Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Altered Pez & magazine atc's

Painting my altered Pez a couple of days ago from Michael deMeng's class was a great exercise in "let's try this....let's try that". Michael basically teaches you to paint washes on top of each other to try to arrive at a colour that suits you, the main thing is to let each wash dry before painting over the top otherwise you end up with mud! Below are several photo's of my completed (I think!) Pez.

Remember, I did say it looked like an old fashioned telephone! Can you see the ramekin? Or the plastic milk lids from the Devondale Point One Milk containers? Or the bullet casing? How about the chess pieces, the upholstery pins (okay, this one is easy!), or the cogs?

Inside the watch face on the front is an image and it takes just the right amount of light to actually see it. I tried to photograph it, you can sort of make it out....a little blurry....sorry...

On another note, the very fabulous book by Bernie Berlin, Artist Trading Card Workshop, has been a real bonus to those of us who just LOVE techniques! Last Friday we had one of our atc get-togethers that happen once a month with the Art Tarts Club and we all had a go at one of the techniques from the book....magazine images & gesso! I've warned the girls that I teach this will be a future lesson and I think I sufficiently freaked them out....they actually have to draw! I couldn't draw a thing to save myself so it's lucky that you have the basic image to work with in the first place. Here are my attempts at this different technique.

This last one is actually the very first time I did this, didn't use enough gesso to partially obscure the image and I used Twinkling H2O's (the watercolour pots) so it didn't do a great job of coverage. The two above were painted with Golden colours acrylic paints.......love them!!!


Jen Crossley said...

LOVE LOVE your pez art work bumped my nose on the computer screen try to take it all in well done

Thanks for sharing you must be very happy with the result!!!
Love your atc as well but you know Im a michael nut LOL

Ev said...

Love your pez - funny how most of us were drawn more to the whole brown colourings - yours looks so cool, funny how different they look when they get given their coat of paint. The ATC's look great, though my favourite is Strange Reality for the very fact that there was the original image showing through.

deMeng said...

Hi Kelsey,

The finished Pez turned out great! Great meeting you and I really love the ATC you gave me, as I mentioned it is amazing. I'll put it on my Day of the Dead altar when I get back to the states.

thanks again and keep on making art,


Natalie B said...

Love your altered Pez Kelsey!! I'd love to see it in the 'flesh' to see all teh lumps and bumps up close. Photo's/scans never do these things justice. I'm a real 'visual' kind of gal. Wow and Michael visited your blog!! Wohoo, you're famous!!

Big hugs natxx

Natalie B said...

ps love the altered mag ATC's too..

littledawnieno1 said...

Would love to see this one up close K.
What a ripper !
Now all cant be bad if the 'MAN' himself is visiting. YOU GO KO !

Great job of BB technique too.

big wet one
Prawnface xxx

Tania said...

Love your Pez , and your ATC's as always are brilliant!

Bernie Berlin said...

LOVE your Pez dispenser!!!
I'm so jealous that Michael got one of your ATCs..
I'll have to try to steal it from him:) (((giggles)))

Julie H said...

This is absolutely fabulous! Well done Kelsey - I would love to see it and feel it!

As to the ATC's this is one of the techniques I want to try from Bernie's book - yours have turned out really well!