Monday, December 22, 2008

French book page, Family canvas & a sock monkey!!!

The theme for this month's Creative Soul Retreat book challenge is "All things French". Of course Eiffel towers are the first thing that pops into my mind when thinking of France, or rather, Paris, but I wanted to do something a little more .....well, just a little "more". So here is my page and I'm debating whether to add some word, or rather just one word....REVOLUTION! I like the softer colours of this page and doing a little collage for a change is refreshing. There is mica over the face of Louis XVI in the little metal frame and some embossing in a beautiful pale pearl blue, as well as some swarovski crystals and a metal embellishment under Marie Antoinette. It wouldn't be complete without the hordes in the streets and the guillotine!

I've also made a canvas for my mother-in-law for Christmas, using a picture of my husband's family when he was a small boy, including the dog Smithy! I made the frame by using foil tape adhered to chipboard and then running it through the Textile plate of the cuttlebug, rubbed it over with Burnt Umber paint and then wiped most of it off immediately. I do love how the distressed look contrasts nicely with the foil tape for this technique. The picture itself is my faux tin-type style. There's also some white German Scrap, some texture paste, glimmer mist (sand dune and dew-drop colours), a metal key and the words are the Olivia font (cuttlebug). Gwen doesn't "do" computers so there's no chance of her seeing this before Christmas so I'm safe posting it here.

Last night was our staff Christmas party at Natalie's house. We did a secret santa gift swap and I received a wonderful Pandora jigsaw piece charm for my bracelet(s) from my partner Jenny. It went straight onto my bracelet and I love how wonderfully full my bracelet(s) - yes, I have 2 - are looking. My secret santa partner to buy/make for was the delightful Mel. She is such a joy to work with as she's always so happy and skips about and is a good pal to boot! I bought her a little angel rubber duck (she collects rubber ducks), one of the new speckle brushes that Tim Holtz has been using on his 12 tags of Christmas, some bird stencils from coffee break designs and I also made her a sock monkey!!! I know she loves quirky and boy did she become attached to the sock monkey! It was carried around all night with her, draped over her shoulder or sitting on her lap. I was really pleased that she loved it and it was secretly nice to do a little bit of sewing and stuffing again....don't tell anyone though!!!

Christmas greetings to everyone and for some of us, 2009 can only get better!


Sulea said...

OMG.. you made one of those sock creatures!!!! it looks so cool haha.. i have a book on how to make them but never got around to making one. i didn't know pandora had a jigsaw charm!methinks i need that charm LOL. there's another one called troll, as the name says it's got troll charms.. i'm collecting that one too. hehe

Your Christmas canvas is so lovely, the embossing came up so good!I started to clean out my craft room yesterday an dfound a lot of jars of shinny powder and for thelife ofme couldn't remember whatthey were for LOL. Man I am so out of touch with things.

Linda Cain said...

WOW!!! I LOVE the Textile plate, too, and that technique is wonderful!!!! I can't wait to try it...acrylic or oil paint? I assume acrylic. I REALLY REALLY love it!

Lady Di said...

Love, love, love the french book pages ... hope to get to see it in the flesh at the retreat ... and to meet you of course.

Sherry Goodloe said...

Wowzer! Love all of the gifts you have made here. And that sock monkey . . . oh yeah, he's really cool *smiles*

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

PS I think I would add a word to the piece as you were thinking to do. Revolution is a good word.

Julie H said...

Hi Kelsey,
your French page is simply delicious, so many layers of images to find and yet so subtle - is there nothing you can't do,LOl?
The sock puppet is very very cute too.
Sending you hugs for Christmas.

carmen said...

Same to you Kelsey! Keep your chin up. Na a bit higher, higher - thats a good girl (psst I can see you but don't tell anyone)!
I really liked your book pages. At the moment I'm still drooling over my latest book by Susan Tuttle "Exhibition 36" and therefor I have another excuse not to do very much.
Here is a big hug (in cyberspace I'm allowed to)
See ya soon

Mischief Maker said...

Kelsey, you are so inspirational. I love your blog. The sock monkey is gorgeous. I haven't made anything decent like that in years. One of these days I will get the old machine out again. Have a great Christmas.

Chris said...

Kelsey, these pieces are so awesome! I LOVE that mica inside the frame! The crystals! wow, girl.

You are an inspiration to me, as usual!

Happy Happy Yule to you and yours!

Dee said...

Gorgeous Kelsey, love the French theme and the monkey is a bit cute too!

Shelly said...

Sock monkey !!! I remember those. Too cool !!
Fantastic frame - she will LOVE it. Your French Revolution collage is spectacular. The colors are dreamy.
Happy holidays, Kelsey, and may 2009 bring you peace, joy and all good things. Thank you for sharing your art, your heart and inspiring so many of us.
Best regards,

Jen Crossley said...

You have been a busy bee Kelsey,Love your page is just amazing very beautiful.
Love your sock monkey very cute thats for sure.Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happier,Healthy and Creative 2009.I will be thinking of you this christmas (it will be a very different one for you)dear Kelsey

Mel Connell said...

I totally love my sock monkey!!

Just have to think of a name for him now. My partner want to call him Alan(key), he;s such a funny guy!!!!

Thanks Kelsey I totally love him!, and I do mean him, he looks like a boy even if he is mostly pink!


Hey Kelsey
Merry Christmas to you.Love the Paris /French pages and the ole sock man.Hope 2009 brings you a much needed happier year full of creativity,love and luaghter.

Anonymous said...

Oh la la I love the French ones - you always have such amazing techniques. Have a look on my blog for some wonderful new things coming from Matisse very soon.

Merry Christmas

Sarah said...

Kelsey I love your french page, its stunning and right up my alley.. Merry christmas and hope you have a fabulous new year.

Genevieve said...

All great stuff, another cuttlebug embossing folder to get and a sock monkey that tickles my funny bone.


Judy said...

Your last comment about 09 just got me in tears. I wish you only good things, good health, happiness and happy memories. my heart goes out to you, honestly, my firend.

Jacky said...

Kelsey your sock monkey is just the cutest!!! Can see you have some good sewing skills tucked away there.
Love the page for your Creative Soul Book challenge...I would definately go with the one word...REVOLUTION !
Take care and sending best wishes for a 2009 filled with peace and happiness (and of course a little bit of creativity for good measure).

Jacky xox

Nic Hohn said...

Sock Monkey has a lot of character! Great to know he is being well loved. You French page, ornately delicate and beautiful. What a multi talented artist you are.

Sam Marshall said...

Love the sock monkey-he's gorgeous. The rich textures you've created are so divine.

Easy French said...

That's beautiful ! You're very talented :)