Monday, July 7, 2008

.....and the winner is!!!!!!......and crackle atc's

I used a random number generator to pick a winner for my free art give-away in the previous post......


hi new to your blog-what a beautiful trip to alaska you had!!i love both your pieces of work i am just learning tips and techniques and having a great time :)and would love to have my name dropped into your hat!!enjoy your daymany thanks tammy(tabby)

Congrats Tammy! If you send me an email with your snail mail addy, I'll get your canvas posted off to you. You have to pick first which one you want, the green one or the orange/gold one.

Then, just because I can.....the following person can have the other remaining canvas, sorry if it's not your first colour choice but remember, these things always look much better in real life than on the flat computer screen and I hope you will still like it! So the 2nd person's number drawn is.........


well here I am comment number 43 .... maybe no one will want them WHAT women your work is gorgeous ... would love to be a winner of your piece of work. Sandy dangling by a thread

I'll be in contact with both of you to get your snail mail addy's and after Tammy has chosen first, I'll send the other one over to you Sandy.

Stay tuned, in a couple of days I'll have more atc's to post from my next atc class - "Embossing Resist" as well as some other ones using different techniques that I've finished.
Okay, so here's a couple of atc's already, just doesn't seem right to just type without putting in a picture...or two...... These were all half-made in the crackle class I taught recently, then I finished them off at a "girls-night-in" recently at Scraptivate. Can't have half-finished atc's floating around, can we!!! Do you like the little play on words with the bottom one? I stumbled across the word in the dictionary and thought it was very apt! I even had some little ants to add to it.

My Technique Book #1 class went really well yesterday at Scraptivate too! This was a marathon effort of teaching five different techniques in 4 hours and binding them into a book as well, including instructions! The girls were really pushed to get the book put together but I was happy enough for them to get the techniques done and will modify some of the mega painting effort in the Technique Book #2! So yes, there will be a #2...... The techniques included in the first book were Sheer Heaven Transfers, Credit Card Technique, Using Alcohol Inks, Peeled Paper and lastly, Faux Leather. I'll take my camera to work with me tomorrow so I can post the pics on my blog shortly. This way, you girls who didn't manage to get your book put together can do so in the comfort of your own home, in front of the computer! See how I look after you!!! lol


Dawnie said...

Great ATC's and a super close-up of the crackle one. I think formication is my new favourite word ,HA !
Congrats to the winners you lucky chooks.

PF xxx

rosebud said...

Love the ATC's.
Thanks for the awesome "Techniques Book 1" class and for letting me complete my book infront of the PC. You are the best! I'm so there for No2,3,4,5......... need I say more.
Caryl K

craftypixie said...

Great ATC's i made my first one last week :) love the crackle technique must have a go at this
grat blog will look again
Wendy xx

France said...

Tee!hee! I saw Dawn's comment before I read properly, and thought Formication was making craft with formica tags :)

Great crackle Kelsey!!

crooked heart art~tammy said...

hi kelsey
i about fell off my chair when i read your blog this a.m.!! i can't believe that i won one of your beautiful canvas's!!! doing the happy happy dance! what a great way to start my day!
they are both fantastic-so its hard to pick- but i think i like the one on the right best:)
thank you for sharing your art and techniques with us all
many many thanks
heres my snail mail addy-
tammy lang
199 lewis st
naugatuck ct.06770 usa
thank you so very much!!
enjoy your day

mary schweitzer said...

Love love love these! Angels Art is my fave.