Sunday, January 7, 2007

Keeping track of blogs & more atc's

When I first discovered the world of blogs I saved the ones I liked into a folder in my favourites, but then found that I'd forget to check them every few days and if I did check and nothing had changed, I was disappointed. So now I use a great free little program called blogarithm, you add the addresses of the blogs that you want to keep track of and each day it'll send you one email to let you know which, if any, of the blogs have changed their content....easy!

My atc class yesterday was full and the girls had a go at the Mary Jo McGraw "fresco" technique using watercolour tube paints as well as the much easier watercolour crayon background & colour techniques. I had a thought after the class yesterday, in future I'm going to get the girls to lay out all their atc's that they do after each class so I can take a picture of them to post on my blog and you can see how well these girls are going! I gave them the option of trying the more difficult of the two techniques and they all jumped at it.......always a good sign!!!

So below are a few atc's that I made up as more class samples and I always give away an atc at each class so it's good to have a few I owe some people some atc's.

This atc is a very early one I did when I first started making atc's back in 2005. It's a photo of my eldest son when he was 4, my brother altered it slightly in Photoshop....when I saw how fantastic the blue eye looked, I knew I had to use it on an atc. It's probably right up the top of my most favourite personal atc list! Jarred is currently down south at the huge concert in Busselton with around 20,000 other young people, having a blast I bet! He'll be leaving in another few weeks to go back to the East Coast (Newcastle) as he's in the air-force....3 more years to go! I'm so glad that he's stayed in very close contact with a bunch of friends that he's had since primary school, gives him a good grounding and it's like no time has past when he returns home once a year to catch up with everyone.
I'm so very lucky to have two fantastic sons, and a great hubby....not everyone is as....I want to say "blessed", but not being that way inclined, whatever the equivalent word is.....heck.......blessed!!!!!! How great is it that when you come home from work one day your other half has totally cleaned the house (& he does a more thorough job than me!) and done 5 loads of washing - though that is a phobia he has....he hates to see the washing basket more than half full and is always doing loads of washing, I encourage that little trait! hehehehe
I've updated my picturetrail photo's with some more atc's too....must get some of my extras into my "for trade" album.


littledawnieno1 said...

yummy stuff as usual K !
Great colours.
Is that clear imbossing ?
Love your new linda stamp.

Must go and check your picture trail !


Julie H said...

Oh Kelsey what fun it would be to be in your classes regularly! The girls sure are lucky to have you.

The eye ATC is fabulous! It would be a favourite of mine too.

kelsey said...

Hey Dawn, love my new big face stamp too! Can't wait for the cracked one to arrive!!! Your query about clear embossing....which bit are you talking about???

kelsey said...

Hi Julie, if we get our little camp thing off the ground this year I'd love to show you some stuff...write down what you'd like to see and I'll oblige happily... ;-) Will pop an eye atc in the post for you...

Natalie B said...

Hi Kelsey, thanks for sharing that Blogarithm thingo. Great idea!! Love your ATC's as always.


vivian said...

hi kelsey ;o) loved your class tonight - the eye looks stunning, totally grabbed me. cool. too cool. love your stuff.

Natalie W said...

Hi Kelsey,
LOVE the ATC of your son with the blue eye - that is amazing. Would like to see it IRL because they always look even more amazing ... perhaps if I asked nicely enough you might bring it into work one day for us to have a look at?????????????

chilli said...

hey Kelsey .. Had fun last night too .. think you might be swaying me to go a bit crazy with these ATC's LOL .

kelsey said...

Glad you enjoyed the class Tania, you girls all did great atc's! Hope you all have your glasses for the next one...jump-rings galore!

Michelle said...

HI Kelsey, lovely work you have done as usual, thankyou for your inspiring fresco creations i have actually done some myself, my first ones and updated them to my cant wait to see what you creat on friday night


Gillian Hamilton said...

Hi Kelsey, just popped over from Vivian's blog... Oh wow, your art is amazing...I'll be back :o)

Dotee said...

Hi Kelsey

Lovely art as always! Thanks for the link to blogarithm - what a great tool.

Am sure the girls in your ATC class loved it. And left feeling very inspired. Such beautiful colors!

The ATC of your son when he was 4 is gorgeous. And I can understand it being one of your favorites.

Can't wait to see you at camp (and your friend Joan too if she comes along again).