Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mosaic Embossing atc's & was it you???

Saturday's atc class is mosaic embossing. A cool little technique that I first read about in the Altered Houses book.....oh so simple but really effective!

Fragment... (you can't see the mica on this piece but there is a broken piece up the top and another down the bottom - these are the slightly darker areas)

Ill-fated queen... (a stamped image on white gloss card, coloured with twinkling h2o's)


Tuesday morning, while getting ready to go to work, the doorbell rang and I opened it to find a courier with a package for me. Being the impatient soul that I am I couldn't wait until I'd finished getting my make-up on before opening it. Inside was an absolutely stunning piece of art that is a tribute piece to my Dad.......I'm SO glad I didn't already have my mascara on as the tears started flowing again. I composed myself and inspected every little nook and cranny of this piece, little doors to open with wonderful sentiments that touched me deeply.

So now......'fess up.....I've checked with the girls that I thought may have done it as the sneaky (fabulous) person didn't sign it, no note was enclosed so I have no idea who it was from. Please, let me know who you are so I can thank you....if you choose not to, then know that I am very moved by this thoughtful gift. I showed it to my Mum and one of my brothers and they both thought it was absolutely wonderful too.... they are both artistic in different ways and can fully appreciate the time and effort that something like this takes and when it's from the heart.....well, it just shows!!! Here's the pictures of it....

How wonderful is that!!! I'll be taking in into the shop (Scraptivate) so if you want to see it, stop by and have a look.


Dawnie said...

It is truly beautiful my dear gal pal and a wonderful, touching piece of art for your heart.Hope the mystery is solved soon.
hugs ya

drmarty62 said...

Looks like Annette Husband's work to me Kelsey.

Sam Marshall said...

How absolutely beautiful!!!!

smarcoux said...

It must have come from a special person as they took the time to help you with your healing ... bless them !

babs55 said...

I love your art posts and your blog--it is my favorite.Can you share the basics of the mosaic embossing? I have tried to find any info and have found none. Thanks

Dot said...

What a beautiful gift Kelsey. Something to touch your heart. Who ever made it took a lot of time and put a lot of love into it too.

Hope you can solve the mystery soon!

Diane said...

Jaw dropping BEAUTIFUL! I love that mosaic look. Everything you do is gorgeous! You're amazing!

Colette said...

Hi Kelsey. Good to talk to you again. Hugs.

This present is WOW.

So moved.

It's a gift just viewing it (for anyone). But must be especially touching for you.