that's showing of the image and start to rub off the backing paper, keep rubbing until you can see the image and the underneath showing through. This is the trickiest bit, you have to know how hard to rub and when to stop, too vigorous rubbing or rub for too long and you'll lose part of (or all!) of your image. The streaky bits on this atc are gold iridescent paint that's been dry-brushed on after it's completed and this one definitely needed the Dorland's wax medium as it still had a bloom and I didn't want to keep rubbing away in case I lost her face!....not a good look! lol
Disclaimer: I'm not a man-hater, I just like the fact those of you who know my hubby will KNOW this quote is so far from the truth.....he does GREAT housework! hehehe

Lastly, another transparency atc, once again if you hold it up to the light you can see straight through it as it's a stamped image (zetti) on one piece of transparency with another piece of transparency coloured with alcohol inks. I put silver tape around the edge and coloured this with alcohol inks too!


Tania said...

cant wait for tuesdays class . It never works for me LOL

Ev said...

these are great as usual. it just wouldn't be you without the quotes.

Jen Crossley said...

These are amazing Kelsey as always I love the top techinque you are indeed the queen of Techinque Kelsey,you always amaze me

Natalie B said...

Hi Kelsey,

I am hopeless with these transfers, so would love a fail proof transfer!!! LOL With a transparency transfer, I always seem to slip and it get's so messy. I think I also put too much gel medium on.... Love the top ATC, it's my fav. Natxx ps I agree with Jen, you are the Techno queen.....

Dotee said...

Boy would I love to be in your class! Have so many problems with transfers. Love these ATC's you made Kelsey. Gorgeous work (as always).

Judy said...

Hey kelsey,
Gorgeous work as always. loe that you give descriptions of your process as well.
The quote is just hilarious.just sent you an email to say a huge thanks for the lovely surprise in the mail today.

Lorri said...

ROFL @ all men are idiots - great atc :)