Monday, January 29, 2007

First Chunky Page

What a waste of a weekend this long weekend has been for me! Too darn hot to even think about doing some arty stuff in my studio....even though it IS air-conditioned! I think my brain must've been over-heating as I had hardly any inclination to do anything....well, maybe not nothing at all as I did do a few atc's and finished my first pages for the chunky swap for tonight. Our first theme is Text and here's my page....had to do 9 of these.....the picture of the girls is printed on transparency...background is multiple layers of text pages, paint and stamping, and there is a beautiful blue/silver shot-organza ribbon attached to the spiral on the right that you can't see in this picture.

Jarred (oldest son) left yesterday morning to fly back to the east coast of Australia where he lives after his few weeks home over the Christmas break. He hooked up with a girl that he used to know in high school while he was here this time....all very intense as early romance is, but she's a nice girl and they seemed to be getting along really well and making some noises about her flying over to visit him at Easter maybe. This picture was taken when he was over here last July for a combined party for Jarred's 21st and Cort's 18th which were both last year....oh, plus it was our 25th wedding anniversary and my hubby's 50th birthday! Talk about a milestone year!!!

Seem to be going through a "dark" period at the moment, maybe it's how oppressive this hot weather is??? Don't know but here's the atc's I did this weekend....

This next one is a test version for a gel medium transfer using Chromacryl impasto gel medium...wanted to see if it would work the same as the Matisse gloss gel medium, it does!


Natalie B said...

Yummy to your text pages!! I should have mine finished by Wed I hope and hopefully they should be to you by end of the week. I love the text ATC too. I need to practice more with transfers. I have kind of given up on them, but really should have some more of a play. Especially after seeing your work with transfers.....Good looking, boys too, but you already know that!! See ya Natxx

littledawnieno1 said...

Great inspiration here K.
Love the 'dark' look.I think a Dark theme would make a good swap.
How's about it K ?

Love your flavour

D xx

kelsey said...

Thanks girls ;-) Definitely have a play again with the transfers Nat, there are so many different types that you can do! My favourite would have to be the Sheer Heaven transfer with alcohol and watercolour crayons for colouring!

"The Dark Side" sounds like a great swap theme Dawn - as long as no-one does Darth Vadar!!! lol