Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Chunky book page

Today was spent doing my 8 chunky pages for our Altered Book Club. The theme was "Wings" and I wanted to do something a little different. We received a whole heap of new Zetti stamps in at work and of course I HAD to have some more of their weird & wonderful stamps! We've also got a great new range of Stampers Anonymous stamps too - though I have most of the ones that I want of those....except of course a couple of Michael deMeng's fantastic order maybe!

So this is my Wings chunky page, our particular chunky pages are 4" x 4" square though some chunky books are different measurements, this is a fairly common size for them.

The little charm hanging off is a zetti stamp that I did on shrink plastic....too cute!!! Okay, maybe not cute, but darn spooky cute... below is the back of the page - the prose on the front is continued on the back...

The splotchy bits on the back are the Starburst Stains - this particular colour that you really can't see really well is called Black Orchid and the front page was spritzed with a Moon Shadow Mist in Long John Silver .....great names!

I also was lucky enough to receive another wonderful ATC from Belinda Schneider, I absolutely love her sense of colour and composition....this one is just gorgeous!

That's it for now, I hope to have another play on Friday as I need to get 9 atc's done for our Art Tarts Club alphabet book - my next letter is "Q" and the first thing that pops into my head is Quicksand....sheesh! lol


littledawnieno1 said...

Toooooo Cooooooool K.
Zetti in the shop,woo hoo, so must come and see what you've got(nice you girls are helping me with my goal of owning the whole catalogue)
Love your fat book page you wicked with you.
BS has a beautiful style doesnt she.I really admire her work.

catch ya

Sulea said...

hehe i love the little zetti shrinkie... hehe. The background is very interesting too!
Love Belinda's work too.. haven't had the chance of seeing it in the flesh yet but i bet it is even more amazing that on the computer screen!

Julie H said...

Kelsey these pages are fabulous! And I like that the shrinkie is slightly cute - takes the fear factor away.

the background for the main page is terrific, smoke, clouds and dried blood all come to mind.

Barb T said...

You've done it again Kelsey !

Brilliant work!

And where did you find that "dark" horse stamp ?( no pun intended!...LOL)

Barb T

belinda said...

i'm on a zetti roll as well. love your gothic page. and i will soon have those cool grave stamps :)

France said...

Hey KO :)
I hadn't been here in a while... love the work, all of it, love the gory shrinkie too! hehehe!!
Thanks for the explosion of artwork to inspire, and drool over.