Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thrones & Things book page & Voodoo Love Shrine

Surprise!!! I'm back....2 posts in 2 days. Just had to show you my little Voodoo Love Shrine and my book page for the Creative Soul Retreat Book Challenge.

This month's theme is "Thrones & Things" and I decided to skip my first thoughts about toilets and all things associated with that particular little necessity in our daily lives. It took me a while to work out what to do, I searched for all sorts of cool looking thrones but there's only so much you can do with a chair so I decided to opt for a quote instead and go from there. I chose Napoleon Bonaparte's quote "A throne is only a bench covered with velvet".

The image is Napoleon (of course) and the throne is supposedly his as well. The images were both Sheer Heaven transfers onto watercolour paper, I then coloured the remaining white parts of the paper with Twinkling H2O's as I'd left my watercolour crayons at work! Napoleon has a crown added from Michelle Ward's Rock & Roll plate and a little Platinum Stickles and some Swarovski crystals for extra show-off-iness. A piece of velvet is under the photo frame down the bottom with a little wadding to make it nice & soft like a little cushion and another piece of upholstery velvet is machine stitched down the right hand side. I mounted it onto a piece of black card that was stamped with several of Michelle's stamps from her Graven & Printed Matter plates - both here. The quote completes the piece.....I DO love words!!! Every time I think about Napoleon though I can't help but remember the quote from my childhood days....."Don't get blown apart, Bonaparte!" lol

So the nicho challenge was a fabulous excuse to play with some cool little things to fit inside the nicho. As I said, it's a Voodoo Love Shrine and what self-respecting Voodoo Love Shrine would be complete without the sacrificial chicken - complete with bloodied neck! This little chook was from a farm set of animals I had eons ago as a child and it's just floated around in amongst my collection of "odds & sods" for years....perfect!!!

I also altered one of the little art dolls to turn it into a voodoo doll by cutting it's hands & feet off, of course I wrapped them first so it wouldn't bleed it's stuffing everywhere! It then got some more wrapping with metallic thread to make it a little smaller to fit into the nicho comfortably. So it has it's little chicken and it needed a small vial of blood to complete the spell. I figured hubby would freak out if I made just a little tiny cut while he was sleeping to drain some of his blood so had to settle for red food colouring. I guess the blood would've separated or congealed or whatever blood does when it's not moving around in a body (or at the blood bank!).

Treasure Gold in several colours were rubbed over the nicho on the outside after first dry-brushing it all over with white Gesso. Added some other little bits & pieces, swarovski crystals, a little shrink plastic gravestone, an extra cross for the gravestone to live on and some little metal hearts that were coloured with alcohol inks.

The words "Diabolical Love" were stamped into foil tape after it had been attached to chipboard, then painted and wiped off to leave the paint in the cracks. I also used a little spiky wheel to make the little running hole marks along the top and bottom of these. We now sell these at the shop for the cool little price of under $4!!!

So that's it....if you want to see the other nicho's, and I highly recommend having a look at them, they are here at Inkurable Stampers, leave a comment if you like to encourage the girls. Sarah (who owns the site) gets quite a few hits but most people are kinda shy and don't say much in the way of commenting. It's nice for the newer girls to get some positive feedback.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Webbing Spray Resist atc's & a Quilt!!!

This coming Saturday's atc class I'm teaching is called Webbing Spray Resist, it uses the wonderful range of Glimmer Mists as well as white webbing spray to create beautiful backgrounds. Below are 3 sample atc's for the class....think I need to do some more though, such an easy but beautiful technique. Of course, you can't see the glimmer of the Glimmer Mists through the monitor, bummer about that! Oh for the day when we have wonderful holographic images that magically appear before us on the desk and we can appreciate all the little intricacies of the mixed media world!


"Be still"... kind of hard to read the Be Still Woman quote that's stamped on the shrink plastic up the top left of the piece but you can read it in real life. (It looks like she has a bad case of the "pox"!!!)

On another note, my Mum who has always been a seamstress, made my oldest son Jarred a quilt for Christmas. As he was over here recently for Dad's funeral, she quickly whipped it up so he could take it home with him. Now those of you who know my Mum, this is quite typical of her. She had collected all types of car related quilt fabrics from ebay in the US and some from Australia as well and never having made a quilt before, decided she wanted a geometric kind of quilt with the pieces large enough so you could still see the fabulous car designs.

So she stitched the whole quilt top together in ONE DAY!!! She then took the backing fabric and the top quilt to a person who does the topstitching of quilts locally as you really need a machine with a big flat bed to do this easily. It looks fantastic in the flesh and easily fits on a queen sized bed. Now my pictures are always clickable, take a look close-up - it's not bad for a first-time quilt maker!
In a couple of days I'll be posting the pictures of my Nicho for the Inkurable Stampers blog. It's a voodoo love shrine, the theme was "Seriously Spooky" and I figured voodoo qualified.
Just spoke with my brother on the phone, he has his own entertainment company and has asked me, once again, to do some work for him on Melbourne Cup Day in a week's time.......man, was it hard to resist!!! A couple of years ago I did some body painting on male models, see here for that story. Well, this year he has 4 of the Firemen from the very delectable Fireman's Calendar that always has the very best buff male bods on display.....imagine, if you will, body painting THOSE bodies.....hmmmmmmm.......or should that be MMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! Nah, think I'll go to work at Scraptivate instead. ;-)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More mosaic embossing and a Sheer Heaven atc

Here are another couple of examples of mosaic embossing atc's, the first is a printed image and the second one is made from stamped images from Michelle Ward's wonderful stamps.

"Ascent"...." Captivating"....

