Saturday, June 14, 2008

More Fun Foam and beginning Alaska

We arrived in San Francisco at the end of our first cruise and as we knew we weren't departing from there until 5pm that afternoon to start the next cruise, we had previously booked a tour of Alcatraz as it gets pretty busy these days. Here we are looking like tourists in front of the Alcatraz sign.....corny huh!

This seagull did the right thing by standing nice and still for me so I could get some perspective in this shot. We did notice that the seagulls there are much bigger than ours and squawk a hell of a lot more too!

Our first stop on this cruise was Astoria, Oregan. We went for a bus tour around the town and visited the main tourist attractions, Fort Clatsop and the Maritime Museum (which I thought was fantastic - loved all the info about the Coast Guard and their training....remember "The Guardian" with Kevin Costner?) I particularly loved the style of the houses in this pretty town, here's some examples below.

Seattle was the next port of call with the mandatory visit to the Space Needle which you reach by the Monorail, a quick shopping trip into Macy's and a wonderful few hours spent browsing through the Pike Street Market! This is the view from our cabin balcony in Seattle with the Space Needle taking prime position in the sky-line. What a view from the top!

The Pike Street Market we'd been told was definitely a must-do and it didn't disappoint. The flower's and fresh produce in this market are absolutely spectacular as is the selection of hand-crafted's the colour on these roses!!!

Here's Evelyn (my Auntie) with the wonderful flower display, we wished we could've taken some bunches of tulips back onto the ship! Another treat at this particular market is the fresh fish stalls where the guys actually throw huge fish to each other when making a sale, this is all done with great gusto, shouting and a real "show" of it is made for the gathering crowd of tourists. Goodness knows how they don't kill each other with a huge frozen, slippery fish being hurled 15 feet to their outstretched hands!

....some fishy stuff...what about the size of the Alaskan King Crab Legs, a meal in itself....if I ate crab that is!

Okay, onto my other samples and the raffle atc for the class on Fun Foam at Scraptivate today. This is the raffle atc, "castles"...

next sample, "anatomy"...

That's it until we hit Ketchikan in Alaska.


carmel said...

Hi Kelsey, just catching up on your trip - Like WOW, amazing - needless to say you had a ball. Love all the ATC's too - hope to catch up sometime for all the goss. Hugs, Carmel xx

Judy said...

Hey lovey - so glad you had such a blast - good to have you back safely.

Julie H said...

You always amaze me Kelsey, here I was thinking that fun foam was something you grew out of - and you make it all grown up. Wonderful.

Chandra Thomason said...

Hi Kelsey! Keep the trip info coming--I am especially interested as I am going to Alaska in 2 weeks! Love your work too!