Wednesday, August 14, 2013


 Micro Beads are those little tiny glass or plastic hole-less beads that have been around for a long time and are making a come-back as nail decoration!!!   Check out Pinterest and put in Micro Beads and see all the nail designs.  I've never had nails that are long enough for nail polish, let alone micro beads so alas, all my micro beading is done on paper.  There's a few different ways to use these as an embellishment on atc's and cards.  Below are some of my samples from my upcoming Technique Class using micro beads.  I use Glossy Accents (Dimensional Magic) to adhere my micro beads.
"The Invader"... (for this one I've used corrugated card
as my base - love how the beads go in the
little funnels)
"What we see"... (Yes, it's pink!!!)
"What we see" - close-up so you can see the dimension.  I've actually
covered a chipboard square frame with the micro beads for this one.
"Observe"... (another one with corrugated card - an old atc from
my corrugated card class)

"Fly"... (same Dragonfly stamp but on fabric this time - also
 from a previous class)
"Let's pretend"... (micro beads over a stamped image to
create a design) 
More samples to follow...

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Barb said...

Wonderful use of those beads Kelsey and fabulous ATCs ...once again!