Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blog Give-away, Juneau AND some art!

Let me start by saying this is going to be a mega-post! I'll start off by introducing the wonderful little town of Juneau in Alaska, another port of call on our Alaskan cruise......okay, you can hurt my feelings if you like and just scroll straight to the free art that I'm giving away - I won't know will I!!!

We were in Juneau on Mother's Day, the 11th of May and oh my, what a day it was! The highlight of our trip was definitely the helicopter flight we did from Juneau that took us over four glaciers before landing on one and having a 20 minute walk-around - very carefully.....ravines & crevasses all over the place where you could easily fall hundreds of feet to an icy death.....oooooooooo......... The scenery was spectacular, as seen by my paltry little digital snaps below. Thank goodness my memory in my own head has a much better capacity for replicating the awesome sights much more effectively than any camera will do.

First two shots are Grant, myself and Joan as well as a lady from Singapore who was also on our flight - her husband took the picture so with the pilot as well, it made 6 in the helicopter. You can see in the next picture how the mountains come straight down to the sea, yes, that's our ship in front of another ship. These small towns swell in numbers when the cruise ships come to town, a small town of 800 (Juneau has around 32,000) can easily have 10,000 visitors when 5 ships are in port for a day!!! You can see why tourism is their mainstay.

Like I said before, the camera doesn't do it justice, I must've taken at least 100 photo's of the glaciers and surrounds while up in the helicopter.

Joan, Grant and myself in front of our helicopter (figuratively, not literally!!!) on the glacier. Next pic is looking down at the other helicopter that landed with us - they go in groups of 3, we figured for safety reasons.

Check out the colour of this blue!!! This was absolutely amazing, the wonderful blue colour deep down in the crevasses was spectacular. This is me standing as close as I could get to the edge and taking the picture straight down. Next picture is a little stream on the glacier, the crusty looking black stuff on top of the ice is just dirt, it's actually very crusty and crunchy to walk on.

Just another couple of shots of another glacier....ho-hum......NOT!

After the helicopter flight we took a bus to the Mendenhall Glacier where you can actually walk right up to the lake in front of the glacier and there's also a waterfall down one side of the rocks of the mountain. The lake in front had huge ice crystals, they were crystal clear and the whole place was surreal! We even saw a bear up in a tree as well as mountain goats on the mountain.

Here's the Mendenhall Glacier with the visitor centre in the foreground and the view of the glacier across the lake. Just to the right of where this picture was taken is the waterfall that you can walk up to, so you can see how close you can get to the glacier itself!

Ice crystals and bigger chunks of ice in the lake....there's that beautiful blue again! sweet......... and Grant at the waterfall with glacier in the background.

There was more escapades in Juneau (Mount Roberts Tramway & an Irish bar!) but I'll revisit that in another post....onto some art....
Yesterday at Scraptivate I taught Faux Metal using credit cards, here's the raffle atc won by Lisa....who I must say seemed very happy with her win!

Next two are the examples I made with Grant being responsible for naming the second burgundy coloured one. (I named the dark one "Untitled #3....imaginative huh!)


Now for the free art give-away....if you want to leave me a comment on this post to win, I'll do a draw on Monday 7th July and you can choose from either of the pieces below. These 2 pieces are both canvasses, 5" x 7" (13cm x 18cm) and it will come with a little easel to stand on.

Important: please remember to leave an email address in your post so I can contact you and remember to check back on Monday 7th July to see who this goes to.

Hmmm....maybe no-one will leave a post now as these pics are crap!!! The green one says "In all things it is better to hope than to despair" and the orange/gold one says "In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves". Fingers and toes crossed that blogger will let my pictures be clickable so you can enlarge them to see details.

Thank you for persevering with me this far, did I not say it was a mega-post! lol


rachel said...

I love them and I really do hope to win so please enter me! Thank you so much!

Ev said...

I am enjoying your trip - the blue is spectacular, but how brave are you to get so close...wouldn't be me thats for sure. As to your art work, it is always better IRL. Pretty sure you know my email addy.

Dawnie said...

I'm all aboard the mega post my lovely (I read every word,promise)Its the closest thing Im getting to an adventure holiday this year.
Bonus,art giveaway as well, too cool.I'd be more than happy to have either of these beauties to grace my home miss K.

Hugs galore

crooked heart art~tammy said...

hi new to your blog-what a beautiful trip to alaska you had!!
i love both your pieces of work i am just learning tips and techniques and having a great time :)and would love to have my name dropped into your hat!!
enjoy your day
many thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi kelsey
I too read every word it sounds like a dream holiday and yes I was very happy to receive my Kelsey original atc. I have 2 now. I am still playing today in between doing the washing etc. Both of these canvases are beautiful I would not know how to choose but I could if I had to. I look forward to the next installment of your holiday.

Lisa Crofts

Claire said...

Kelsey, you are the queen!

Love the Alaska photos - would love to see it in real life one day...

Amazing masks too - the upside down/rightsideup mask freaks me out a bit...

Here's hoping I win some beautiful art

Chris in Oz said...

