Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Adorn Canvas

Last Friday I had the first "girls" day of the year. Our ATC (Art Tarts Club....also stands for Artist Trading Cards) girls got together for our monthly play date. We used to hold it at each other's houses on a rotating basis but now at work (Scraptivate) we have a great classroom that can be booked for groups. It's so much easier with more room, no house to clean up beforehand, no huge lunches to prepare as there's Japanese, pizza, Red Rooster & kebabs within a few steps of the shop! Plus the added bonus that if you run out of DM or double-stick tape or just feel the need of a little retail therapy, it's right at your fingertips!
Anyway, for the first meeting we all worked on the little 4" x 4" (10cm square) canvases. I had previously put some texture-paste on a third of each one and stamped into them with some foam stamps to create some texture.... they were then layered with paint, images, more paint, stamping and whatever else we had on hand. I finished mine off at home though I did take some of my metal embellishments with me and mucked around trying this one and that one to find "just" the right one...which I think I did! Pity I only have one of these....should've bought more! Here's a couple of pics....

Why do I make things that are just SO difficult to photograph!!!!

I had all good intentions of spending some of Saturday and all of Sunday making some atc's for trading but of course, with the weather as hot as it was, I was just totally unmotivated to do it...though I did clean off my studio table so it'd be nice & clean for when I AM ready to start. Here's a couple of pictures of my studio... all ready for me to work on Wednesday....promise to myself!!!


littledawnieno1 said...

Hi K,
Just love your canvas, really yumm.
Its just what I've finished playing with for a ATC swap, so thanks for sharing.
I'm going for a 'pure' look as the theme is White (but my fingers are longing to grunge it all up)
Gotta love the metal bits.You can never have too many of those can you !!!
Do I spy some upholstry pins in the corners?Ive something similar but are a pig to cut the pin part off.(or is it just my delicate dainty fingers?)
Excellent piece Kelsey.Your ATC group sound productive.Good for you.

Julie said...

Love the canvas Kelsey. I also love yourstudio. Sure beats my kitchen bench.

kelsey said...

Thanks Julie, on both counts! ;-)
I've had my studio for about 8 years now and am so used to it that I forget about other people having to pack away their arty stuff so they can eat at their dinner table! lol Though I really do like to clean up between tasks, makes the brain think clearer I think.

viv said...

can i spot empty shelves on the right there???? wow. so much space you lucky chick! love the size of your table!;o)

Jen Crossley said...

Kelsey,You have out done yourself this time absolutely STUNNING canvas WOWx100