Friday, April 20, 2007

Beeswax atc's

The class I'm teaching tomorrow at Scraptivate is beeswax atc's. That classroom is going to smell oh so sweet with the natural beeswax aroma wafting around the room from several melt-pots going! Love doing's SO forgiving, don't like the placement of something?....just re-heat, take it off and place it somewhere else, not enough colour?......melt some crayon onto it and spread it around, too much wax build-up?......scrape it off and re-heat to smooth it out again...gorgeous stuff!

One of these atc's is for the raffle and the other is because you can never do just ONE beeswax atc when you start! lol

On another note, I went with my girlfriend Joan the other day for the usual ladies "poke & prod"...something we both really look forward to!!! NOT!!!! Anyway, in the car on the way there, we were discussing when we could end with this fun activity......I said maybe 48? Joan is 48 in a week's time and then it's my turn in a couple of months (yep, you'll ALWAYS be older than me Joan!!! hahahaha). Joan tells me that the age for women is actually take on a new sexual partner!!!!! I kid you not!!!! Like THAT'S going to happen!!!

So anyway, in we go for our separate appointments and both finish up at the same time and she comes out with this huge grin on her face saying "I don't need to have them anymore....not enough 'bits' exist down there for it to be necessary!". So I was right! It was 48 for her but still 69 for me...drat! Another friend who shall remain nameless (Michelle), asked if I wouldn't mind having her exam for her while I was in there as she's overdue....sure, I'll just take it out of my bag and plop it on the table for the doc to look at, then hand it back to her when she's done! Wouldn't THAT be can dream.......get your check-up girls!


Julie H said...

Oh Giggles...

Love the beeswax and I can smell it right here. The angel is fab' - nice to see beeswax on a non-heritage pic.

Jen Crossley said...

Love the Atc kelsey I can just imagine woman swarming around doing there ATC .
As for the dreaded test the joys of being a woman eh

Judy said...

poke and prod
the mind boggles

Sulea said...

LOL i love your humour and the vivid images your words evoke lol

i can almost smell the beeswax here. something on my to do list... one day... one day... sounds so insignificant amongst 365 days.. lol but one day. Gorgeous work as usual! :o)

Megan Pickwell said...

Love the look of the Beeswax Kelsy.
Do you need to add anything to it to keep it hard like you do with encaustics?