I thought I might try to do a canvas with this same technique and I was really pleased with how it turned out. The size is 4" x 4" and the image is a printed image with words added using the Microsoft Publisher program, I then painted the image using only 2 Golden colours - Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold & Paynes Grey....think this might have to be a quick canvas class at Scraptivate!

In response to a few queries I've had about how to do this particular technique, I will post how to do it but not just yet as I have another class to teach using this technique and if I post it now, then maybe they won't come? It definitely will be up here though in the near future!

I am taking part in a special nicho challenge for 5 artists at Inkurable Stampers blog where they also have a monthly themed challenge. My nicho is not quite ready but is nearly complete, will post the pics of that when it's finished and is up on the Inkurable Stampers blog. For the monthly themed challenge you can do a card, layout, atc or any type of mixed media piece of artwork. This month's theme is "Seriously Spooky" as it's nearly Halloween and all things spooky are the go!

I thought I'd steer away from the usual bats and things and create an atc on something else that I'm interested in.....all things vampire!!! Yes, I read the Twilight series of 4 books by Stephenie Meyer in one week, as I'm sure that many others have done as well! So here is "Strange Reality", it's also the raffle atc that I gave away last night at my Sheer Heaven atc class, Svetlana won it.....think she won one only a short time ago??? I don't draw the tickets out, I get someone else to do it lest they think I cheat! lol

On another note, I still have not found out who made my beautiful mystery artwork and I don't think I'm going to. Obviously the person wants to remain anonymous but I know they must be a reader of my blog as they took the picture of my Dad and placed him in the centre door on the piece. Please know that I was incredibly touched and moved by this generous gift and I know it would've taken a serious amount of time to do and I appreciate it immensely. It lives at the shop for all to see (at the moment) and every time I walk past it it brings a smile to my face and a general warm fuzzy feeling inside. Thankyou whomever you are!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mosaic Embossing atc's & was it you???

Saturday's atc class is mosaic embossing. A cool little technique that I first read about in the Altered Houses book.....oh so simple but really effective!

Fragment... (you can't see the mica on this piece but there is a broken piece up the top and another down the bottom - these are the slightly darker areas)

Ill-fated queen... (a stamped image on white gloss card, coloured with twinkling h2o's)


Tuesday morning, while getting ready to go to work, the doorbell rang and I opened it to find a courier with a package for me. Being the impatient soul that I am I couldn't wait until I'd finished getting my make-up on before opening it. Inside was an absolutely stunning piece of art that is a tribute piece to my Dad.......I'm SO glad I didn't already have my mascara on as the tears started flowing again. I composed myself and inspected every little nook and cranny of this piece, little doors to open with wonderful sentiments that touched me deeply.

So now......'fess up.....I've checked with the girls that I thought may have done it as the sneaky (fabulous) person didn't sign it, no note was enclosed so I have no idea who it was from. Please, let me know who you are so I can thank you....if you choose not to, then know that I am very moved by this thoughtful gift. I showed it to my Mum and one of my brothers and they both thought it was absolutely wonderful too.... they are both artistic in different ways and can fully appreciate the time and effort that something like this takes and when it's from the heart.....well, it just shows!!! Here's the pictures of it....

How wonderful is that!!! I'll be taking in into the shop (Scraptivate) so if you want to see it, stop by and have a look.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bleach atc's, mica atc's, Technique book #1 revisited

Tomorrow I'm teaching Technique Book #1 for a second time and I thought I'd put the photo's in again seeing how I've discovered how to make sure they are "clickable". This ensures that if the girls don't get the book completed in the class they can put it together at home in front of the computer and they'll have pictures to show the order of the pages.

Front cover:

Sheer heaven:

Credit card technique:
Alcohol Inks:
Peeled Paper Technique:
Faux Leather Technique:
Contents Page:
Back Cover:

Last Saturday's atc class was a bleach technique. As I said in the last post, this was not to be the old way of stamping in bleach and then applying to the card stock, it was a different way of using bleach. I stamped in clear embossing ink on the card, then embossed with clear embossing powder and then painted in the stamped areas with bleach - neat bleach (not diluted), ordinary stuff from your laundry. It turned the black Bazzill card stock a beautiful brown colour which you could then add colour to (if you chose to) by using Twinkling H2O's or chalks. The H2O's were the best!!! Here is another sample from that class...."explore".

Tuesday night's class was mica....gotta love that stuff!!! I showed the girls the various types of mica that we have at Scraptivate - mica sheets in the packets, mica glitter (in about 20 colours!) and the natural pearl coloured mica flake. This one is called "contemplate" and uses a piece of mica sheet attached with 3 tiny screw brads. The image is a sheer heaven transfer on watercolour paper.

Another sheer heaven transfer with mica sheet over the faces - funny how it makes them seem more "clear"!

On a personal note, my oldest son has only 14 months left to serve of his 6 year term in the airforce - he lives in Newcastle which is on the other side of Australia so we don't get to see him more than once a year for a couple of weeks. He came home at short notice to attend the funeral of my Dad and it's been wonderful having Jarred and Elice (his girlfriend) home for a few weeks. He is an aircraft technician, basically he works on the Hornet's (F/A18's - the fast jets) and Newcastle is the base in Australia where they train the pilots so consequently, they have the only 2 seater jets in Australia! When he first signed up he put his name down for a flight and this finally happened just recently. A 45 minute flight in a fast jet is many a man's dream, he even got to fly the plane for a bit and loved every minute of the loops and dives they were doing, even pulling 7 G's! Wonder if the fishermen they buzzed on the beach enjoyed it as much?....lol. Cleverly, he took his camera so here's a couple of pics for posterity.