Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bleach technique atc's and a big thank you!

Yesterday I had intended to get into my studio for the first time in a week and a half and do some creating. I had plans for getting stuck into my "All Things French" page for the Creative Soul Retreat book challenge that I'm taking part in.....but everyone knows the saying about the best laid plans going awry. I was a little worried about getting in there and starting to "think" about the times Joan and I would spend in my studio just playing around with stuff and then it would just spiral into a pity party that I don't have her with me any more. Consequently, it wasn't until about 4pm that I forced myself out there to at least just do some atc's with a technique I love and one that's quick and easy but still looks beautiful.
So here are the two Bleach Technique atc's I made yesterday and I've promised myself to get started on the French page on Saturday morning before I do a class in the afternoon.
I think I explained how to do this technique in my last post about bleach? Not sure, can't be bothered looking so I'll quickly explain it again anyway. Stamp on the smooth side of black cardstock with clear embossing ink, and emboss with clear embossing powder. Note - not all black cardstock will work with bleach, I know Bazzill does! Paint sections of the embossed image (or alternatively, the entire card) with ordinary household laundry bleach, dry with a hairdryer. Notice how much lighter the colour of the card becomes while the embossed bits stay black. Different cardstocks will bleach different colours. Next, colour in your images with Twinkling H2O's and a waterbrush (aquabrush with a reservoir of water), let dry and marvel at the shimmer of the H2O's and the contrast to the black of the embossing and black card (if you've left any!). You can also leave the card just bleached with no added colour. I did this here on "flighty".



I've been extremely touched and overwhelmed by the support via comments on this blog, personal emails, cards and phone calls from friends - both real and internet, on the loss of my best friend Joan. Her funeral was last Friday and it was a beautiful service at Pinnaroo which has a lovely natural bush setting with kangaroos and a wonderful backdrop through the huge glass windows at the chapel looking out onto a bush garden. While the service was happening, there were 2 lorikeets playing in a huge gum tree and also 2 white cockatoos bickering over something only a few feet away from the lorikeets.
Any time during the service I found it all getting too much I'd raise my eyes to the birds and concentrate on them skylarking around. I'm sure they were sent to keep me grounded and focussed on supporting Michael, Hayden and Holly. I'll leave you with one more picture of my friend, I'm actually having this one blown up and made into a canvas for Michael and the kids for a Christmas present. I love the colouring of this picture and how serene she looks.


Jenxo said...

hI Kelsey, i really like your atcs and must try the bleach effect. Anthing to do with twinklings, i'm in!!
on a personal note, sounds like your Joan had a beautiful send off. It will be a beautiful canvas to give to her family.
hugs to you too Jenxo

Sherry Goodloe said...

that photo of your friend Joan will be just perfect on canvas. i know michael and the kids will cherish it always. my heart goes out to you during this holiday season and the loss of your best friend. xoxo sherry

Jen Crossley said...

Im glad your creating Kelsey,It does help you know it can take your mind away even for a short time.
Beautiful photo of Joan Im sure Michael and the kids will love it

Sam Marshall said...

Beautiful photo of Joan!

Love the bleach technique.

Jacky said...

Hi Kelsey,

Beautiful, natural photo of your dear friend Joan. I'm sure her family will love their canvas.

It is lovely that you are creating again. Thanks for sharing the bleach technique with us, it looks stunning.

Take care,

Jacky xox

Sulea said...

hi Kelsey,

I love 'Passageway' and the little arrow you put on it.. Both atcs have such nice texture! :)

I haven't done an ATC in ages.. looking at your blog makes me want to do one... Thank you for sharing.. hope you are feeling better ..


Mar said...

i am glad you went back to the studio...the atcs are lovely pieces...
yet another technique i want to do...
take care

Chris said...

Those ATCs are so moody and luminous and pretty. I want to try those twinkling lights; I haven't used them before.

Joan outshines the whole thing, of course.

Shelly said...

The simplest techniques just blossom in your hands, Kelsey. Beautiful ATCs . . . and beautiful passage on Joan's service. Sounds like a bit of paradise on earth ... or sanctuary, at least. She is glorious in the photo . . . wonderful gift, the canvas.
Take care.

Nadia said...

Hi kelsey... I met you the other day during my visit to scraptivate. I love your ATCs :)

Danielle said...

Again, fabulous work.

PS:, Kelsey, I have a little suprise for you over at my blog!!
Danielle xx

Genevieve said...

Lovely ATCs Kelsey.

Hugs and more hugs to you, so glad your back in the art room..


Judy said...

Sorry Kelsey, I have been so crazy, just read about the loss of your mate Joan, I feel awful for you. my heart goes out to you.

chrisw said...

So sorry to hear your sad news Kelsey..Take care honey..Great big hugs your way...Try to have a good Xmas Darl..will be thinking about chris

Chris said...

Miss you!

Michaele C. said...

I love your art and happy to hear you are back in your studio.

Very sorry for the loss of your friend Joan, you have chosen a wonderful photo
to give to her family.


Barb said...

Kelsey...the photo of Joan is beautiful!...What a lovely way to remember her.
And it sounds like the service was so special...for a special lady!