Thursday, January 18, 2007

A quickie before work

I just thought I'd post a quick couple of pics before I get ready for work. As some of you know, when I teach my atc classes I give away an atc in a raffle. My class this coming Saturday is Texture Paste so I had started an atc yesterday as the Texture Paste takes a bit of time to dry, just finished it off last it is.

Here's another few of really, really old ones that I made when I first started this atc caper.....early 2005...
though this one with the circles on it (sequin waste used with the texture paste) was made last year (2006).
LOVE texture paste!


chilli said...

Awesome Kelsey .. off to get he texture paste out LOL :)

Jen Crossley said...

WOW love these kelsey

kelsey said...

Thanks Tanya & Jen, I still think it's funny how my style hasn't changed that much from when I started....does this mean I'm not "growing" or I still like now what I did then???? lol

littledawnieno1 said...

Hey K
Love what you do with texture paste.
How can you improve on 'FANTASTIC'.
Love the 'I believe' ATC.

Been playing with my texture paste in the last few weeks too.Excellent stuff, I love it.

Thanks for sharing K.

susan j said...

LOVe your little quickie before work Kelsey!! LOL

Michelle said...

Thanks for the comments kelsy, i dont have to tell you that your latest stuff is awesome, I will send you the shellac atc as i have a few spares so expect one in the mail shortly.


Gisele said...

Just loving all these texture paste ATC's Kelsey!