Sunday, March 25, 2007

Transparency atc's

I was having a play around with some transparency, colouring it with alcohol inks and running it through my 250 zyron to attach it to some atc's, which incidentally is the BEST way to attach transparencies to atc' muss, no fuss, no glue showing - brilliant! Anyway, I happened to have on my table some of those windows from Julie v Oosten (which we have at the shop) and I did a little "sandwich" experiment with some pics and a couple of bits of transparency and a couple of the windows to hold it all together. Of course the windows come in a 9 hole piece A4 size and need to be cut down but it gives you 4 complete sandwiches and 1 spare to just go on top of an atc.

Anyway, long story short, I was really happy with how they turned out. Here's some samples of have to imagine that you can hold them up and they are completely transparent...except where you see a picture, though the skull one is totally transparent as it's a stamped image.

I also finished a few atc's that I had started a while ago..... a foil tape one....

...this is a Sheer Heaven transfer...
...and lastly, a watercolour tube paint "fresco" technique atc...think this one might need to go to a certain "man" who KNOWS how to say aaahhhhhsemmmmblaaaagggggge!!! lol

For something completely different this afternoon, I went to the movies to see "Wild Hogs" with my hubby. We don't go out very often so when we do we don't mind splurging....went Gold Class. There's nothing like a theatre with less than 30 people in it, big plush electric recliner rockers with a table for your food and drinks which are bought to you at a pre-specified time (we had chicken skewers, wedges with chilli sauce & sour cream & wine!) and no-one under 18 allowed!!!!! The movie was good, funny from beginning 'til end. You'd need to be over 40 to recognise a "certain someone" towards the end...not telling, it'll give it away and I'm not a spoil-sport ;-)


littledawnieno1 said...

So much eye candy here K.
Brilliant stuff.Just love the transparency aTC's you clever chicky.Excellent images.
Have to buy me one of those zyron machines now !
You always inspire me, so thanks for sharing

D xxx

Lorri Lennox said...

Hi Kelsey,
Love the eye candy. I am totally addicted to my xyron and use it for acetate/transparency/vellums all the time!
Love your imagery & style.
Oh btw, our new store "Scrappindipity" is due to re-open in our new premises on wednesday... oooh i'm excited.
Stay Creative!


carmel said...

yummy yum yum Kelsey - I was looking at said beast in Spotlight the other day and was totally tempted but resisted - ahh I don't want the 12 step program to work! may have to go back and see if my resistance has lowered. Your work always blows me away. Hugs, Carmel xxx

Ro Bruhn said...

Nice work Kelsey, love the last two

Judy said...

Wow so gorgeous, now, i am not a skull person, but the one you did is actually my favourite. Just awesome.

Sulea said...

i thought I left a comment but mustn't have... Kelsey... ahhh everytime i see your new work, it just makes me want to run to my craft room and play LOL.. just gorgeous work... do i want a xyron....... lol

Jen Crossley said...

Kelsey love your work as always, I love the fresco one.
Im with Dawnie will have to buy a xyron as well .We could share one Dawnie half a year at your place half at mine!!!!!

Julie H said...

Kelsey these are just fabulous. I have some of those windows - must have a play.

Like Judy, I am not a skull person - but love the colours and composition.

The movie sounds great! We have not quite got that far in Albany yet - the gold service,not them movie.

Ev said...

Love those transparency ATC's, if you still have them pls bring on Friday as I would love to have a "clearer" look!

Gisele said...

Loving all these ATC's Kelsey & the transparency ones are just super!

megan pickwell said...

Some fantastic finished results there Kelsey - after being amazed by your sheer heaven lesson in Lesely's class I am itching to try it.

Sherry G. said...

These are just fab-u-lous!! Your work always IS.

~*~Patty said...

I've been having a lovely romp on your blog! Your artwork is inspiring, Love it! I am also very impressed with your list of quotation links. I am such a fan of quotes as well! Cheers!