Sunday, January 21, 2007

Texture Paste & more....

I finally got a whole day in my studio to get some atc's made that I owe for trades plus some time in just for playing too! Here's a couple that I made yesterday before going to work to teach the texture paste technique ..... which went really well.... much better than I thought it would, considering they had a limited supply of pictures and even more limited in their choice of colours to use, the girls did a great job! Darn, forgot to take my camera again...promise to take it next time!

This atc is the sample that I did in class to show the girls how to incorporate their image, the texture paste & the mulberry paper. I had to wait until I got home to finish it off as I needed to use my Lumieres, though one of the girls had bought hers so I did use them a bit to show them the difference that metallic paints make!

These next few are the ones I made today.... some to trade....some to keep.....I STILL have trouble with the "Trading" part of Artist Trading Cards. I think I need to rename them AKC's....Artist Keeping I think it's probably because I tend to make one-of cards and try new techniques all the time so I end up keeping them to remind me what I did!

and more......

I also managed to get my 9 backgrounds made for a chunky swap that I'm doing with our ABC (Altered Book Club). We are doing a chunky each month with a specific theme so we make 9 pages, swap them all and end up with a themed little 9 page chunky each month! This month's theme is "Text"....can't show the pages yet though, firstly because I've only done the backgrounds but secondly because I know a couple of the girls in my group read my blog and I don't want to spoil the surprise on the swap night next week!

Teaching again on Tuesday night next week.....soot stamping this time and I hope the girls have got their "plier hands" ready....lots of jump-rings to attach to make a 3-tier wall hanging atc thing.


Jen Crossley said...

WOW Kelsey these are brillant
you really have a knack for the texture paste you have inspired me to use it more

littledawnieno1 said...

Excellent ATC's as usual K.
Now dont hog all those artworks my lovely, you need to learn to share !lol
Love the butterfly girl.
Bet your class gets those girls creative juices flowing.


Natalie W said...

Love them Kelsey - they are all fantastic. I made one tonight, fairly happy with it - I put it up on the blog. Looking forward to Tuesday night!

tania said...

Gorgeous Kelsey .. Love them all .. need to know where you get all these gorgeous Images from! :) see you tuesday

kelsey said...

Thank you for your kind words girls....I really do appreciate comments on my blog. If you get no comments, it sort of feels like you're having a conversation with yourself...and I think that's supposed to be the first sign of something "not quite right"? lol

carmel said...

oh Kelsey - soooo NICE! wish Scrapt.. was closer - come along and join in the fun! very yummy and inspiring. What a job you've got you lucky girl.
Hugs, Carmel xxxxx

vivian said...

ah cool... love the colours you've got going!