Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's day play-time

So what else do you do on Mother's Day than take time for yourself for an arty play-time....after the obligatory (& enjoyable!) visit with the M-I-L & my Mum. What did I get??? A box of chocolates, a huge bunch of flowers and the cd by My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade...haven't had a chance to listen to it yet though, looking forward to that! That was all this morning.....this afternoon????!!!

Only time for atc's today, first a couple of Sheer Heaven transfers (yes, again!) as I showed the girls in our Art Tarts Club how to do these on Friday. No girls, I'm not going to spill my guts about the unsavoury things we discussed, and laughed uproariously about, though be nice to me, or I might!!! hahaha

I had a visitor in my last couple of atc classes, a girl who used to be a Perth-ite but is now an Eastern States resident, Linda Baldock. She gave me a set of wings and asked me to make an atc for her which I did's ready to post over to you Linda, when you get back & send me your snail mail addy it'll be on it's way ;-)

While making the above atc I used one of Michelle Ward's tree branch stamps (those sticky looking things down the that "sticky" or stickey"???), I was cleaning the stamp off on a scrap piece of paper, I liked how overstamping created a little forest of tree branches. I happened to have on my table a background atc that I had done a while ago using multiple layers of embossing powder & acrylic paints, overheating so they bubbled to create a very textured look & feel. I THINK this is how I did it anyway....must check up on that!

I thought that the little branch stamp would look really good on this background so I used my black stazon, stamped the forest, then the bird stamp (also Michelle's) on the atc. I also did a stamp of the 3 eggs (whose???? Michelle's of course!) on shrink plastic, coloured the back of it lightly with some gold coloured chalks, cut it out, shrunk it down, attached it to a piece of chipboard that had been painted with Paynes Grey acrylic and wiped over with Treasure Gold in Green Amber colour. Added wire to this & a couple of brads, as well as a little metal tag down the bottom with "pursuit" on it. It means "The pursuit of a bird in the hand...." Oooooooo....deeeeeeep ;-) So here it is, crappy scan, should've taken a picture, flat battery ;-(

Hope you all had a great Mother's Day....I did ;-)


Judy said...

Hi kelsey
they look great as uaual. I spent hours today mounting stamps and gues which ones they were - Michaell wards, the birdey ones you used. Yes those mishaps or whatever you call them someimtes end up teaching us something - its happened alot to me too. my kids got me a soldering iron that is temp regulated today - sad how happy i was to get tools for mothers day isnt it?

Natalie B said...

Hi Kelsey. Glad to see you got some play time on MD. Love your work as always. Love the spooky skeleton one!! See ya Nat

Ro Bruhn said...

Great ATC's Kelsey, I love the one with wings and the bottom one with the eggs.

michelle said...

clever girl withe branches. looks great! love the envision guy too. so did you put on mcr yet? and is the package there?

Julie H said...

Fantastic Kelsey. My MW stamps are still waiting to be mounted - for now I am using them anyway. Great wings BTW.

ATCLindaB said...

fantastic! I can't wait till I have him in my hot little hands, I am so glad that you took up my challenge with my wings :)

Jen Crossley said...

LOve the bird ATC, i bet it looks great in person,your work is wonderful as always

Altered Belly said...

Great ATCs. I like how all your elements blended together.