Saturday, October 3, 2009

Crackle Technique & a Canvas

Several years ago I posted about a "poppet" style canvas (a la Claudine Hellmuth style) I had made for a friend's daughter who had lost her Dad to cancer when she was only 4. Her baby sister was born only a couple of weeks after Steve died so she has no memories of her Dad. Little Ava is now 5 so it's time that she had her own canvas with her Dad and her in it. Aisha, her big sister is probably going to be more excited about this when she sees it as it's the same picture of her Dad that I used in her canvas. Here's a link to the previous one for Aisha. These are both 8" x 10" canvases. Not my usual dark & gloomy style but I'm a Gemini and I can chop and change at whim. ;-)

This fortnight's round of classes at Scraptivate is Crackle Technique. We sell several types of crackle including the brand new Rock Candy Distress Crackle. This first atc is the Helmar Crackle which is a 2 step crackle...a base coat, let dry for 20 minutes, then the top coat. As you can see it's a clear crackle so over pictures it's great as you can add some paint when it's dry and wipe it off and the paint settles in the cracks.


"Betroth"...this is also using the Helmar Crackle.

Ranger also make the Distress Crackle in 24 colours + some metallic colours.
"Rock and Roll"... (Black Soot Distress Crackle. Yep, yummy Ville Valo, lead singer for favourite band!)

"Live it"...also using Distress Crackle in Old Paper colour.

"Angel's Art"... Milled Lavender Distress Crackle.

"Temptation"... Aged Mahogany Distress Crackle.

"Icon"...this is the new Rock Candy Crackle from Ranger. I've put some red paint over the top part of it and used Fired Brick Distress Ink rubbed onto the bottom part. You can see the difference that the paint makes...much more seeps into the cracks. Probably would've been better with a less detailed picture underneath. Live and learn.

"The first rule"... This is the Ranger Crackle Accents. It comes in a bottle like Glossy Accents or Dimensional Magic and goes on the same way... through a small tip that you just squeeze on and spread it around. Very easy!

Guess I'll have some more when I do some samples for the classes over the next week.


Gretz said...

Grteat canvas, and what a sweet little girl....

The atc's cracked me up (ha ha)

Judy said...

very nice, love crackle. And that Him card - i know someone who would love that piece.Hope u r well.

Sam Marshall said...

I love your gorgeous canvas, Kelsey. Your ATCs are gorgeous- I especially love `Fragment.'

Glenda said...

They are all fabulous Kelsey,thumbs up from another Gemini :-)

Jen Crossley said...

Your work is stunning as always Kelsey,queen of Techinque


Oh wow Kelsey
the canvas is gorgeous and I am sure she will love it.NICE Atc's Kelsey too

Bea said...

How sweet to do that for her. So sad that she lost her father when he was at such a young age.
I love the crackle look. :)Bea

michelle ward said...


Chris said...

you make me smile so much!