Ooh, I'd love to win some of your 'art'. Looks like you had an amazing trip, enjoying the photos you're sharing.


Jacky said...

Hi Kelsey, really enjoyed your post... yes I read it! Love hearing about your trip and seeing your wonderful pics.
Please count me in for your wonderful giveaway...they are gorgeous!!!

Chris in Oz said...

Sorry, forgot my e-mail addy:

France said...

What amazing pictures of ice, Kelsey, it's a majestic thing, isn't it?
And if I win, Yay, and if I don't, I don't care, as I really wanted to say "great pics"!!!
You know my email addy ;) *grin*

Julie H said...

Kelsey those glacier pictures are spectacular - majestic! And your art is as always supurb so I would love to be in the draw.

Eva said...

What and amazing experience - how fortunate. Awsome - to both ... Alaska and your ATC's.

Eva @

Glenda said...

Hi Kelsey
What a fantastic trip you had, lucky you!!!! Love the masks, I luuuuuuurve masks........... Oh and your art too. Thanks for sharing trip, tips and techniques with us.
Glenda Laing

Barb Thomas said...

How wonderful your trip has been... would have loved to have been carrying your bags...vbg

Lovely art as usual...even the fuzzyimages can't hide that fact!

Jo Anne O. said...

Hey Kelsey! While I have your blog link on my blog, I have not visited here for a while and now I simply must go back and read your posts about your mega trip!!!

I have heard that the blue of the ice is the older layer? Did the tour person say anything like that? Just must have felt like you were on the top of the world!

I really like these angel pieces and the texture you put into them...just lovely!

I am off to read more of your blog!

Chris said...

I've been offline a lot lately. Just not enough time in the day. Finally started surfing again yesterday. How fabulous are these photos?! You are a lucky girl! What a long way away for you. Thanks so much for sharing all these photos. I have never been there. It's good to see so much snow and ice.

Your cards came out big and beautiful. Did you get some Reeses when you were here?! said...

These are absolutely gorgeous!!! OH please enter me in your drawing! I can't stop staring at all your luscious artwork!!!

-Rita (your fellow bad baby!)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos of the glaciers - thanks for sharing! Gorgeous artwork too - I'd be thrilled to win either piece.
Wendy (

Sharon said...

Great glacier pictures!!

I never tried the credit card painting technique before and I had to run right in the studio and give it a go. I am so loving it! Why haven't I seen this done before?
Is it something you developed yourself?


CaBaCuRl said...

Can't believe how icy it is for May, but then, doh, it is Alaska, right?? Love your art, always have...hmmm, the Plain Lust is ..umm....anyway would love to have some in my collection.

Lady Di said...

I love your style and would treasure having one of your artworks in my collection.

L-INKed to paper said...

Hi Kelsey, I can hear that ice cracking from here! I loved it out there because my tropical moments were few and far between LOL! I tried having a glass of the glacier water on my birthday, as they said it would take ten years of my age but no one else seems to understand that!I'd love to have a Kelsey art work to display too.:-)inky hugs from Char B.I think you know my address :-)

Deeznews-Dee said...

Hi Kelsey, great pix, dream holiday,PICK ME,PICK ME,PICK ME!!

Sherry Goodloe said...

The blue in those photos was breath-taking!! Ok, on to the give-away. I will *hope* I win, so I won't *despair*. Hint Hint. e-mail is

Debbi Baker said...

Fabulous ATCs Kelsey - count me in!!

And your trip reports are terrific - love your photos - no chance I'd be getting that close to a crevasse no matter how beautiful the blue!!

Sandra McKenna said...

Hi Kelsey, your blog is my favourite; your techniques are amazing and make me wish I lived in WA so I could join your classes! Really enjoying your travel experiences too,

Anonymous said...

Really fantastic job Kelsie on both but I really can relate to the green canvas.Keep up your great insirations to keep us all motivated. Nicole

Celeste said...

Hi Kelsey
First time at your Blog, thanks to Kasha Rolley. Love your art and would be thrilled to own one of your lovely canvases. Both colours would go nicely in my home too! YOur trip sounds wonderful, scenes amazing, but far too cold for me.

bockel24 said...

Crap??? Oh no, I love the green one! Hope you´ll pick me ...

Paula said...

As always your art is wonderful! I love both pieces and would love to have either one! Please enter me in your drawing. Love the glacier pic's. I don't know if I'd have the nerve to get as close to the crevasse (sp?) edge as you did--we shall name you "Brave One" LOL! Love hearing about your trip as it makes me feel like I was there too.

Another fellow Badbaby,
PaulaB. (

Cynthia said...

Kelsey, I enjoyed seeing the photos of your trip. How exciting the helicopter ride and walking around a glacier must have been.

Cynthia Couch
(couchart AT cox DOT net)

cpullum said...

Wow what an adventure!! I like any of the pieces!! Lovely pictures makes it feel like your there while looking at them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelsey,
Love your photos of the cruise and trip. It feels like I am there with you. Love all your ATC's and Canvas that you show us all as well as the recipes of different embossing powders. This Blog is a great reference place for me. As well I always email my friends when you have updated your blog. Catch you soon when I get back from Canberra, Yes with lots of photos as well.

