Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More mosaic embossing and a Sheer Heaven atc

Here are another couple of examples of mosaic embossing atc's, the first is a printed image and the second one is made from stamped images from Michelle Ward's wonderful stamps.

"Ascent"...." Captivating"....

I thought I might try to do a canvas with this same technique and I was really pleased with how it turned out. The size is 4" x 4" and the image is a printed image with words added using the Microsoft Publisher program, I then painted the image using only 2 Golden colours - Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold & Paynes Grey....think this might have to be a quick canvas class at Scraptivate!

In response to a few queries I've had about how to do this particular technique, I will post how to do it but not just yet as I have another class to teach using this technique and if I post it now, then maybe they won't come? It definitely will be up here though in the near future!

I am taking part in a special nicho challenge for 5 artists at Inkurable Stampers blog where they also have a monthly themed challenge. My nicho is not quite ready but is nearly complete, will post the pics of that when it's finished and is up on the Inkurable Stampers blog. For the monthly themed challenge you can do a card, layout, atc or any type of mixed media piece of artwork. This month's theme is "Seriously Spooky" as it's nearly Halloween and all things spooky are the go!

I thought I'd steer away from the usual bats and things and create an atc on something else that I'm interested in.....all things vampire!!! Yes, I read the Twilight series of 4 books by Stephenie Meyer in one week, as I'm sure that many others have done as well! So here is "Strange Reality", it's also the raffle atc that I gave away last night at my Sheer Heaven atc class, Svetlana won it.....think she won one only a short time ago??? I don't draw the tickets out, I get someone else to do it lest they think I cheat! lol

On another note, I still have not found out who made my beautiful mystery artwork and I don't think I'm going to. Obviously the person wants to remain anonymous but I know they must be a reader of my blog as they took the picture of my Dad and placed him in the centre door on the piece. Please know that I was incredibly touched and moved by this generous gift and I know it would've taken a serious amount of time to do and I appreciate it immensely. It lives at the shop for all to see (at the moment) and every time I walk past it it brings a smile to my face and a general warm fuzzy feeling inside. Thankyou whomever you are!


Sam Marshall said...

Hi Kelsey,
Love the mosaic ATCs and canvas-beautiful. The vampire ATC is awesome. I will have to steal the Twilight books from my daughter and have a read. Can't wait to see the nicho.

Danielle said...

Hi kelsey,
I love your atc's, damn me being in Sydney, I would love to go to your classes.

seth said...

The canvas is great. And somebody is very lucky to have gotten Strange Reality.

Genevieve said...

Great stuff as always Kelsey, love the colours in your 4x4 canvas.


Chris said...

Kelsey, I so love your work. I put one of your pieces on my blog again today. And I love that mystery artist for honoring your dad. Aren't mysteries nice in their way?

Hope to see your work in the BBA group soon, I love getting it!

Now I'm off to look at Michelle's stamps. I haven't gotten a sheet in a while!

Jen Crossley said...

Awesome ATC Kelsey those stamps are awesome
I love that canvas from your mystery muse what a wonderful surprise for you in Memory of your dear Dad

Mar said...

you have add lots since i thougt i had been here
i must be further behind in my looking than i thought
all these atc's with the mosaic look...LOVE them!!!