Friday, October 10, 2008

Bleach atc's, mica atc's, Technique book #1 revisited

Tomorrow I'm teaching Technique Book #1 for a second time and I thought I'd put the photo's in again seeing how I've discovered how to make sure they are "clickable". This ensures that if the girls don't get the book completed in the class they can put it together at home in front of the computer and they'll have pictures to show the order of the pages.

Front cover:

Sheer heaven:

Credit card technique:
Alcohol Inks:
Peeled Paper Technique:
Faux Leather Technique:
Contents Page:
Back Cover:

Last Saturday's atc class was a bleach technique. As I said in the last post, this was not to be the old way of stamping in bleach and then applying to the card stock, it was a different way of using bleach. I stamped in clear embossing ink on the card, then embossed with clear embossing powder and then painted in the stamped areas with bleach - neat bleach (not diluted), ordinary stuff from your laundry. It turned the black Bazzill card stock a beautiful brown colour which you could then add colour to (if you chose to) by using Twinkling H2O's or chalks. The H2O's were the best!!! Here is another sample from that class...."explore".

Tuesday night's class was mica....gotta love that stuff!!! I showed the girls the various types of mica that we have at Scraptivate - mica sheets in the packets, mica glitter (in about 20 colours!) and the natural pearl coloured mica flake. This one is called "contemplate" and uses a piece of mica sheet attached with 3 tiny screw brads. The image is a sheer heaven transfer on watercolour paper.

Another sheer heaven transfer with mica sheet over the faces - funny how it makes them seem more "clear"!

On a personal note, my oldest son has only 14 months left to serve of his 6 year term in the airforce - he lives in Newcastle which is on the other side of Australia so we don't get to see him more than once a year for a couple of weeks. He came home at short notice to attend the funeral of my Dad and it's been wonderful having Jarred and Elice (his girlfriend) home for a few weeks. He is an aircraft technician, basically he works on the Hornet's (F/A18's - the fast jets) and Newcastle is the base in Australia where they train the pilots so consequently, they have the only 2 seater jets in Australia! When he first signed up he put his name down for a flight and this finally happened just recently. A 45 minute flight in a fast jet is many a man's dream, he even got to fly the plane for a bit and loved every minute of the loops and dives they were doing, even pulling 7 G's! Wonder if the fishermen they buzzed on the beach enjoyed it as much? Cleverly, he took his camera so here's a couple of pics for posterity.


Dee said...

Well that's pretty "top gun" Kelsey, great photo of your son.

Sam Marshall said...

Your ATCs are so, so beautiful... and the technique book looks fantastic. Great photos of your son!XXX

Anonymous said...

First of all I have to say I LOOOe your technique book, so organized. Tell em, do you make it for yourself, or is it for class reference, or do you sell them to students?

Second, Newcastle is down the road for me, and when I am on the coast, Sometimes see those amazing jets buzz so low on the ocean, they take my breath away. Lucky son!

kelsey said...

In response to grrl+dog, the technique book is a class that is taught where they do all the techniques, then put together their own copy of this book. It's so they have a reference book when they get back home with instructions and images.

Jen Crossley said...

This is such a wonderful project Kelsey it would be so handy to refer to all the time.Your son looks very spunky in his uniform

Jen Crossley said...
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Jane P said...

How wonderful to have your son home at this time. What great photos- and the art work is great too!

Sarah Schwerin said...

Wowee! Looks like youe son had a great adventure!
Love your technique book, and will have to have a go at creating one for myself.
Your newest ATC's are fabulous! :)

seth said...

Thought the technique book was superb the first time you posted it. Seeing it close up makes it even better!