Cheers Charmaine

wa_wookie said...

Hi K - all I can say is I hate you (love you!) even more now I've seen your gorgeous pics... working on DH to do the same Alaska cruise... give me time (and strength!).

Re the amazing canvas' - I must be beautiful as baby do I have curves!! Can definately relate to that one LOL - they are both stunning as always - would love one but thanks for bringing a smile to my face in any case!


Philippa said...

Thanks for sharing your holiday photos, it looks like it was fun, and very, very beautiful. Thanks for all of your inspiring artwork too.

Cathy Wegner said...

Your pictures are cool! Pun intended. Our friends keep telling us to cruise to Alaska but we can't get enough of the Carribean.

Andie said...

ok, I have to post, not just because you're giving away goodies, but because I have followed your travels and love the photos and comments you've shared with us. AND you do such inspiring work, please keep it going.


Genevieve said...

Hi Kelsey, I'm enjoying the cruise without leaving home or spending the money!LOL I'll take the green one.


Gen - who's feeling much better thank you.

Keron Lee said...

The glacier looks amazing Kelsey - & I don't know about you, but I LOVE helicopter flights, you can see so much. The ice looks like shards of glass. Thanks so much for showing us your pics......oh & the art - great stuff - how amazing that you made that 'green' angel with a saying just for me!!!
x Keron

Julie Q said...

Hi Kelsey, I'm loving the pics of your trip. The latest ones remind me of the glacier trips I had in New Zealand. My brother was a glacier guide for a few years and we got to do some trips with him. He even got us a free flight up onto the glacier then it took us half a day to walk back down again, wearing hob nail boots, fel over a few times and my hubby lost his brand spanking very expensive new sunglasses down a crevasse, it was such fun.
I hope you have lots more pics to share with us.
BTW your artwork rocks and never ever looks crap!
Cheers Julie Q

Sam Marshall said...

Hi Kelsey,
Your photos are fabulous!!! I love your ATCs, Lisa is so lucky. Love the effect of the effect of the peeling metal.
Sam xxx

Sue Smith said...

Looks like you had the most amazing time on your holiday - the pics are incredible!

I'd love to be in the draw for your gorgeous artwork.

smarcoux said...

well here I am comment number 43 .... maybe no one will want them WHAT women your work is gorgeous ... would love to be a winner of your piece of work.
dangling by a thread

Dragonlady said...

I am really enjoying the pics from you vacation, great pics too...
I would be honored to have a piece of your art....they are great..


wahm922 said...

Alaska is beautiful, it is on my list of places I want to visit!

Your art is not crap, even my best work isn't comparable. I would be honored to have one of these pieces. The green one speaks to me.

Thanks for sharing your art!

Teresa said...

Kelsey, it would be an honour to win one of your works of art!

Colleen said...


Love the photos of Alaska; they bring back fond memories. And love your art, too, of course!


craftirn said...

Yum what a hunk!! also great pic of Alaska!!
Add me to your drawing.

Jen Crossley said...

Awesome photos of Alaska what a trip of a life time you had.I love your new work as always and have missed reading your blog.Mega post eh I LOVE IT!!

Marianne McCament said...

Enjoyed every minute of those icy, chilly looking photos! (Since I am sweltering away here in Texas on this July 4th...) Lovely artwork, and I really enjoyed your blog...


Sue Thiel said...

I have been really enjoying following your escapades in Alaska - thanks for the great pics....and what a "sweet" one of you and Grant!! Thanks for the fun posts.
Cheers, Sue Thiel (on the other side of Oz)

Renée Gandy said...

saw your post on our injet_transfers yahoo grup..your Alaska tip is intriguing and enjoyed your art and tranfers also.

I would love to win one of your wroks of email is

Renée Gandy

Elizabeth Golden said...

The art work is great. Sort of like when you have a party - those few minutes not knowing if anyone will come...then the doorbell rings and magic happens. I am hoping the bell will ring and I will win.

Lana said...

I have so enjoyed reading about your wonderful vacation. Keep the posts and pictures coming...I love it!
Your art work is beautiful. Would love to win either of them.
Blessings, Lana

Bibi said...

Ooh yes please! I'd LOVE to win a Kelsey original, esp as I haven't won an ATC raffle yet! ;p My email add is - and thanks for another GREAT class! I'll show you my finished technique book in your next class if I remember to bring it. Bibiana

Colette said...

Hi Kelsey it's 11 pm 7th July! I'm hoping it's not too late to join in the draw!

Lovely to see the texture paste pattern and stone angel!

Lovely to see all the ice you went and saw. Wow!


Queen Of Toys said...

Hi Kelsey,

I also read everything, I love what you have too say. I especially enjoy all the tips that you give us, yes I mean tips not trips. Mind you on that note your trip sounds like a dream come true, lucky you. As for your art, I dont know how you can doubt yourself all of your art is great.

Hugs Eliza