Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More Pez pics & quotes

Here are some more pics of my pez, just thought I'd save your poor nose Jen so you don't have to press it up against the computer screen to get a closer look ;-)))I can only say the Pez turned out the way it did because of Michael's great teaching....and to have both Michael & Bernie visiting my blog to leave a comment....well....what can I say, what a couple of wonderful artists they both are!!! I've been a long time admirer or Michael's stuff and to have taken a class with him was a real treat!

I contributed 3 doggie pages a while back for a "chunky" auction to raise funds for Bernie's rescue place, wish I had've been able to see the books all bound together and complete! LOVE your book too Bernie and I read on your blog that you have another one due later this year! Tell me it's true? Here's the pics of the pages I submitted.
Yes, the middle picture is our Basenji, an old girl now - nearly 13 but she's been such a great dog. We often wonder if we'd ever go back to a "normal" dog (barky, doggy-smell) after we've had such a quiet and non-smelly pet. Cali doesn't bark, Basenji's sometimes woof, think she's done it 3 times in her life - sounds weird - but they do yodel when they are having fun....also a weird sound.

I taught a class on watercolour crayons/watercolour tube paint last night and had the girls getting their quotes for their atc's from some trashy novels that we keep at work just for this purpose. Actually, the hardest bit is to get the girls to NOT read the novels......"just scan the page and look for a quote or a word" is my advice, which often goes unheeded.....when all goes quiet in the room I know they are reading! lol Another great place to get quotes for altered books/atc's etc is the myriad of quote sites that are around, I've made a list of some of my favourites, you'll find them right up the top on the right.
On a final note, thankyou to all the girls (& Michael) who have left comments on my blog, it doesn't seem like you're having a one-way conversation if someone talks back to you. ;-) Must remember to leave more comments myself on blogs that I visit too!


carmel said...

le Pez looks amazing! and so do the ATC's wow girlie, we are all in awe of your talent. Can't wait to see in the flesh. Hugs, Carmel xx

Natalie Wolfe said...

The Pez is too cool ... and wonderful to see it in real life too! That's exciting about Bernie's new book, can't wait for that one.

Jen Crossley said...

Thanks for thinking of my nose kelsey,Love the pez shrine cant wait to see it in person!!!
Love your ATC,stunning as always

Sulea said...

WOW what a cool looking shrine! i preordered a Michael De Meng book on amazon.. and am waiting waiting.... oh not so patiently. :oD

Kelsey, what kind of paints did you use for each wash? Are they metallic acrylic colours? or something else?

littledawnieno1 said...

Pretty awsome stuff K.

Love the pages,( your pooch is a darling girl) but esp love the last one with that quote.Thats all about my boy.

Have a great day K

D xxx

Anonymous said...

Fabulous work Kesley...this is my arty-fix when I have not done anything, I read your pages!!! A real inspiration, Sonja

Audrey said...

Don't know about Jen but I'm pressing my nose right up to the screen to get an even closer look. Amazing, bloody amazing girl. Love to see it in real life.